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libaug on the Konkan coastline can offer you just that and more. If you love to immerse yourself in nature and just witness nature in its natural flow, this is the place to be in. Beaches in Alibaug can certainly do justice to your weary mind and fatigued body and reinvigorate your senses. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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  • The perpetual grind of modern life exhausts the
    soul and saps the body of vitality. You need some
    rest and something more to provide fresh oxygen
    to the body and the soul. The ensemble of
    pristine sea beach, expansive sea, cool sea
    breeze, and the sight of gentle sea waves
    breaking into an uncluttered coastline can
    transport your feelings to a different world and
    provide fresh oxygen to your exhausted body and
    mind. Alibaug on the Konkan coastline can offer
    you just that and more. If you love to immerse
    yourself in nature and just witness nature in its
    natural flow, this is the place to be in. Beaches
    in Alibaug can certainly do justice to your weary
    mind and fatigued body and reinvigorate your
  • Alibaug is a laidback town situated on the
    coastline of the Arabian Sea bordered by the
    Konkan plateau. It boasts of some of the
    loveliest beaches with unspoiled beauty since
    tourist influx has not yet assumed gigantic
    proportions in many of these beaches. Indeed,
    there are a number of beaches here. they also
    offer a peep into history through ruinous forts
    and churches standing off the coastlines of

  • Alibaug is a popular weekend destination for
    people living in and around Mumbai, Pune, and
    such other places because of its family beaches.
    This quiet seaside small village is also peppered
    with lush plantations of jackfruits, coconuts,
    mangoes, and other vegetables and fruits common
    to coastal regions.
  • Alibaug is indeed an attractive place for
    vacation with family, friends, and colleagues. If
    you crave for fun activities there are a lot of
    them here. Alibaug beaches are magical and can
    cast a spell on you.
  • Reaching Alibaug is also easy. You need to take a
    ferry from the Gateway of India in Mumbai and
    reach Mandwa Port. From there, it is just a short
    rickshaw ride to the alluring beaches of Alibaug.
    Visit the sunset points, enjoy some moments of
    solitude with nature, and share this with your
    family, friends or colleagues.

Top 10 Beaches To Visit In Alibaug
  • Alibaug Beach
  • Nagaon Beach
  • Kashid Beach
  • Murud Beach
  • Rewas Beach
  • Kasim Beach
  • Varsoli Beach
  • Korlai Beach
  • Mandwa Beach
  • Akshi Beach

1. Alibaug Beach
  • It is one of the most sought after family beaches
    in Alibaug. The deep blue sea in the front and
    the undulating landscape covered in a green
    canopy and dotted with coconut trees in the back
    make for a magical combination. Take a short boat
    ride from the beach and reach the ruins of the
    Kolaba Fort. Experience the fort standing as mute
    testimony to medieval warfare and architecture.
    This fort also used to be the headquarters of the
    Maratha Army once upon a time. Nearby, you can
    also visit the Ganpati Temple, a monument that is
    about 400 years old. Apart from the natural
    beauty that this place has on offer and the place
    of interest, the clean beach evokes reverence
    among its visitors.

2. Nagaon Beach
2. Nagaon Beach
  • Arguably, this is among the most pristine family
    beaches in Alibaug, It is clean and uncluttered
    with just the blue sea, surf, and the pristine
    white sand spanning your horizon. The clean beach
    and unfettered coastline make this one of the
    loveliest beaches for people who love to spend a
    few hours of solitude on the seashore soaking in
    the sights and sounds of the deep blue sea. The
    sunset point on this beach offers a charming view
    of the setting sun. It is also near some other
    beaches like Akshi Beach. It is for this reason
    that there are many residents around this place.
    Here you can engage in various fun activities and
    water sports too. Near the beach, you can find
    betel nut and coconut plantations that entrench
    the feeling of sleepy villages living by the sea
    far away from the grind of bustling cities.

3. Kashid Beach
3. Kashid Beach
  • The Kashid Beach can be found in the Northern
    corner of the Konkan Plateau, about 30 kilometres
    away from Alibaug. Visitors to this beach are
    awestruck by the symphony of colours that they
    get to see here. The deep blue waters of the sea,
    the lush green canopy on the shore, the white
    sand extending to the rocky hills on either side
    or the charming silvery rivulets emanating from
    the sea create a magical combination. This beach
    too has not seen a surge in tourism as yet and
    has been able to hold on to its pristine beauty.
    The groves of casuarina trees surrounding the
    rocky terrain in the horizon add to the
    attraction. There is a good footfall on the beach
    during the weekends, and it boasts of some nice
    sunset points. Despite that, the beach is mostly
    uncluttered. The incredible waves of the sea here
    offer a perfect opportunity for surfing and other
    fun activities and adventure sports.

4. Murud Beach
4. Murud Beach
  • The sight of the sea breaking into layers of
    white surfs on the jagged and rocky coastline of
    Murud Beach can make you hold your breath for
    some time. It is celestial, pristine, and
    peaceful. It also serves as a vantage point for
    sailing to the Janjira Fort, an impressive fort
    surrounded by water. Indeed, it is not just the
    beauty of the coastline around the Murud Beach,
    but also the charm of this splendid island fort
    of Janjira that attracts tourists and evokes a
    passion about medieval architecture. This
    peaceful and serene retreat with an excellent
    view of the sea dotted by the rock-solid Janjira
    Fort and sunset points is a heaven for tourists.
    There are a number of resorts, homestays, and
    hotels around the beach, but that does not make
    the beach crowded. The seafloor here is a mix of
    both smooth and rocky. You can venture into the
    water to swim or play, but be careful not to go
    deeper. There is an opportunity for various fun
    activities and sports like para-sailing,
    paragliding, etc. A stroll down the beach can
    help you soak in the environment. You can also
    take a short ferry ride to the Janzira Fort. The
    USP of this fort is that it has remained
    unconquered despite repeated attempts by various
    invaders like the British, Dutch, Marathas, etc.

