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Tattoo Removal – All You Need To Know - Dr. Marwah Clinic


Want to have a tattoo removed? Laser tattoo removal is the best procedure you can choose. Depending upon your tattoo and skin type, you may require single or multiple treatments. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Tattoo Removal – All You Need To Know - Dr. Marwah Clinic

Its a trend to have tattoos made on various body
parts like the biceps, arms, ankles, calves,
nape, etc. But, there are times when we take a
wrong decision. We get a tattoo printed of a
loved one, and then we realize that it is a
mistake when we break up with them. Or we are
happy with the tattoo, but professional needs
like Cabin crew or Defense forces need them
cleared on exposed areas. And last, if some
places of religion dont permit a tattoo on the
body. What do you do then? Stay with this not-so
wanted tattoo inscribed on your body life long?
Well, no! Science has come up with an innovative
tattoo removal technique, wherein a laser is
used to reduce the color of the inks used, with a
very low risk of scarring. Thus, with todays
advanced laser technology, you can have your
tattoo removed safely and quickly, without
leaving a scar, provided you have the procedure
executed by the best skin laser specialist in
Mumbai, one like Dr. Marwahs Clinic. Here, the
various technologies used are PicoWay, Revlite,
and MedLite all approved and tested to result
in positive results.
During a tattoo removal procedure, laser light is
applied to the tattooed area of the skin, which
absorbs the tattoo ink particles, leaving the
surrounding skin unharmed. The ink of the tattoo
absorbs the laser energy and heats up, shattering
into smaller ink particles. After the laser
procedure, the bodys immune system flushes away
these ink particles in a few days or weeks,
causing the tattoo to slowly fade away. However,
the results cannot be
100 achieved in a single laser session. You may
require multiple sessions to eliminate your
tattoo completely the number of sessions
depending upon the size, type, color, age, and
depth of your tattoo. Depending on all these
factors, the doctor will determine the number of
sessions you may need. Generally, average sized
tattoos require around 6-8 sessions at a gap of
a month. Some patients may request a topical
anesthetic cream to be applied before treatment
to minimize the stinging effect of the laser,
while there are others who dont mind tolerating
the treatment without any anesthesia. However,
the pain that is felt is no more than a few
rubber band snaps so there should be no issues
with taking up the procedure without anesthesia.
Thus, laser tattoo removal is the safest method
to get your skin rid of tattoos of any kind.
And, it is also comparatively quicker than other
methods like surgical excision, dermabrasion,
and chemical peels. All these methods are
invasive and often result in scarring, thus
causing pain and discomfort. Remember that the
results and appearance of the laser procedure
vary from patient to patient. If you have a
smaller and lighter tattoo, you may see results
sooner while darker bigger tattoos may require
a while. Also, your skin type significantly
determines the results of the laser tattoo
removal procedure. So, never compare your results
with your friends. Just remember that every
treatment session will result in a lighter shade
of the tattoo. So, until you achieve complete
elimination of your tattoo, you will need to take
up a session every 1-2 months. For more
information, visit http//