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Some Important Skills Every Software Testers Should Have


1.Analytical & Logical Thinking:- 2.Focus On Market Situations:- 3.Learning Attributes With Creativity:- 4. Global Approach:- 5.Implementation of basic and fundamental knowledge:- 6. Time Management:- 7. Effectiveness In Testing:- – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Some Important Skills Every Software Testers Should Have

Important Factors To Be Consider For New Software
Testers Developers
  • Software Testing is a process of investigation
    analyzation of particular software by ensuring
    its bugs and various further errors involved in
    it. Software testing is an activity to checking
    out whether actual results are matching to
    desired results or not. Its helps to bridges the
    gaps for missing requirements. Software testing
    does the evaluation of the standards it can be
    done in two way either in automated testing or
    with the help of manual testing. Software
    testing has its so many types to perform a
    certain testing activity to meets quality lets
    do a study of it

Software Testing
Factors to Be Consider Is As Follows
  • 1) Planning- Planning plays a very important
    role in every aspects its ensures quality and
    performance stability. The software testing
    planning involves the determine the specific
    requirements to achieve desired results by
    setting up the goals and objectives, It involves
    reviewing the test basis, identifying the test
    conditions based on analysis of test items.
  • 2) Team Building- To deliver good quality
    results with estimated standards its an important
    factor to consider, the team should have
    competent enough in doing good analysis to detect
    the bugs errors of software in respect of
    smooth functioning and stability

  • 3. Quality Control
  • Quality Products always serve users in some ways,
    so its very important that it brings the value,
    hence it should work properly to ensure great
    customer experience. Development of an app, for
    example, has many processes included and testing
    gets a glimpse of every bit it checks if the
    apps graphics are aligned properly,
    functionality, checks if menus are intuitive,bugs
    and errors etc. After developers fix issues,
    sometimes another issue may arised unexpectedly
    somewhere else, thats how testing goes goods, so
    its great to find issues to be resolved and be a
    part of quality product being delivered to
  • 4. Successful implementation
  • Its always occurs when the ultimate goal for a
    product gives the best customer satisfaction.
    this is answer why apps and software should be
    tested And why its important Being the best
    product in this saturated market will help you
    gain trustworthy clients and successful
    implementation which always gives great long-term

  • 5) Setting Up The Time -
  • Its An important factor for every software
    testers and developers to achieve the maximum
    output the focus should be on time related
    factors to meet up the competition in the market
    because time shortage issue may do impact on
    system implementation
  • 6) Guidelines following-
  • All software industries internationally have
    their regulatory standards and guidelines which
    governs the testing techniques used.It should
    fulfill all requirements for standards results.

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