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Critical Things To Be Aware Of Before Opting For Car Window Tinting?


There’s a sense of pride and privacy that comes with driving a car with tinted windows. But if you are ready to get some heads turning looking cool and shady in your freshly tinted car, where do you start? Getting your car windows tinted is an easy and smooth process. But unfortunately for many people, due to poor preparation or lack of knowledge, it becomes a disappointing experience. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Critical Things To Be Aware Of Before Opting For Car Window Tinting?

Critical Things To Be Aware Of Before Opting For
Car Window Tinting?
  • Theres a sense of pride and privacy that comes
    with driving a car with tinted windows. But if
    you are ready to get some heads turning looking
    cool and shady in your freshly tinted car, where
    do you start? Getting your car windows tinted is
    an easy and smooth process. But unfortunately for
    many people, due to poor preparation or lack of
    knowledge, it becomes a disappointing experience.
  • So to help make sure you are on the safe side,
    here are 5 critical things to consider before
    opting to get your car windows tinted.

Table of Contents
  • How Much Does It Cost?
  • Quality Of The Tint
  • Does It Come With A Warranty?
  • What Perks Are Attached?
  • What Available Brand Options Are There?
  • Introduction to the Most Common Levels of Car
    Window Tinting
  • Car Window Tinting Options for Heat Reduction
  • How Auto Detailing Can Improve the Worth and
    Pride of Ownership
  • How Does Car Detailers Make it All Work?
  • Why Many Car Owners Are Shifting to UV Car Window
  • Stylish Car Window Tinting Trends You Shouldnt
    Miss in 2019

How Much Does It Cost?
  • Getting your car windows tinted isnt really that
    expensive whether you are going to get it done in
    a high-end auto body shop or a normal one. But
    rather than assuming that its going to be cheap,
    it is better to set some money aside as you
    budget for the service. Give yourself a
    threshold. For example, if your budget is to
    spend 100 and below, find an auto body shop that
    fits within this budget or one that doesnt
    stretch your budget too far. Remember that you
    must also be flexible. Be willing to slightly
    increase your budget if it means youll get
    quality work done.

Quality Of The Tint
  • If the tint is cheap and of poor quality, it will
    definitely look cheap and of poor quality. You
    dont want that, do you? If you have an
    incredibly low budget, you are likely to get the
    cheapest quality tint on your car windows. This
    type of tint can scratch easily. It looks good at
    first but starts to peel off after some time. To
    avoid these types of inconveniences, spend a
    little more money to purchase tint that gives you
    enough quality to last you years instead of

Does It Come With A Warranty?
  • You can tell the difference between good tint and
    substandard tint just by looking to see if it
    comes with a warranty. By purchasing tint with a
    warranty attached to it, you are confident that
    you are covered just in case it starts to peel
    off or crack when it gets rained on or exposed to
    the sun for a long period. If the garage offers
    you tint with a warranty, it shows that they are
    confident about the product.

What Perks Are Attached?
  • When you spend your hard earned money paying for
    tint, you cant help but wonder if you will be
    getting more than just shade from the sun, right?
    Some tints are designed with UV protection to
    help keep your car interior cool even when its
    scorching hot outside. Other tints allow for
    machine cutting which minimizes waste as the
    machine cuts precisely to the size of your car
    window. Some tints even protect your car windows
    from shattering which can be a lifesaver in case
    of an accident.

What Available Brand Options Are There?
  • There are more tint brands than you can count in
    a day. But despite all this, there are those
    brands that come out on top each time you ask
    your other driver friends for the best car window
    tinting advice. This is because they guarantee
    the best performance and quality. To find out
    what available brand options you can have for
    your car tint, ask your auto body shop for their
    opinion. Thereafter, decide which one you are
    most confident about and make your purchase.
  • Above-highlighted are important tips to help make
    your car window tinting experience seamless. Keep
    them in mind and you are sure to get the most
    value for your money.

Introduction to the Most Common Levels of Car
Window Tinting
  • People install tints on their car windows for
    different reasons. Some do it primarily for
    aesthetic reasons while some focus more on its
    benefits such as blocking ultraviolet rays,
    keeping their cars cooler, and maintaining the
    interior quality of their ride. A few more do
    window tinting to enhance privacy on the road.
    Regardless of the reason for doing it, a good
    knowledge of window tinting will ensure that you
    get the best for your needs.
  • Ideally, car window tinting level is
    characterized by how much light is allowed to
    pass through the windows. Every state has its own
    rules when it comes to this. If your window is
    too dark, the authorities might stop you claiming
    that it reduces your vision while driving and
    therefore can lead to an accident. Another reason
    darker tints arent too fancied by police
    officers is because they hide dangers within
  • With this in mind, here are some of the common
    car window tinting levels available.

