PRP – A Promising New Means To Re-Grow Your Mane - Dr. Marwah's Clinic - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PRP – A Promising New Means To Re-Grow Your Mane - Dr. Marwah's Clinic


For all those young boys and adult males who have been dreading their hair fall, worrying about going bald soon, there’s good news! You can undergo the safe PRP treatment to regrow your hair absolutely naturally! – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: PRP – A Promising New Means To Re-Grow Your Mane - Dr. Marwah's Clinic

Going bald is a nightmare for men and women of
all ages. There was a time when as people grew
older, they started losing their hair. But now,
time is such that even young girls and boys are
starting to lose hair! This seems to be a
nightmare for them thinking that they would go
bald at a very young age. This is why as soon as
they start experiencing hair loss, they would
want to rush to a doctor to get immediate
medication, hair therapies, and all sorts of
other treatments. And, for those who have excess
hair loss, they would opt for surgical
treatments like hair transplantation. But today,
science has made such success in the field that
it has come up with a new innovative method to
regrow lost hair without making it look
artificial. We are speaking of the PRP for hair
loss in Mumbai here.
What Is The PRP Treatment? The procedure is
completely natural where you can regrow your
thinning hair with the help of your own blood,
thus lesser likeliness for infection and other
problems. The blood is drawn from the patients
body and spun into a centrifuge, where the plasma
is separated from the red and white cells. This
plasma is then extracted and injected into the
hair scalp where hair regrowth is required. With
this activity, the inactive hair follicles enter
an active growth phase, causing the hair to grow
back! This entire process takes only 90 minutes,
with one process recommended every month for the
first four months, and two maintenance
treatments every year. Benefits Of PRP PRP is
preferred for a variety of reasons. First of all,
it is safe with the least amount of risk
involved. Secondly, it is not very time-consuming
it is a simple procedure with no downtime. It
is also very cheap compared to other surgical
procedures like hair transplantation. Lastly,
the results of PRP last for a long time, making
the scalp look natural. PRP is also done for
face and neck as a part of rejuvenation and scar
improvement. How To Be Safe? While PRP is
comparatively safer than any other procedure,
there could still be chances of scar tissue,
injury to blood vessels, or calcification at the
injected points. Even though these risks have
the least possibility, it is always better to be
safe. And for that, you need to make sure to
report to your doctor all the medications you are
on before undergoing the PRP therapy. In
addition, you will have to avoid one day prior
alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and blood thinners.
Is PRP Right For You? PRP is good for every male
and female, provided that he/she is not suffering
from major chronic diseases. These may include
cancer, skin disease, low platelet count,
platelet dysfunction syndrome, sepsis,
hemodynamic instability, and hypofibrinogenemia.
If you arent suffering from any such diseases,
PRP could be a great option for you. So, if you
have decided to go in for it. For more
information, visit http//