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As 2018 is coming to an end, businesses around the world are now looking forward to technological advancements and modern trends e-commerce business in 2019. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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With the increase in incredible breakouts of
modern technology, online retail or e-commerce
business is growing at a terrific speed. With the
progression of the digital world, mobile phones,
social media as well as online retail platforms,
it becomes very critical for e-commerce
businesses to understand, adapt and lead in the
rigorous competition of the global market. As
2018 is coming to an end, businesses around the
world are now looking forward to trends in
e-commerce business in 2019. The two most
important factors which need to be taken into
account is the technological development and
consumer behavior. Lets start how e-commerce
business in 2019 would look like 1. AR VR
Technology A trending technology in various
noted brands like IKEA, Samsung, and Amazon,
among many others which help the customers view
and try the products on their devices to help
them ease their decision-making process to buy.
This technology surely brings a real customer
experience for online retail businesses like
cosmetics, furniture, and clothes. Many retailers
are already developing AR VR technologies for
their e-commerce business in 2019 to stay ahead
in the market.
2. Voice Technology In a recent survey, it was
noted that 41 of the customers searched,
selected, and purchased their products in the
year 2017 through voice. The number is slightly
to increase to 50 in 2020. It is indeed very
crucial to incorporate voice technology into
your online business so that you are not left
behind in the competitiveness of the e-commerce
business in 2019.
3. Modern Delivery System Another considerable
scope of e-commerce business in 2019 is the
transformation of delivery services. Brands are
now using subscription- based delivery which
will allow them to deliver within one or 2 days
and enhance the customer experience
considerably. With the aid of modern technology,
it will become easier to manage and operate the
online retail smoothly even with a high sale
4. Customer-Friendly Mobile Checkout Many brands
do have a checkout, but it requires the
purchaser to register prior to purchasing. This
results them to abandon the checkout and
purchase from another website which has a
comfortable checkout. With the increase in the
number of mobile users, it is imperative to
optimize mobile experience for the users and
refrain from complicated checkout. You can
develop a one-page checkout process which
requires to fill necessary customer information
without mandating them to register to the website.
5. Modern Interactive Chatbots Chatbots are
already in trend nowadays but a modern chatbot
integrated with AI, will be more interactive
which will help enhance the shoppers experience
tremendously. These AI incorporated chatbots
interact like a human under different scenarios
while having the customers insight at hand.
Interactive Chatbots are one of the essential
game changers for e-commerce business in 2019.
6. Automated Customer Service Customer Service
is a vital part of any business if they want to
delight their customers immensely. It has been
noted that 42 of the customers continue to buy
from the brands after a delightful
experience. Moreover, 52 of unsatisfied shoppers
do not return to the stores they purchase from.
This data is enough to understand the importance
of customer service. You can replace your manual
customer support to a technology-driven bot for
intriguing customer support.
7. Customized User Experience Amazon already
developed personalized experience for their
shoppers which helps them to shop more and stay
in the marketplace for a longer time. E-commerce
stores can now build a more customized experience
for their users by gaining insights from their
wishlists, search items, as well as their
shopping behavior. It is also important to note
that more than 45 of the customers tend to
purchase from stores which provide them with
product recommendations. Conclusion It is
crucial for online retailers to understand that
by incorporating above trends into their
business, they will not only be preparing ahead
of time to continue their growth but also stay
ahead in the market. Though including the latest
technologies in your e-commerce business might
be stressful, but it is indeed fruitful which
will help build your brands rapport as well as
capture your customers attention while
generating revenue. These trends are absolutely
the game-changers for e-commerce business in
2019. Sellryt is the leading e-commerce virtual
assistant service provider to e-commerce businesse
s worldwide with their expertise and utmost
perfection of delivering the projects. Contact
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