  • 1. 5
  • If you have a knack for darker tints, this level
    is up your alley. It is ridiculously dark and
    mean that you cant even see anything past the
    window even on a sunny day. As you might have
    guessed, it only allows a mere 5 of visible
    light to pass through while blocking the other
    95. Obviously, this is not the best choice for
    driver front windows as it will greatly
    compromise your vision.
  • 2. 20
  • This level is notorious with people who want a
    certain level of privacy without making the
    inside of their cars completely dark. Being
    close to the darker side of the tint level
    spectrum, it allows very little light to
    penetrate hence is ideal for people who want to
    pass the message cannot see the inside of my car
    ever message without actually saying it.

  • 30-35
  • This is the most common level of car window tint
    out there. Its a perfect balance for most car
    owners because it technically gives them most of
    the benefits of window tinting without
    compromising their vision. This tint blocks out
    60-65 of visible light from entering the car. It
    is ideal for front and back windows.
  • 50
  • 50 is the maximum level across many states.
    Essentially, it is a light tint which still
    blocks some visible light and makes the car
    cooler. It can dramatically increase your vision
    and decrease glare thereby promoting a safer
    driving experience. As a rule, this level is
    highly recommended for driver front windows for
    obvious reasons. This is your choice if you want
    to reap the benefits of window tinting without
    turning your car into a full-on dungeon.
  • Car window tinting is something weve grown
    accustomed to. In fact, when shopping for new
    wheels, it is one of the things that are bound to
    come up. Even with the knowledge of common tint
    levels, it is a good idea to know the allowable
    limits for your particular state to avoid
    problems in the future.

Car Window Tinting Options for Heat Reduction
  • You probably know that one of the reasons for
    tinting the windows of your car is to promote
    privacy. Well, car window tinting does more than
    that. For instance, they promote the appearance
    of your car by giving it a modern glossy look.
    More importantly, they help to reduce indoor
    heat. They ensure that only a small amount of
    heat is able to penetrate your car. This enhances
    your comfort when driving or just relaxing inside
    your car.
  • There are so many window tints available in the
    market and it can be confusing to decide the best
    option to choose. To help you pick the right
    tint, here are the options that guarantee
    significant heat reduction

  • 1. Dyed Film
  • This is the commonest window tint for cars
    probably because its generally inexpensive and
    easy to fit. Regardless, its not a bad option.
    Though its not as effective as the tint options
    below, its a great supplement to your cars AC.
    Besides, its opaque and will guarantee privacy.
    The tint features several layers of absorbent
    dyes that are designed to limit solar heat
    penetration to some degree.
  • 2. Metalized Film
  • In this option, metal particles are embedded in
    the tint. The metal particles not only offer
    shine to your windows when the sun is up but also
    give the tint durability. So, you should expect
    this window tint to serve you for long. The
    surface reduces heat penetration by reflecting

  • 3. Carbon Tint
  • Carbon tint comes with a mattefinish which makes
    it such an attractive option. The tint basically
    improves the general appearance and style of your
    car. On average, this window tint reduces up to
    40 of solar heat. In addition, it protects the
    upholstery of your car from losing its color.
    Its also generally durable.
  • 4. Crystalline Tint
  • If you are looking for a window tint thats not
    so obvious in the eyes of peers, then you should
    consider crystalline tint. The tint does not make
    your windows darker like most options and will
    provide excellent cover against heat and UV rays.
    The only downside is that you may have to
    compromise on privacy to some extent. But if heat
    reduction is your number one priority, then its
    a fair choice.

  • 5. Ceramic Tint
  • The ceramic tint is regarded as the best
    performer for a reason. The tint comes with so
    many amazing properties. To begin with, its able
    to reduce up to 50 of direct solar heat. No tint
    type performs this much. Secondly, its able to
    reduce UV light penetration by 99. The good news
    is, its able to do all these without obscuring
    your view. Therefore, you should expect the tint
    option to come at a higher cost than that of the
    other options.
  • Conclusion
  • With the right can window tinting, you are not
    just guaranteed privacy and style but also
    controlled heat. The above options are
    undisputedly the heat reduction kings. So,
    consider them the next time you want to fit tint
    on the windows of your car. Of course, you should
    expect them to vary in design depending on the

