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Technology Moon is a blog for tech enthusiasts who feel passionate about new technology and all the trends revolving around it. Also we provides information about AI how it works and how it create . – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: technology moon

Technology moon

  • This ones a gem for those of you who are
    interested in Artificial Intelligence space and
    want to gain a deeper understanding of the same.
  • This tops the list of artificial intelligence
    books because this book allows you to explore new
    spheres and develop a deeper understanding of the
    whole concept so that you know whats coming
    next. This classic provides a perfect
    introduction to the science of reasoning
    processes in computers based on more than twenty
    years of research.
  • Machine learning, industrial automation, software
    techniques, automatic programming, psychological
    stimulation, predicate-calculus theorem are just
    some of the subjects that have been made easier
    to understand because of clear illustrations and

Deep Learning
  • Are you an experienced engineer who wants to gain
    serious knowledge about Deep learning? This ones
    for you.
  • This book is one of the best artificial
    intelligence books when it comes to coding as it
    assists you to start coding with all frameworks.
  • This book addresses subjects like hidden layers,
    generative models, and convulsion making it
    easier to understand and get going faster.

  • Artificial Intelligence can be defined as the
    ability of machines to imitate human behavior and
    has come a long way from nightmares and mad
    dreams to self-driving cars and automated
    factories. We bring you a list of artificial
    intelligence books that showcase rabid
    speculations, rich history, and intriguing (yet
    bizarre) theories from the world of artificial


Revealed How to Create a Mind The Secret of
Human Thought
  • Ray Kurzweils book is spot on. Kurzweil takes
    his audience into the future civilizations
    dominated by machines and describes the progress
    of intelligent machines.
  • With clear theme explanations, learning from
    example, quantification of uncertainty perception
    and communication this book perfectly concludes
    with a discussion of age-old foundations of
    artificial intelligence as well as an in-depth
    examination for whats in store for us.
  • This book is ideal for all individuals who are
    passionate about advanced machine learning and
    the correlation between humanity and intelligent

Reinforcement Learning An Introduction
  • Today, reinforcement learning is perhaps one of
    the hottest topics in the field of artificial
    intelligence. This comprehensive book makes it to
    the artificial intelligence books to-read-list
    because it provides key algorithms and insights
    related to reinforcement learning.
  • All in all, this book does a fantastic job when
    it comes to covering the latest applications and
    developments of reinforcement learning as well as
    its conceptual foundations.

Machine of Loving Grace
  • This book provides a rich and detailed history of
    artificial intelligence and robotics. It makes it
    to our artificial intelligence books to-read-list
    because it highlights the interplay of increasing
    intelligence and automation and its impact on
    human societies.
  • This book also throws light on the topic of
    intelligence automation (IA) and tells us why
    building a human element in technology is


Key Consideration
  • As machine learning algorithms are used in more
    and more products and services, there are some
    serious factors must be considered when
    addressing AI, particularly in the context of
    peoples trust in the Internet.
  • Socio-economic impacts
  • .

  • AI is at the centre of a new enterprise to build
    computational models of intelligence. The main
    assumption is that intelligence (human or
    otherwise) can be represented in terms of symbol
    structures and symbolic operations which can be
    programmed in a digital computer. There is much
    debate as to whether such an appropriately
    programmed computer would be a mind, or would
    merely simulate one, but AI researchers need not
    wait for the conclusion to that debate, nor for
    the hypothetical computer that could model all of
    human intelligence.
  • Regards