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Magento Emerging as The Perfect eCommerce Platform for all Companies


Magento for e-commerce web development implies to be the right platform that offers 100% flexibility to meet your business needs provided you hire expert Magento Developers Company to do the job instead of handling the complicated tasks on your own. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Magento Emerging as The Perfect eCommerce Platform for all Companies

About VDC
Over 8 years 1800 projects, VDC is a full
service ECommerce Web Development Online
Marketing Agency that provides value added
services at affordable rates to numerous small,
medium large size of businesses across the
world. Deliver 247 uptime and responsive
digital commerce solutions that allow businesses
to offer remote access of their professional
offerings. VDC is an offshore web development
online marketing center with agile approach of
  • Every company is different and so does it needs.
    Even when there are so many companies selling
    their product/services online, it is never the
    same set of requirements applicable for any two
    of the stores. So, basically we need to eCommerce
    system to be flexible enough to fit in the needs
    of every store. Thus Magento stands out to be the
    best platform for all huge eCommerce businesses
  • Magento Platform is known for its Scalability,
    Versatility, and Flexibility
  • When discussing Magento 2 for eCommerce web
    development for your online store, it directly
    implies it to be the right platform that offers
    100 flexibility to meet your business needs
    provided you hire expert Magento Developers
    Company to do the job instead of handling the
    complicated tasks on your own.
  • This article will help you understand the reasons
    why Magento is the right platform to reap in more
  • Wide range of eCommerce Product Details
  • It becomes easy to define almost all product
    features you wish to. You can manage or set the
    attribute as per your preferences without having
    much to do with the admin panel. You will find
    the discount pattern to be convenient to use too.
  • Highly Trained Magento Certified Staff to offer
    Technical Assistance
  • The Magento platform comprises of simple admin
    section that helps you edit almost anything you
    want according to your requirements like product
    categories, features, content or content designed
    for a specific group. Magento is well equipped to
    deal with a lot of things and thus it is known as
    a powerful eCommerce platform.
  • The platform lets you create and define customer
    groups like wholesalers, retailers, etc, and view
    differences prices on different pages of the
    eCommerce store.
The system designed to set up discounts is filled
with features that let you take care of all
discount offers without the intervention of an
expert programmer. It makes the process
  • E-Commerce SEO Friendly Platform
  • Magento platform lets you explore a series of
    default options so that you can set up
    SEO-friendly portal. With the help of default
    options generating URLs, sitemaps, defining
    Metadata, etc becomes flawless. Magento also lets
    you search for any item within the online store
    easily, which otherwise is a task.
  • Catchy and Responsive Website Design
  • You can customize or design the appearance of
    your Magento store according to your preferences.
    Of course, you can seek help from professional
    Magento eCommerce Development to do the job if
    you dont have expertise in web designing.
    Remember, Magento has plenty of customizable
    templates available for free. Certainly, you need
    an expert to carry out the installation.
  • Data is the Backbone
  • Well, you know that data is the backbone for any
    business and without data, your business is like
    a room without the furniture. Irrespective of the
    type of a website you own, your main goal is to
    make money through the site. In order to do so,
    you need to analyze the database and then create
    databases and reach conclusions.
  • You need to find out the relevant information
    like a number of visitors you coming to your
    store, how they found you, the time spent on your
    site pages and other factors. There are many
    aspects to check upon to optimize the website as
    per your preference and user behavior. Magento
    helps you combine the important data into the
    system so that its available when you need
    without any confusions.
  • If possible you can also ask your Magento
    solution partner for an automated testing system
    service which can help resolve a problem at a
    different level altogether.
  • Incredible Security
  • The Magento experts keep a check on the framework
    for flaws and remove them by uploading patches.
E-commerce pack
  • User Account
  • Shoppers can view their orders, purchase history,
    save orders, check orders or that they wish to
    purchase later. The information can also be
    stored to be used next time to save time and head
    to check out process faster.
  • Marketing
  • You can operate different tasks like create sales
    deals, run promotions, special bargains, give out
    free shipping etc.
  • Shopping Cart
  • Magento provides flawless shopping system to the
  • Product Management
  • It is easy to import/export a range of products
    plus edit their attributes simultaneously, upload
    images, determine what to hide/show define custom
    pricing rules and display in the shop window.
  • Multiple Websites
  • Magento has the power to manage countless
    websites at the same time. It means you can
    easily run multiple sites simultaneously with
    just one user account. So, the entire management
    comes easy isnt?
  • When you have several brands to manage, you can
    just manage all through one primary site and one
    admin section.
  • Management
  • It is easy to carry out transactions via the
    admin panel, begin and complete the entire
    shipping activity/ solve complaints. There are
    certain tasks that need you to pay a premium for
    Magento subscription because Magento 2
    development consumes a little more time and since
    there are a number of developers involved in
    working out to encounter Magento 2 development
    challenges, there is a fee.
  • Available Options
  • Currently, there are 2 versions of Magento
  • Magento Open Source (earlier termed as Community
  • Magento Commerce (earlier termed as Enterprise
  • Why Magento Commerce -Enterprise Cloud Edition?
  • Magento Enterprise Edition runs on AWS and
    assures merchants improved Magento Web Hosting,
    for enhanced security and performance. It helps
    manage huge databases, guarantees faster page
    loading time, etc. Looking at its scalability,
    reliability, and expandability, it is the ideal
    platform for your online store and meets all your
    business needs.
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