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4 Major Drawbacks in Enterprise Configuration Management


There are some drawbacks of enterprise configuration management which are listed here. Test Environment Management is a process which is required in every software testing platform. All these problems, issues are temporary. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 4 Major Drawbacks in Enterprise Configuration Management

Change Management Models For Change Process In An
  • Enterprise configuration management is an immense
    topic where the organisation core is configured
    into one single source. This task is not at all
    easy and it may also face failure like many other
    systems. If you are handling such a project you
    play a huge role in fixing great parts of the
  • There is no guarantee whether the project will be
    a success or not. So to save you from big ECM
    loss, we have provided some of the reasons which
    convey that your enterprise configuration
    management is not on the right track. If you also
    want to know the reasons when ECM fails, read
    this article, you would get detailed information.

  • Trust Issues in Organisation
  • ECM projects are huge projects which require lots
    of efforts to be thriving. There is an ongoing
    requirement of taking work from outside of the
  • There are diverse teams working for the project,
    so the goals are also different. Some of the
    goals are totally contradictory to the goals of
    the organisation and that is the reason wide
    projects like ECM fails.

  • You have to Test environment management before
    applying it. To reach the main goal of the
    company, there is a requirement that all the
    staff aim for one specific goal, keeping personal
    benefits aside.
  • The basic requirement is, people must trust each
    other. They must think that the work they are
    doing should be advantageous to the whole company
    in the long run.
  • Personal growth and goals must be kept aside. If
    you think that there are trust concerns between
    the team and its subordinates, the project will
    definitely fail.

  • Overlooking the Bigger Picture
  • As we discussed earlier the trust issues,
    overlooking the bigger picture is quite different
    than that of losing trust. The people who only
    have one type of excellence and only focus on one
    type of niche are not able to concentrate on the
    bigger picture. Such team members are engrossed
    in one thing that it gets hard for them to see
    the overall target.
  • Focusing on small details is important but it
    doesnt mean you forget the huge implications of
    the project. As ECM is a significant challenge,
    you need more and more people to promote IT
    environment management tools.

  • It is not a work of one or two people and you
    will be required a whole gang to fulfill the
  • If you have lesser people to coordinate in this
    project, you will face big problems in the
    future. When you will choose a team whose sole
    mantra is ECM success, you are on the halfway.

  • When Improvement is Null
  • The improvement must not stop in any activity of
    the company. If the company will work in the same
    method without innovations or implementation of
    new strategies it wont be able to show good ECM.
  • There are many ways by which you can improve the
    ECM of your business. Employee morale also plays
    a major role when comes to benefit of the ECM
    project. When the employee will be enthusiastic
    about the project, it will result in better
    understanding and delivering new ideas.
  • If you are failing to select people who are
    appropriate for the definite project, you will
    lose the track.

  • Users Do Not Use ECM
  • This issue is really tough to detect. When the
    users are using the ECM system and they are
    hiding from you, it is again your failure.
  • If such things happen with you, there is
    something wrong with your implementation
  • If someone is working in the system, guide them
    to work better and find newer ideas to solve the
  • It is not easy to solve all the problems but you
    can at least try your level best.
  • As ECM is the most complex Test environment
    management tool, You have to be more conscious
    while using it.

  • The Good News
  • All these problems, issues are temporary. When
    you are firm to get the ECM successful everything
    will work out.
  • Trust the people under you, trust the people
    working with you in the project. Take the opinion
    of the users of the project.
  • Make changes in the patterns you are carrying out
    the projects. Know the main cause of the problem
    you have in the tool, fix it as soon as possible.
    There are no shortcuts when comes to Enterprise
    configuration management system.

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