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Upgrade Your Indoor Air Standards


Read on this post to learn about top indoor air pollutants and methods to improve indoor air quality. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Upgrade Your Indoor Air Standards

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  • Breathing fresh air is every living beings basic
    right and with the increasing pollution all of
    us are suffering and obliged to breathe impure
    air which is highly dangerous for our health.

  • Although we cant do much about improving outdoor
    air quality except by trying to create less
    pollution and plant more trees, certainly we can
    do something to improve indoor air quality.

  • Air pollution is the biggest concern these days
    and is the major cause of severe deadly disease,
    especially in kids and elderly whose immunity is
    a little week and thus get engulfed easily in
    pollutants impacts.

  • Most of the pollutants present in the air are so
    minute that we cant even see them with naked
    eyes but they are really deadly and prolonged
    presence can lead to asthma, allergies, and even
    cancer. Thus it is must to do something
    immediately to at-least keep your indoor air free
    of pollutants and even germs so that you can
    sleep peacefully after providing a safe and
    healthy environment to your dear family.

  • Pollutants present indoors-
  • 1) Chemicals-
  • The chemicals that are released from cleaning
    liquids, paints, cooking residues and sprays.
    Chemicals such as ammonia and chlorine which can
    be deadly. Carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, etc
    are the major ones.

  • 2) Particles-
  • Particles such as asbestos and lead released from
    electronics are highly dangerous.
  • 3) Microbial danger-
  • Such as molds, bacteria, and the virus can cause
    severe diseases and allergies.

  • 4) Smoke-
  • Smoke emerged from smoking tobacco is really
    deadly especially for infants. It does not get
    away quickly and its particles remain indoors for
    a few hours at least.

  • 5) Pet sheds-
  • If you have pets your home needs extra protection
    as pets shed a lot of hair, fur, dead skin and
    body fluid which makes indoor air hard to breathe
    and these particles if inhaled can be chocking
    and allergic.

  • 6) Sprays-
  • Body sprays and room sprays and scented candles
    which we use to make room aromatic are actually
    making indoor air filled with lots and lots of
    harmful chemicals and decreasing its quality.

  • What should be done to improve indoor air-
  • 1) Plant indoor plants-
  • Plants are the best source of fresh and pure air,
    they also purify the present air by absorbing
    some of the pollutants.

  • 2) Open windows-
  • Letting windows open can lead to out go of heavy
    air and inflow of fresh air.
  • 3) Natural options-
  • Try using natural cleaning agents and try not to
    use chemical based products as much as you can.

  • 4) Air purifiers-
  • Use an air purifier to clean your indoor air and
    let you breathe fresh air.
  • 5) Air filters-
  • Use air filters for your ac, so that it can
    impart only a fresh and clean gush of air. Air
    filters have the efficiency to catch air
    particles and even microbes and this leads to a
    fresh and allergy free indoor environment.

  • If you are going to install air filters do check
    the MERV rating to get the best-suited air filter
    for your home. MervFilters LLC provide the most
    trusted and highly standardized air filters which
    are bound to improve your indoor air quality and
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