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A once upon a time bustling port of international trade, it was named as the “great emporium of spice trade” by Marco Polo. When you visit this coastal town, you will see shades of Dutch, British and Portuguese culture in the entire region. Even today, the town is famous for its weaving industry and cashew trade. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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  • Travel 80km north of Calicut and there is this
    unexplored beach city of Kannur. It was formerly
    known as Cannonore and under the rule of the
    Kolathiri Rajas. A once upon a time bustling port
    of international trade, it was named as the
    great emporium of spice trade by Marco Polo.
    When you visit this coastal town, you will see
    shades of Dutch, British and Portuguese culture
    in the entire region. Even today, the town is
    famous for its weaving industry and cashew trade.
    So, along with exploring the weavers guild and
    shopping for some delicious cashews, you must
    check out the unexplored beaches.
  • There is something about the golden beaches of
    Kannur, which can make you fall for them at the
    first sight. Along with indulging in endless
    beach fun and activities, you can explore exotic
    wildlife sanctuaries, mesmerising hill stations
    and decorated temples.

Top 8 Places To Visit In Kannur
  • Payyambalam Beach
  • Fort Saint Angelo
  • Arakkal Museum
  • Ezhimala
  • Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Muzhappilangad Beach
  • Paithalmala
  • Muthappan Temple

1. Payyambalam Beach
  • The unspoiled golden sand beach is a big
    highlight of Kannur. One of the most popular
    tourist attractions, it is among the beautiful
    beaches of Kerala and has a unique aura. You can
    come here to unwind and be one with nature. Just
    sit by the seashore and lose track of time.
  • To reach the beach, you will have to cross a
    small bridge that has been built over a narrow
    canal. When you look on the right of the bridge,
    you can spot many important memorials of
    political personalities.
  • The shore side is adorned with palm trees, which
    not only add to the natural element here but make
    it even more pristine. You can go swimming,
    boating or indulge in an array of adventurous
    activities that are offered on this beach. There
    is a kilometre long walkway that has recently
    been created along this beach. You can use it to
    take a stroll around the beach and feel the cool
    breeze and sound of the waves. The beach has been
    enhanced with lighting so you can even plan an
    evening visit to this beach. This 4km beach is
    perfect for unwinding and relaxing. Just come and
    spend a couple of hours here and get refreshed.

2. Fort Saint Angelo
  • It is also known as the Kannur Fort and is a
    world heritage site. This fort was built on the
    coast of the Arabian Sea in 1505. It was made by
    Dom Francisco de Almeida, who was the first
    Portuguese Viceroy of India. It is just about 3
    kilometres away from Kannur railway station and
    the nearest airport is of Calicut which is 93
    kilometres away from this great fort.
  • At present, this fort is under the maintenance of
    the Archaeological Survey of India. This one
    should definitely be among the places to see in
    Kannur as you get to explore an ancient fort and
    enjoy scenic views of the sea. Just sit around
    and enjoy the show of the waves hitting the rocks
    of this timeless fort.
  • To make it popular among tourist attractions, the
    authorities have started organising a musical
    fountain light and sound show. This show starts
    at sunset and goes on for around 15 minutes. You
    must try to catch a glimpse of the fort during
    the time of this show when it is all lit-up and
    comes to life. The lighthouse in the backdrop
    also adds to the beauty during this light and
    sound show.

3. Arakkal Museum
  • If you like to visit historical places or you are
    an art lover, a visit to the Arakkal Museum
    should be on your list. The museum is named after
    the Arakkal family. It is the only royal Muslim
    family in Kerala. It is dedicated to the
    16th century Kannur dynasty.
  • This museum is located inside the residence of
    the Arakkal family, i.e. Arakkalkettu- Arakkal
    Royal Palace. So, it is both the royal residence
    and the museum, which stands tall, and is a
    testimony to the Muslim architecture of those
    times. There are antiques, silver, art and
    heritage furniture pieces that you can see in
    this museum. The Durbar Hall was earlier the
    official venue for kings and their nobles
    gathering. This museum is maintained by the
    Arakkal Family Trust.
  • The moment you enter this museum, you will have a
    great time admiring the artefacts of the Arakkal
    dynasty, the royal relics and other heritage
    items. Everything has been maintained perfectly,
    taking you back to the 1600s, reminding you of a
    royal lifestyle.
  • There are many items of interest displayed in the
    museum including some really old swords and
    daggers, telephone of that era, telescope,
    AdharaPeti (a box to store documents) and
    Pathayam (Big box to store valuables).

