Acne Scars – Should I Undergo A Laser Treatment? - Dr. Marwah Clinic - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Acne Scars – Should I Undergo A Laser Treatment? - Dr. Marwah Clinic


Acne scars are of various types, but they could be very painful, leaving permanent marks on your skin. You need the best skin laser specialist in Mumbai to help you lighten these scars with the help of laser technologies. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Acne Scars – Should I Undergo A Laser Treatment? - Dr. Marwah Clinic

Acne is a chronic inflammatory skin condition
that can cause spots, whiteheads, blackheads,
cysts, and nodules on the face, neck, shoulders,
chest, upper arms, and back. All of these leave
behind marks that may or may not heal on their
own. The ones which commonly leave a depth are
known as ACNE SCARS. They are formed by skin
pores getting bloated with excess oil, bacteria,
and dead cells. The pores swell, causing the
follicle wall to break. Shallow lesions may heal
quickly, but deeper breaks in the wall cause the
material to spill out into the surrounding
tissue, thus creating deeper lesions. These
deeper lesions may require professional care
from someone like the best skin laser specialist
in Mumbai. Such a professional can use laser
techniques to help you get rid of these scars
smoothly and permanently, leaving more or less
clear and spotless skin. However, depending upon
your acne type, there could be many different
types of remedies that can help get rid of acne.
How does laser treat acne scars? While we say
that lasers can help you get rid of scars, it
isnt completely true, because there is nothing
that can completely remove the scar tissue. The
fact behind this treatment is that the laser can
improve the color and texture of the scar by
treating its discoloration. Also, by providing
heat to the skins underlying collage, the feel
and texture of the scar can also be improved.
All of this makes scars less noticeable, while
also improving the overall depth of the scar.
How many sessions of laser treatment do you
need? Just as true as it is that scars cant be
completely eliminated, another truth is that you
cant have the scars improved in just one
treatment. You will require a series of laser
treatments to improve their appearance, as acne
scars are in fact permanent and it takes a lot
to do with them! So, view the laser treatment as
a journey that will require you to do multiple
sittings with a gap of 1-2 months in between two
consecutive sessions. This gap is necessary to
help the body repair and develop new collagen
within the scar area. What kinds of lasers are
used to treat acne scars? Every scar is
different. Some are discolored, while others are
red or brown in color. Some are firm and rough,
some may be a little softer. Some are elevated,
while others are depressed. Only after analyzing
what kind of scar is it, can the perfect laser
treatment be decided upon. It is also possible
that your scar may require multiple different
lasers and procedures in combination to be
cured. So, speak to an expert who can guide you
perfectly. You need a specialist to help you
treat any kinds of scars with laser technologies.
Dont just opt for any laser treatment. Make
sure you approach the best skin laser specialist
in Mumbai, like Dr. Marwahs Clinic, where you
can get the most appropriate treatment,
depending upon the type of scars you are having.
You can rest assured that the lasers are being
used with proper parameters here to get the right
results while maintaining the safety of the
skin. Stay social with us on Facebook, Twitter,
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