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Magento Blog Extension: A Detailed Take on Pixlogix Blog Module


Pixlogix’s blog extension for Magento eCommerce platform will help simplify several things for you in terms of structuring of a blog. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Magento Blog Extension: A Detailed Take on Pixlogix Blog Module


Blogs have become the sine qua non of modern
online businesses these days. Majority of these
businesses, be it big or small, consider blogging
as part and parcel of running their businesses.
The main objective is to nurture your website
with new throbbing thoughts, news and much, much
more. By all accounts, the primary role of a blog
is to publish content and further promote and
market via various social media channels, which
in turn, could attract more traffic and websites.
Not to mention, a blog is crucial from an SEO
point of view as well as you can keep publishing
new content and keep adding further info that
draws more traffic and eventually better rankings
in search listings. Further, blogs are an
indispensable tool for eCommerce websites. It
gives eCommerce sites more exposure and more
traffic.  However, since the Magento CMS doesnt
offer blog extension in their standard packages,
you can use Pixlogixs blog extension, to create
short and long posts and reviews of your products
to draw traffic and conversions. The experienced
team of Magento Developers from Pixlogix has been
working on custom Magento Ecommerce Development
projects. Pixlogixs blog extension for Magento
eCommerce platform will help simplify several
things for you in terms of structuring of a
blog. If you do not want to read about the
features and functionality about Pixlogixs
Magento Blog Extension and are looking for an
easy way out, check out this video and you will
get a complete idea as to this Blog Extension
Pixlogixs Blog Extension for Magento Pixlogix
modules for blogging is named as Blog Magento
Extension and it exists in two versionsthe
Community Edition and the Enterprise Version. The
Blog Community Edition is available in exchange
for your registration, while Enterprise Version
is available for a cost. And its just not a blog
extension that you get. Pixlogix helps with
installation, support, and even Personal Account
Manager is made available when requested. Main
features of Pixlogixs blog extension for Magento
eCommerce Pixlogix is listed on as
one of the top Magento Enterprise Developer. Its
Magento Blog module is a one-of-its-kind,
comprehensive module. The developers have done a
fantastic job at it. The module comprises an
endless list of features and functionality
however, here we discuss only the essentials. To
begin with, the module is divided into two
parts Front-end Back-end
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Features and Functionality of Pixlogixs Frontend
Magento Blog Present blog posts either in Grid
view or List view    Grid View 
List View 
You can add featured image, date of publication
and the category
You can add a link to the Title of the post
that will take the viewers to the complete post
You can add a Short Description for a quick
view of the post
You can add Read More link to take the viewers
to the complete post 
You can add Author Name and Comments
From the List View you can
You can Search any post using keywords in the
Search Bar Category Listings to find posts
related to the specific category Archive
section that has posts listed month wise Recent
post listing that displays the latest posts
Recent comment listings show the latest
comments Share the post in the different social
media platforms
Display the Tagged Keywords
Features and Functionality of Pixlogixs Backend
Magento Blog The backend admin panel is divided
into System and Blog Options
The System Option includes 1. Customize Magento
Blog Setting through Global Configuration
You can enable and disable extension and
disable jQuery, if the backend setup is already
using jQuery library
Blog URL Configuration You are free to change
the URL as per your requirements Enable and
disable top and footer links Enable and disable
bread crumbs Free to set the blog layout in
Grid View or List View In Grid view you can set
the grid view in 2, 3 or 4 columns Add blog
title as per your requirements Add meta
keywords and meta descriptions as per
requirements Enable and disable canonical URL
Set the size of the image as required Set the
character limit for the post description Posts
per page or list allowed values separated by
commas Post Image size Enable and disable
social shares Enable and disable authors
info Latest Post Widget on Homepage Set the
Featured Post Image Size
Sidebar Configuration Enable and disable search
functionality in sidebar Set search positions
in left, right or both sides Enable and disable
categories, archives, recent posts, recent
comments, and Tag Cloud Display the number of
categories, archives, posts, and comments
Enable and disable comments as per your
requirements You can enable either Default
comment or Disqus comment
The Blog Option   It displays a navigation
menu. I. The first tab is of Posts. Click on
it, and you will come across a line up of all the
posts. You can also add posts from this page,
displayed on the top right-hand corner. Once you
click on the Add Posts button, you will be
directed to Post Information page wherein youll
need to input the post title, URL and the status.
  • Content Add both long and short description of
    the post that needs to be displayed in the
  • Association option This section will enable you
    to select the post category, add tags, and enable
    and disable comments.
  • General option You can upload the image of your
    choice, plus you can choose whether or not you
    want to place the post in the featured category,
    the publication date, and the author of the post
    from the list.
  • Design Decide on the page layout -Empty, One,
    Two, Three. You can even choose the custom layout
  • Meta Data  Here you can set Meta Title, Meta
    keyword and Meta Description as per the maximum
    limit set in the text area.
  • II. Likewise you have tabs for categories, tags
    and authors.
  • You can even import and export files in the
    provided sample. Download Csv format.
  • Wrapping up of Pixlogixs Blog Extension for
  • Pixlogix is one of the top Magento Enterprise
    developers.  You can safely bet on us for the
    following features and fucntionality
  • Fully customizable extension
  • Allows no duplicate URLs because of the use of
    canonical URLs
  • Grid and List layout
  • Latest post widget and Featured post widget
  • Default and disqus comment
  • And, several additional features.  If you have
    any queries about the Blog- Magento Extension,
    you can share them in the comment box.

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