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Top 5 Famous Hill Stations of Tamil Nadu


Here are the beautiful hill stations of Tamil Nadu to visit. So, now don’t put off a plan to visit one of these Places with your family or even solo. schedule your trip now with Tamil Nadu tour packages to enjoy the beauty of nature and unique gopurams. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Top 5 Famous Hill Stations of Tamil Nadu

Top 5 Famous
Hill Stations of
Tamil Nadu
Madras was the name of Tamil Nadu after
Independence, later it changes to Tamil Nadu. The
history of Tamil Nadu says that it was the land
raised by different kingdoms and several
different dynasties religious and belief. Tamil
Nadu tourism is known for its famous places like
huge and different cultural temples, hill
stations, and flavorful cuisine.
The state is known for its travel destinations
where you can chill and relax on your holidays.
Its a beautiful place for every kind of
travel requirements. If you are planning your
holidays on hill stations Tamil Nadu has famous
and attractive hill stations where you can plan
your trip and get relaxed. Lets discuss some of
the famous hill stations of Tamil Nadu here
is Tamilnadutour packages list.
1. Ooty
Ooty one of the famous hill station of Tamil Nadu
in Southern India. Every mountain lover will love
this beautiful place called Queen of Hills.
Ooty the famous tourist place in Tamil Nadu has
many tourist attractions like Nilgiri Hills, tea
garden and serene waterfalls. Ooty is very
popular for honeymooners to enjoy their honeymoon
on hill stations without any disturbance.
Places to visit in Ooty Nilgiri Hills, Ooty
Lake, Ooty Rose Garden, Thready Garden Ooty,
and Emerald Lake.
2. Yercaud
Yercaud is another famous hill stations visited
by nature lovers, couples and families. It is
located in the Shevaroy Hills of Tamil Nadu.
Yercuad hill stations are on the Eastern Ghats
and trekking here can be one of the most
memorable and adventure experience. The prime
crops in Yercuad are coffee, some species
like cardamom and black pepper.
Places to visit in Yercuad Yercuad lake, 32 km
loop road, pagoda point, bear cave and kottachedu
teak forest.
3 . Y E L A G I R I
Another popular hill station in Tamil Nadu
is Yelagiri. It is located near Vellore district
near Krishnagiri. Yelagiri is full of green
valleys and surrounded by Javadi hills,
Swamimalai hills, and Palamathi hills. Swamimalai
is known for trekking and adventure activities.As
there are no more sites seeing near Yelagiri one
day trip is more than enough but if you want to
spend more time you can book a resort as there
are many famous resorts in Yelagiri.
Places to visit Punganoor Lake and park,
Murugan temple, Shiva temple, and adventure camp.
4. Kodaikanal
Kodaikanal is the best tourist place for the hill
station to visit in Tamil Nadu. It is also one of
the best honeymoon destinations in India.
Kodaikanal has a wonderful climate, cliffs
covered in mist, cloud-capped mountains and
beautiful lakes and valleys. Kodaikanal is 7200
feet above sea level it has pleasant and cool
weather in the entire year. Kodaikanal in the
Tamil language means The Gift of the Forest 
Places to visit Green Valley View, Kodai Lake,
and Pillar Rocks
5 . M E G H A M A L A I
Meghamalai is a beautiful hill station with
high wavy mountains. Meghamalai has a large
tea estate area having a few tea
plantation bungalows around it. It is located on
the Western Ghats in the state of Tamil Nadu. The
lush green tea plantations will give the
experience of having fresh green tea with beauty
of nature. It is also known for wildlife
sanctuary many animals like flying squirrel, wild
elephants, and wild boar are spotted here. 
Places to visit Meghamalai Wildlife
Sanctuary, MeghamalaiFalls, and Cinnamon,
Cardamom, coffee, and tea plantations.
Wrapping Up!!
T a m i l N a d u i s f a m o u s f o r t e
m p l e s a n d f a b u l o u s h i l l s t a
t i o n s l i s t . T a m i l N a d u i s r i
c h i n b o t h t h e a s p e c t s c u l t
u r a l a n d n a t u r a l , m a k i n g a t
o u r i s t t o v i s i t h e a v e n o n e a
r t h .   P l a n y o u r t r i p w i t h T a
m i l N a d u t o u r   p a c k a g e s   t o e
n j o y   t h e b e a u t y o f n a t u r e a
n d u n i q u e g o p u r a m s .
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