How Auto Detailing Can Improve the Worth and
Pride of Ownership
  • If you have been driving a car for quite a few
    years, you may already be noticing things falling
    apart for it. Even if you have taken good care of
    your car, chances are it still needs some help in
    certain areas. When your old car stops looking
    good, you can turn to auto detailing to restore
    your pride of ownership.
  • The best thing about using the right car
    detailing service is that experts can reverse any
    exterior damage caused by the elements. Do you
    often leave your car parked in direct sunlight
    and pay little attention to finding some shade?
    You may already be noticing the harsh sunrays
    causing damage to the paint and exterior of the
    car. Even though the exterior is designed to
    take some good beating, extensive exposure to the
    sun's UV rays can still damage your car in more
    ways than you might imagine.

  • When exposed to the elements, it is natural to
    find the exterior of your car becoming cloudy and
    oxidized. The UV exposure can be extremely
    damaging and you may have to deal with a hazy
    appearance of your pain as well as the headlight
    lenses. This is not a good situation to be in
    really, and is surely going to hit the overall
    resale value of your car.

How Does Car Detailers Make it All Work?
  • Car detailers have gained some serious popularity
    in the recent years with people becoming more
    concerned about maintaining the right value of
    their vehicle. If you own a high-end car, it
    certainly makes sense to work with a car detailer
    to maintain its beauty and worth.
  • Car detailers are highly skilled professionals.By
    using the combination of bodily coordination and
    manual dexterity, they handle a variety of tasks.
    In most cases, they start by washing the
    exterior of your car, and they do it in the right
    way because they have a direct access to various
    cleaning solutions. At the same time, they make
    use of buffing machines to wax and buff your
    vehicle to achieve the finest look.

  • They will also ensure the interior of your car is
    equally impressive, and usually do it with the
    help of a vacuum. They clean all surfaces and
    upholstery with the help of air compressors. They
    finish the job by making use of preservation
    chemicals that offers additional protection
    against stains and spots. For the protection of
    the leather, they use different paints, dyes, and
    waxes, and this is another reason why you will be
    better off working with a professional detailer
    instead of doing it yourself.
  • In addition, detailing services may also include
    custom wheel cleaning, fabric protection, custom
    wheel cleaning, glass treatment, headlight
    restoration, mat shampoo, engine cleaning, tire
    dressing, and more. You can even work with them
    to change the exterior of your car, and they can
    do it using different decorative films. So, be
    sure to learn more about the benefits of car
    detailing and use the service to improve the
    worth of your car.

Why Many Car Owners Are Shifting to UV Car Window
  • For long, people have always considered car
    window tinting as a makeover to add aesthetic
    looks to their cars. Nonetheless, car owners are
    increasingly becoming aware of the noteworthy
    benefits that UV car window tinting offers.
    Consequently, the surge in demand for these
    applications has also led to governments
    stipulating specific rules to regulate the
    percentage and type of tint that car owners can
    acquire for their vehicles. All in all, why are
    people shifting to UV tinting? Lets explore.

  • Blocks UV Rays
  • The ability to block a considerable percentage of
    UV rays is the key advantage of installing a UV
    tint on your cars windows. The traditional tint
    films were entirely cosmetic. However, the recent
    concerns over the adverse health risks of UV rays
    led to the invention of the UV-blocking tint. UV
    window tint has been shown to block both UVA and
    UVB rays effectively. UVA rays penetrate the skin
    to cause premature skin aging while UVB rays play
    a significant role in the development of sunburns
    and skin cancer. Accordingly, UV tint protects
    you from the harmful ultraviolet rays when
    driving, reducing risks of photoaging and adverse

  • Preserves The Beauty of Your Cars Interior
  • Installing a UV window tint will effectively
    protect your car interior. Exposure to UV rays
    can contribute significantly to the fading of
    your cars seat fabrics. Besides, the high heat
    resulting from direct sunlight damages your car
    upholstery as well as cracking of some car
    interiors parts due to the irregular expansion
    and contraction.
  • Undoubtedly, preserving a stylish and beautiful
    interior via window tinting goes further to
    safeguard the resell or the trade-in value of
    your car. By keeping fading effects at bay, UV
    car window tinting also eliminates the need for
    replacing your car upholstery, an investment that
    can cost you a significant amount of money.