5. Rewas Beach
  • Rewas Beach is a unique arch-shaped beach that is
    relatively less populated compared to other
    family beaches in Alibaug. It offers perennially
    pleasant weather throughout the year, and this is
    a big reason why this is one of the best family
    beaches in Alibaug. There are several hotels and
    resorts around the beach. You can indulge in fun
    activities or just chill out with family or
    friends. There is a jetty between Rewas Beach and
    Alibaug Beach, which offers a stunning view of
    the black sand Uran Beach of Navi Mumbai. In
    fact, the beach is popular mostly for the ferry
    service that operates from this place to Mumbai.
    Apart from Mandwa Jetty, this is another jetty
    that people use to go to Mumbai. You can even
    carry your two-wheeler on the ferry and enjoy an
    exhilarating bike ride along the coast of some of
    the best sea beaches in India.

6. Kashim Beach
  • This part of the Alibaug coastline is relatively
    offbeat and therefore unexplored to date. This is
    why Kashim Beach has been able to hold on to its
    pristine beauty and old world charm to some
    extent. It is a perfect beach for those who like
    to spend some lonely moments with nature. The
    long coastline of the sea here seems like
    extending till the horizon. The sand of the beach
    has not seen the footfall of many travellers and
    therefore wears a desolate and serene look. It is
    an ideal getaway for bohemian souls who like to
    explore alone and seek solitude with nature. It
    can also be a nice family beach if you like to
    gel with your family members or friends in the
    midst of nature undisturbed by the cacophony of

7. Varsoli Beach
7. Varsoli Beach
  • Situated in the Raigarh area of Alibaug, the
    Varsoli Beach doubles up as a naval base for the
    Indian Navy. The beach is a popular destination
    for tourists as it is blessed with ample natural
    beauty. The long coastline is dotted with rocky
    stretches. As the seawater strikes these
    stretches it breaks into multiple layers of the
    surf. On a moonlit night, this can be a wonderful
    sight to behold. The sight of casuarina trees
    lining on the shore look picture perfect. You can
    also engage in fun activities like parasailing,
    banana boat rides, water jets, etc. Indeed, the
    beach beckons tourists with ample adrenaline
    pumping activities as well as natural bounty.

8. Korlai Beach
  • Lying on a desolate stretch of a nondescript
    village lies one of the most historically
    significant and naturally endowed family beaches.
    The Korlai Beach is located near the Korlai
    Village of Alibaug. The sea beach here has a
    tranquil shoreline with a unique combination of
    white and dark sands. The town of Korlai adjacent
    to the beach hosts many Portuguese-speaking
    people, a reminiscent of Portuguese occupation of
    this area. However, these people are not of
    Portuguese descent they are original inhabitants
    of this land. Among the places to see is the
    Korlai Fort, located inside the sea. There is a
    bridge connecting the beach to the fort, which
    tourists can use to visit the fort. There is also
    a land connection between the beach and the
    village through a strip of land passing through
    the Korlai Village. The fort was built by the
    Portuguese and at the entrance of the fort lies
    an engraving in Portuguese, which, when
    translated, means no entry without battle.
    There are seven doors in the fort. It also has a
    church, a temple, and a well for sweet water
    supply, which are now lying in disuse. A
    lighthouse is still standing there and is still
    being utilized for the route. Indeed, Korlai
    Beach is one of the few beaches in Alibaug, which
    offers a unique combination of ample historical
    relics, quaint natural beauty, and sunset points.

9. Mandwa Beach
9. Mandwa Beach
  • Missing a trip to the Mandwa Beach means an
    incomplete tour of beaches in Alibaug. The view
    of the hillock covered with a green canopy just
    beyond the beach on one side and the vast expanse
    of blue water apart from it beckons travellers
    like nothing else. It is also one of the most
    commonly visited beaches in Alibaug because of
    the ferry service Mumbai and Mandawa Port.
    Despite being so popular, it is a peaceful beach
    where weary city dwellers come to spend some time
    in solitude amidst nature. The white sand, the
    alluring shade of palm trees, and the lure of the
    hillock covered with green beckons travellers
    from all places. The adjacent village has a
    unique charm of its own. Apart from the beach,
    there are a number of plantations of mango,
    banana, and coconut along with the shoreline.

10. Akshi Beach
10. Akshi Beach
  • This may well be one of the cleanest,
    clutter-free, and scenically located beaches in
    Alibaug. Akshi Beach is a secluded beach lying
    between Alibaug Beach and Nagaon Beach. It has
    not yet seen much of an influx of tourists and is
    mostly populated by local people. This also means
    that this is one beach where you can enjoy the
    life of the locals by the sea in all its
    vivacity. There are some beach cottages and
    homestays on the beach where you can enjoy the
    pristine beauty of the beach and the surrounding
    natural nook. Waking up to the sound of wind
    blowing through the casuarina trees and the sound
    of seagulls right on the beach can be an
    altogether different experience.
  • Essentially, the beaches in Alibaug have a
    variety of sights, sounds, and activities on
    offer. There are family beaches, beaches immersed
    in solitude as well as beaches where you can
    indulge in some heart pumping and fun activities.
    If you have not seen Alibaug beaches, you are
    definitely missing a significant part of beaches
    in India. Pack your bags the alluring beaches of
    Alibaug are beckoning.

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