How to Get Rid Of Pet Odor from Your Rug? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Get Rid Of Pet Odor from Your Rug?


There is many pet odor remover or neutralizers available but you have to pick that which penetrates deeply to the rug fabrics and deodorize soiled areas. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Get Rid Of Pet Odor from Your Rug?

How to Get Rid Of Pet Odor from Your Rug?
  • Pets are like small babies and they demand equal
    love and affection. They definitely look cute but
    come with a huge responsibility of taking care
    of them. Pets urine stains and odor removal is a
    major challenge which several pet lovers face.
  • The pheromones present in the pet urine odor or
    stain attract them back to the same soiled area
    to urinate. There is many pet odor remover or
    neutralizers available but you have to pick that
    which penetrates deeply to the rug fabrics and
    deodorize soiled areas.
  • How to Use Pet Odor Remover Spray on Rugs -
  • Pet odor remover for rug contains odor
    neutralizers and enzymes producing friendly
    bacteria. The strong biological ingredients are
    carefully chosen to perform complete urine stain
    and odor removal and discourage your pet to
    return to the accident area. The process of using
    the pet odor and stain removing spray is quite
    simple yet effective
  • In the case of new stains, soak up as much urine
    as possible by placing the paper towels or a wet
    vacuum on the soiled area.
  • Pour 4-6 ounces of fresh water and by using a
    white towel soak up the water. Repeat this step
    at least 2-3 times to dilute the pet's urine.
  • Spray a generous amount of pet odor remover on
    the area rugs and wait for 15-20 minutes before
    soaking up the solution with a clean white paper
    towel. Once the solution is absorbed, place the
    new towel the accident area with some weight on
    it. Leave the towel for 4 hours or for overnight
    and uncover the area to let it air dry.
  • If you still find stain or odor, repeat the
  • In the situation where stain or odor have already
    fixed or set in your carpets, rent a carpet
    cleaner along with buying a high-quality pet odor
    neutralizer. Make use of carpet stain remover if
    you still notice stains once the area is entirely
    dry after extracting and neutralizing.

  • Precautions You Need to Exercise While Making Use
    of Pet Odor Remover Spray -
  • Keep out of the reach of children and try to
    avoid prolonged contact with skin or eyes. Make
    use of soap and water if contact on the skin
    occurs for a longer time period and your skin is
    prone to sensitivity or any allergies. If your
    eyes come in contact with the spray, flush
    instantly and reach out for your physician.
  • If ingested, drink water or milk and consult the
    doctor immediately. You should discontinue the
    use of the product if allergies persist or recur.
  • Do not make use of strong chemicals like vinegar
    or ammonia and toxic pet odor removing
  • sprays since they will motivate your pet to
    reinforce the urine scent mark in that area.
  • If the urine gets soaked in the padding
    underneath your rug, the job of stain and odor
    removal becomes tougher, so its necessary to
    take action as early as possible.
  • You need to remember that pet odor eliminator
    spray can only help you in getting rid of pets
    urine stain and odor and not in providing
    training to them. Its ultimately your job to
    encourage and train your pet about the right
    urination spot. Grab the pet-friendly odor
    neutralizers through professional and CRI
    (Carpet and Rug Institute) approved suppliers.
    For more information please go through the link

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