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Fashion mistakes that are worth avoiding for men


There are a lot of fashion blunders and common style mistakes that men make while getting dressed up. This blog guides you about Fashion mistakes that are worth avoiding for men. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Fashion mistakes that are worth avoiding for men

Fashion mistakes that are worth avoiding for
men Style mistakes are something a man generally
wants to avoid. And styling mistakes that the
opposite gender has voted the most egregious?
Youd better listen up. There are a lot of
fashion blunders and common style mistakes that
men make while getting dressed up. Lets see what
mistakes men make that are worth avoiding. Well,
we have listed some of the fashion mistakes that
are worth avoiding only for you.
  • Trousers too long
  • Baggy trousers are fitted at the waist and flared
    towards the legs. Baggy trousers remind me of
    90s. We have come really far since then. Baggy
    trousers make you look two things well shorter
    and sloppy. While a full break might be accepted
    by some but, they are outdated now. I would
    suggest a trouser that barely skims the top of
    your shoes. You can have them cuffed and/or,
    cropped by your tailor if you want to show off
    your sock collection.
  • Square Toe Dress Shoe
  • I dont know why these Square Toe Dress Shoes are
    finding a place on the shelves of the shoe
    stores. These shoes can make you feel like a time
    traveler. You can stick with a classic round-toe
    shoe or a moderately pointed toe. So, if you
    still have those Square shoes in your shelves,
    its the right time to replace them.

3. Baggy Underwear I know you are a classy man
who likes everything classy and a bit retro but,
your baggy mens underwear is not classy anymore.
You can replace them with mens sheer underwear.
Sheer underwear made a sexy introduction to the
mens underwear industry and has since, taken
off in recent years. Sheer underwear for men
provides a glimpse to your significant other of
the naughtiness hidden behind the fabric. Mens
sheer underwear will help you propel your
personality and your attitude into a playful
state of mind. You will love the way it makes you
feel. So, dear men replace your old, baggy
undies with the classy sheer underwear for men
  • Shirts too baggy
  • This is the ultimate fashion mistake that can
    shatter a mans confidence in pieces. Wearing a
    baggy shirt will not only make you look fatty,
    stumpier and frumpier but also put a negative
    impact on your personality. So use a tailored
    shirt instead of those baggy shirts and, get rid
    of your fatty and frumpier look.
  • Weird Prints
  • Why do you prefer those weird prints till now?
    Youre no more a kid but, now a hot and sexy
    man! So, choose prints that are small, classy and
    trendy! You can follow the latest and trendy
    prints instead of those giant and weird prints.

6. Untucked Shirt I dont want to sound like
your mama who kept telling you to tuck in your
shirt but, dress shirts are designed with extra
length precisely so that they dont come
untucked. If you dont like your shirt tucked in
then, choose a shirt that is slightly shorter in
  • Way Too Many Accessories
  • Too many bracelets, rings, funky socks, caps,
    hat, and others will only make you look bizarre
    but, nothing else. Too many accessories are the
    most common fashion mistakes that are worth
    avoiding for men.
  • Select accessories such as a classic watch,
    stylish sunglasses, formal socks and you may add
    headphones to make you look sexy.
  • Baggy Jackets
  • Suppose you have a presentation and you are
    wearing a baggy jacket or a baggy blazer. Your
    colleagues are judging you and your fashion
    sense, how will you concentrate on your
    presentation then? So, if you too have a baggy
    blazer, go to your tailor right now and, get it
    altered and fitted for you. Baggy jackets and
    blazers can make you look fat and are definitely
    not suitable for your confidence.
  • You can select a ready-made jacket that fits you
    well and makes you look sexier.
  • Though the trends are rapidly changing and there
    are too many suggestions available almost
    everywhere, these tips can help you avoid some
    serious fashion blunders. From your tailored
    shirt to your mens sheer underwear, you got to
    pick your perfect wardrobe just ones and thats
    enough for a good period of time. With a bit of
    thoughtful attention, all the above-mentioned
    fashion mistakes can be avoided by you. Just
    take care of the details that make you look sexy
    and stylish. I have applied most of these tips
    to my own wardrobe, have you?