4. Ezhimala
  • A beautiful hillock, this is the place for
    nature, beach and hill station lovers. Around 286
    metres high, it is surrounded by a beautiful
    beach. When you visit Ezhimala, it will feel like
    a dream, and yes, it is too good to be true for
    the real world. It definitely reinforces your
    faith in nature and in the fact that Kerala is
    Gods own country indeed.
  • It should definitely be among the places to see
    in Kannur as it is distinct and has surreal
    beauty. There are also carved stone structures
    that you can spot here and get some selfies
    clicked against the amazing backdrop. Besides,
    there are even herbs that you can find here that
    have unique medicinal properties.
  • In fact, the very word Ezhimala is derived from
    ezhu meaning seven and mala meaning peaks. As
    per legends, the seven peaks were dropped by Lord
    Hanuman while carrying Sanjeevani herb to Lord
    Lakshman. There is also the famous Naval Academy
    Ezhimala. It is one of the largest in Asia which
    was inaugurated by the prime minister of India in
    2009. This academy trains candidates of Indian
    Navy and Indian Coast Guards.

5. Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary
  • This sanctuary was established in 1984 and is
    located on the slopes of the Western Ghats. It is
    located at an altitude of 60 metres from the base
    of Katti Betta, which is at the peak of 1145
    metres above the sea level. Trek around this
    place for a delightful and mesmerising
    experience. Alternatively, you can indulge in a
    safari experience. Nearest railway station to
    this wildlife sanctuary is Thalassery which is 55
    kilometres away and Calicut airport is the
    nearest one which is about 96 kilometres from
    here. Though this is some travel time involved,
    but it is worth it for the nature lovers.
  • You can have a date with several unique flora and
    fauna. Among others, it is home to elephants,
    deer, squirrels and langur. There is also dense
    foliage. You can see diverse evergreen and
    semi-green trees. There is also moist deciduous
    vegetation here.
  • To explore the rich flora and fauna, include the
    Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary in your places to see
    in Kannur. It usually opens early morning around
    8 AM and that is the best time to reach here. You
    should pack some food and water as you will not
    get anything inside the sanctuary. Moreover, when
    you drive to the sanctuary, you will come across
    the Central State Farm of the Government of
    India. This farm is in Aralam village in
    Thalassery and is the primary production centre
    of hybrid coconut seeds in the country.

6. Muzhappilangad Beach
  • One of the few drive-in beaches, it is among the
    longest in Asia with around 5.5km long stretch.
    As the beach is long and wide, it makes for a
    perfect drive on the firm sand.
  • This beach is located along the National
    Highway-66 and is popular among the youth. You
    will see a lot of them performing stunts on bikes
    and cars. While this is definitely not
    recommended, you should go here for a fun and
    safe drive-in experience.
  • Over a period of time and after it featured on
    BBCs list of top six drive-in beaches of the
    world, it has become popular among the tourists.
    Besides, near the beach is a small and beautiful
    island. It is known as the Dharmadam Island.
  • In the event of low tide, you can actually walk
    from the beach to reach this island. It is around
    100 metres and is worth a walk. Besides, there is
    a rock formation on the northern side of the
    beach. A lot of people go and sit there on this
    rock and spend quality time gazing at the endless
    waves. This beach is among the popular tourist
    attractions in Kannur and should be a part of the
    itinerary if you have not explored a drive-in
    beach before.

7. Paithalmala
  • A beautiful peak of the Western Ghats, it is a
    small hill station in Kodagu forest area of
    Kannur. It is one of the tallest peaks of Kannur,
    around 4500 feet high, and is a perfect place for
    nature lovers and trekkers.
  • It is surrounded by lush green landscape and it
    is a 6km long trek from the base to the hilltop.
    There is actually more than one way to trek to
    the hill top, but the main way starts from
    Pottenplava village and is comparatively easier.
    While trekking uphill, you will have fun
    capturing images of the dense forest and
    grasslands. Besides, there is also a watchtower
    from where you can get a breath-taking view of
    the entire space. Further, as you travel to this
    hill station, you should take some detours to
    explore the nearby ponds and lakes.

8. Muthappan Temple
  • It is located Valapattanam river banks and is
    dedicated to Sree Muthappan. It is also known as
    the Parassinikadavu Muthappan temple and is
    popular among the locals as well. There is a
    distinct style of worshipping practised here,
    which makes it quite popular among tourists and
  • The main form of worship is a dance in this Hindu
    temple. The dance form is known as Muthappan
    Theyyam. It is a traditional form of dance, which
    is done by two mythical characters Thiruvappana
    and Vellattam. The dance is a ritual enactment
    which shows the conflict between the good and
    evil, with the good defeating the evil and
    emerging victorious.
  • Tourists and locals flock here to watch the
    unique style of worship, the dance. In fact,
    people of every caste, community and nationality
    come to this temple. It should be a part of your
    Kannur itinerary too.
  • The sun, sand, fort, temples and islands make
    Kannur an amazing place to be. There are many
    places to see in Kannur and you can easily have a
    fun-filled 3-4 days trip here. Along with
    sightseeing, you must indulge in delicious
    Mughlai and coastal delicacies. Yes, you can get
    yummy Mughlai food too as there is a sizeable
    Muslim population here. So, it will be Mughlai
    food with a South Indian touch. Plan a trip here
    and you will have much to add to your travel

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