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Tips for Living with People You Don’t Know


Finding it difficult to share a living space with people you don’t know? This post is for you. Learn how to make living with strangers a positive experience. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Tips for Living with People You Don’t Know

Tips for Living with People You Dont Know
  • One of the toughest things about being a college
    student is that you need to live with people you
    dont know. This is true whether you live on
    campus or opt for a room in an apartment rental
    Edmonton residents are friendly enough people,
    but youll make the transition even easier if you
    have a plan in place to avoid disagreements.

  • Meet Each Other Before You Move In
  • If possible, find out who you are going to be
    sharing with before you move in and take the time
    to meet your roommate. If you are unable to meet
    in person, at least communicate online. This will
    give you the chance to discuss any ground rules
    you want to set, determine how youll share
    common areas, and even find out what you have in

  • 2. Spend Time Together
  • It is surprisingly easy to live with someone and
    never spend any time together. Put in the effort
    to socialize with your new roommate, whether in
    the apartment or out. If youre going to meet a
    group of friends or attend an event, why not
    invite your roommate to come along?

  • 3. Go Extra Lengths to Be Respectful
  • You may not mind a little mess, but it could be
    frustrating for your roommate. Make sure that you
    always clean up after you cook a meal or take a
    shower and avoid leaving your personal belongings
    anywhere outside of your bedroom.

  • 4. Follow the Rules
  • If you know that your roommate likes something
    done a certain way, try hard to follow the rules.
    This can be as simple as making sure you wear
    headphones when watching TV or listening to music
    on a study night. Not only will this help you
    avoid conflict, your roommate will also be more
    likely to abide by your wishes.

  • 5. At the Very Least, Coexist
  • You may quickly realize that you and your
    roommate were never destined to be friends. This
    is not a problem. As long as you are able to live
    in the same space without bothering each other,
    its a success.

  • Some people are much easier to live with than
    others. Unfortunately, you have little chance to
    pick the right people when searching for rooms
    for rent Edmonton students are in luck. You can
    live at The Horizon. Youll be paired with other
    students who have similar personalities to you,
    which will make settling into your new home a