Why the Brake Caliper of your BMW is Sticking in Roadway - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Why the Brake Caliper of your BMW is Sticking in Roadway


The braking system of your BMW is one of the most important systems because it not only helps in stopping the car but also assists in the proper handling of the vehicle. The braking system consists of various parts and one such part is the brake caliper and your BMW would not be able to stop without a properly functioning brake caliper. If the brake calipers are sticking in the roadway, then it indicates issues. Go through the to know the reasons behind the brake caliper of your BMW sticking in the roadway. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Why the Brake Caliper of your BMW is Sticking in Roadway

Why the Brake Caliper of your BMW is Sticking in
Without a properly functioning brake caliper,
your BMW would not be able to stop. So, each
wheel of the BMW has a caliper and rotor in it.
The rotor will generally spin when the car is
moving. But sometime you will notice that the
brake caliper is sticking.
So, when you want to slow down your BMW, you just
need to press on the brake pedal that causes the
brake calipers and brake pads to produce friction.
If it is happening in your BMW, then you need to
understand the causes to look out for and take
your car to a mechanic for fixing it in the right
The following points define the reasons behind
the brake caliper of the car is stuck in the
  • Caliper slides
  • Brake pads
  • Caliper bolts
  • Brake Hose
  • Caliper piston

The brake caliper has grooves to secure the brake
pads and allow the slide inward when you put the
foot on the brake pedal.
Caliper slides
The shims on the brake pads can get caught in
these grooves from the built-up debris and make
the pads unable to slide and cause caliper
If you dont replace the brake pads of your BMW
after a while, then over time they are going to
wear out.
Brake pads
In this way, the caliper of the car is unable to
create the necessary friction against the rotor
and cause stickiness in the caliper.
The slides on the brake caliper bolts are always
lubricated and each bolt has a rubber boot to
maintain their lubrication.
Caliper bolts
If the rubber of the brake caliper is broken,
then it could lead to less lubrication and cause
stickiness with the brake caliper.
Brake hose is eventually worn out and break from
inside. It will direct the brake fluid to flow
one way while putting pressure to the brake pedal.
Brake Hose
Due to these reasons, the fluid can't get back
into the master cylinder when you take your foot
off the brake pedal and cause sticky brake
The rubber boot of the brake caliper protects the
piston on the outside. Sometimes, the mechanic
accidentally tears the rubber of the piston when
you replace the brake pads.
Caliper piston
It will cause the debris and residue to pile up
inside the caliper and affects the functionality
of the piston ultimately.
If you found that the brake caliper of your BMW
is sticking in the middle of the road, then
repair it as soon as possible.
Take them to a reputed BMW professional who will
inspect your car properly and fix the issues to
prevent further damages.
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