  • Protection During Accidents
  • Its inarguable that shattered glass account for
    several injuries in car accidents. Fortunately, a
    professionally applied tint laminates your car
    windows perfectly and holds the window glass
    together to form a sealed unit. Although the tint
    does not prevent breakages, it holds the glass
    firmly to prevent the glass pieces from being
    hurled at the cars occupants. This way, you and
    your passengers are protected from severe cuts in
    case of an accident.
  • Comfortable Interior
  • Whereas regular window glass filters 30 of solar
    heat, UV tint has been shown to cut solar heat
    from a cars interior by more than 80. The high
    reduction of interior temperature provides a
    comfortable and luxurious condition in your
    vehicle. Hence, the occupants enjoy the drive
    even when the afternoon sun is burning hot.
    Additionally, you wont be required to utilize
    air conditioning. Consequently, you reduce

  • Enhances Privacy
  • Tinting your car windows will add privacy by
    blocking visible light from penetrating the
    glass. Therefore, your valuables and car interior
    are kept away from intruding eyes. It also
    controls car thefts as it has been shown that
    visible items in a car motivate the crime.
  • Conclusion
  • Gone are the days when people tinted their car
    windows for looks sake. Modern tint offers
    significant benefits to car owners and their
    passengers. Most importantly, UV car window
    tinting protects you from UV rays when driving.
    Additionally, ultraviolet shades filter solar
    heat and contributes to a relaxing and
    comfortable condition in your car as well as
    protecting the upholstery from fading.

Stylish Car Window Tinting Trends You Shouldnt
Miss in 2019
  • Car window tinting has come a long way from its
    mere aesthetic purposes. Furthermore, its clear
    that current car tints are much better than those
    of the past. The tint industry has seen
    tremendous growth in the past few years.
  • The rising demand in car window tints can be
    attributed to increasing concerns over
    globalization and the consequent increase in the
    levels of UV rays reaching the earths surface.
    Today, you can access a wide variety of tint
    colors, as well as smart tints that you can
    control by the touch of a button or a click on
    your phone. Besides providing comfort and
    protection, the shades will certainly make your
    car stand out.
  • To this end, lets have a look at tinting trends
    you should watch out for in 2019

  • Smart Car Tint
  • Also known as electro-chromatic technology, smart
    tint allows you to change your car window from
    transparent to opaque by the click on your
    Smartphone app. The invention combines the
    liquid-crystal display and the electro-chromatic,
    suspended particle technologies. A difference in
    electric fields and charge causes the change in
    behavior of the particles. When an electric field
    is applied, the particles disperse to clear the
    window glass. On the contrary, removing the
    charge causes the rearrangement of the particles
    to darken the window while maintaining its
    transparency for the cars occupants.
  • Clear Tint
  • The federal government is constantly changing the
    laws regulating the car tinting. This calls for
    the tint industry to adapt accordingly. As a
    consequence, the industry has seen the invention
    of clear tint which resembles a factory tint.
    However, a clear tint will protect you from glare
    and UV rays as well as perform other functions of
    a conventional car window tint. Its utterly
    surprising that the tint can offer the same
    health benefits as modern tint while allowing
    maximum light to flow into your cars interior.

  • Zero Interference Tint
  • Typical metalized tinting in older cars has been
    shown to interfere with the working of phone,
    laptops, and tablets. Moreover, modern vehicles
    feature an array of electronics, ranging from
    radar to wireless connectivity technologies.
    Metalized tint films may interfere with the
    electronics and hamper some core functionalities
    of your car. The ceramic option consists of
    ceramic particles embedded between two polyester
    sheets and does not impede the connectivity of
    your personal devices and car electronics.
    Moreover, a ceramic tint has no reflective
    properties and offers more visibility. Besides,
    it has the highest rate of heat rejection
    compared to other alternatives.
  • Photochromatic Glasses
  • Manufacturers have been using photochromatic
    materials in eyeglasses for quite a long time.
    Carbon-based materials whose structures vary
    according to the presence or absence of sunlight
    are used to manufacture the glasses. The
    technology has found its application in vehicle
    windows too. A photochromatic car window darkens
    during the day and clears as sunlight, allowing
    for maximum visibility. Its a smart way to
    upgrade your car tint, especially when combined
    with UV-blocking and heat rejection capabilities.

  • Conclusion
  • Car window tinting has evolved over the years.
    Besides providing aesthetic benefits, eliminating
    solar heat, and blocking UV rays, modern car
    window tints have more excellent capabilities.
    2019 is the year to wake up to stylish trends
    such as photochromatic and smart tints. Besides,
    the use of ceramic materials in tinting
    eliminates interference posed by metals to car
    electronics and personal devices.
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