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Light Installation Art Captures the Essence of Light


Light Installation Art and Impact of Light on Sensory Organs. See the World in Different Light with Light Installations Art. Find More Types of Art Styles Visit Us & Signup Now! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Light Installation Art Captures the Essence of Light

Light installation art reflects the beauty of
natural and artificial light to catch our
imagination. The impact of light holds the spirit
of artwork to draw attention. The audience looks
at the work of art with light passing through
it. The natural light has led the revolution of
the light art style in the beginning. The
advancements in the LED technology has shifted
the focus to artificial light. It has become one
of the most loved art styles in the modern art
world. The magnificence of indoor and outdoor
sculptures leave a different impact to change
our view or how we perceive light.
Light Installation Art and Impact of Light on
Sensory Organs
Artists capture light- be it natural or
artificial, in its purest form. The light
installation art dominated the art scene in the
international arena in the late 60s and 70s. The
purpose of light installations art is to help
the audience experience beauty hidden in the
light or revealed by the presence of light. The
manner in which the light passes through the
sculpture or artwork makes the audience think
twice about what theyre looking.
The practice of light installations art with
other art styles explore the medium in a new
reality. Artists practice light art with
audio-visual installation art to explore the new
horizons. It again creates an interactive art
style. The light passing through different
patterns leaves an independent impression helping
to reveal the overall message.
See the World in Different Light with Light
Installation Art
We draw reality from how we see things. Artists
help us to look at the aspects by putting it
under the light and change perceptions in the
process. There are light installation art
projects where films and sounds were
incorporated to bring the message alive. The
installation art projects in public and private
domain help the artists to take the experience
out in the world and connect it with masses. We
can use examples of signage and billboards.
There are different types of art styles in the
art world. The purpose of each art style is to
evoke a reaction and make audiences participate.
Artists have a single objective to make the
audience a part of the show. The installation
art in public places is different from artworks
in museums. The types of art styles is again a
factor. The light installations art draw a
reaction which could be opposite to interactive
art. The art world is focused on all types of
art styles to become a part of the mainstream
culture. Audiences have their own preferences.
Interactive art is what theyre most excited. It
offers an opportunity to have an impact on the
outcome. Theyre a part of the bigger reality
than expecting or anticipating the theory behind
the artwork.
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