Best Useful Guide For Digital Marketing Freelancing 2019 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Best Useful Guide For Digital Marketing Freelancing 2019


1. Know Your Expectations:- 2. Know Your Strengths & Skillsets:- 3. Set Up Your Niche:- 4. Build Your Strong Portfolio:- 5. Search For The Clients:- 6. Charge Flexible Rates:- – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Useful Guide For Digital Marketing Freelancing 2019

Best Useful Guide For Digital Marketing
Freelancing 2019
  • Presented By- Abhinav Shashtri

Index Index Index Title Slide No.
1 Introduction 3
2 1. Know Your Expectations- 4
3 2. Know Your Strengths Skillsets- 5
4 3. Set Up Your Niche- 6
5 4. Build Your Strong Portfolio- 8
6 5. Search For The Clients- 9
7 6. Charge Flexible Rates- 10
  • Freelancing in digital marketing is basically
    helping companies to promote their products and
    services online. Your job is to reach out to your
    specific clients or targeted audience. By driving
    traffic to your clients website, and convert
    them as in consumers. And most EVERY business
    needs Freelancer for digital marketing help in
    maximizing business especially new startups.
  • If you are a creative digital marketer who wants
    to make a career which gives chances to throw out
    your skills by improving someones business then
    this is for you Or maybe you dont want typical
    9-to-5 or else want to earn extra money on the
    side by side the digital marketing freelancer
    career is good career option to you

1. Know Your Expectations-
  • Digital Marketing Freelancing Career would be an
    amazing career, but its not an easy task road to
    approach there, and youll have to tackle
    challenges along with the way. Your work will
    never be stress-free, and youll just have to
    learn how to deal with these unexpected scenarios
    by managing your own expectation, understand that
    it will take you some time to build up your
    reputation as digital marketing freelancer just
    make your expectations and build up your
    portfolio, and try to get some testimonials on
    your website or online profile, then it would be
    easy to get more new clients.

2. Know Your Strengths Skillsets-
  • In the 2nd step, youll have to note down and
    make a list of the skills and strengths you have
    related to digital marketing. Like Do you know
    how to run a PPC campaign of Google AdWords? Do
    you able to manage Facebook pages? Do you know
    how to do an email campaign on MailChimp? Along
    with it, you need to think about other talents
    and soft skills that you possess.
  • Are you a great content writer? Do you like
    analytical thinking, and identifying strategies?
    Do you have expertise knowledge of a particular
    industry? Etc. This will be helpful in setting up
    your audience or niche accordingly.

3. Set Up Your Niche-
  • Digital Marketing offers a lot of roles for
    freelancers and working professionals as well.
    And this totally depends on your skills, talents,
    and interests.
  • Here are some of few useful freelance marketing
    roles for you-
  • Copywriting - Writing the text needed for
    marketing products/services, email campaigns, and
    landing pages. If youre selling something,
    youre probably writing copy.
  • Content Writing - Writing and making content
    for blog posts, articles, white papers, videos,
    and broadcasts. Content writing typically focuses
    on informing or creating awareness for people
    rather than selling something.
  • Social Media Optimizer- This covers posting
    and promoting a companys brand and content on
    social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,
    Pinterest. With social media, youre required to
    posting content on your clients social media
    channels to promote their brand. Along with
    youll have to maintain it by optimizing your
    posts for maximum reach and engagement which will
    helpful for online reputation.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)- This is
    deals with getting a businesss web content
    or a site in the results of SERP Pages. Its very
    important to drive traffic to the client site
    along with rank. There are so many SEO factors
    which help in achieving good outputs like keyword
    research, on-page optimization, off-page
    optimization, and more.

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4. Build Your Strong Portfolio-
  • After choosing a segment of digital marketing in
    which you are proficient and good enough it is
    important to put a portfolio of your work. Your
    portfolio as a digital marketer freelancer be
    simple, presentable, and ensure the key points of
    the previous work you have done so far.
  • In your digital marketing portfolio, you should
    remember to include any and every notable
    achievement with respect to the numbers of
    clients you have handled. This gives more clients
    by knowing your past work and the results you
    have driven in terms of various aspects of the
    clients business.
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5. Search For The Clients-
  • There are a few ways to look for clients well
    go through each method in detail in this point.
    Most freelancers do use of platforms such as
    Upwork this is where companies provide certain
    tasks to freelancers. Once you register for an
    account, youll be able to view the job ads
    posted by companies, send it proposals, and get
    started by taking the first digital freelance
    marketing assignment.
  • Otherwise, start from the simple way. Find
    smaller businesses and clients who are more
    willing to work with a beginner freelance
    marketer. For getting the started website is a
    valuable thing. You simply create a freelancer
    profile/website and start taking various

6. Charge Flexible Rates-
  • If youre a new person in a freelancing career,
    First things you have to look at what other
    people are charging for similar services. You can
    either check out other freelancers profiles on
    Upwork or look at postings on job boards and
    forums. Once you have a general idea of how much
    you want to charge, calculate your hourly rate
    based on your full-time income and take that into
    consideration. To get more clear about this, we
    take look on different pricing methods you can
    use to charge
  • Hourly Basis - You set an hourly rate and a
    client will pay you per hour. The benefit for the
    client is that they can just stop paying you
    whenever they want if theyre dissatisfied. It
    also avoids the risk of making use of your work
    without paying you.
  • Project Basis - Youll know exactly what
    youre getting paid for an entire project, by
    deliverables outputs for the client. This is a
    nice method when youre done with the project,
    youre done. However, you dont run the risk of
    the client adding more work.
  • Commission/bonus - This payment model can work
    in conjunction with all of the other ones which
    will provide a healthy incentive for you by
    getting your work done. For instance, if your
    client promises you a RS 1,000 bonus for getting
    X amount of leads with respective landing pages.
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