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Best Drinking Card Games You Can Play with Cards


There are many popular drinking games. Here we have shared the Best Drinking Card Games You Can Play with Cards. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Drinking Card Games You Can Play with Cards

Best Drinking Card Games You Can Play with Cards
Best Drinking Card Games
  • Card drinking games can normally be excellent
    icebreakers when you are trying to facilitate any
    possible social awkwardness if you are using a
    group of individuals which may not know each
    other too well.
  • Here are 4 of the best drinking games you can
    play with cards.

Kings Cup Drinking Game
  • There are lots of different variations of the
    game and it moves by alternative names like
    Circle of Death, Ring of Fire, or Kings. The
    King's Cup or ring of fire drinking game rules
    are very simple and easy to learn.
  • In Kings Cup, an empty cup is positioned in the
    middle of the desk along with entire deck of
    cards distributed evenly around it in a circle.
  • Going clockwise, participants draw cards from the
    circle. After a King is drawn from the circle of
    cards, then that performer should pour anything
    it is they're drinking to the middle cup.

  • Pyramid drinking card game also called beeramid
    drinking game is a celebration drinking game
    where the cards have been organized in the form
    of pyramid and the players should drink the
    amount dictated by their drawn cards and the
    cards from the pyramid.
  • The Pyramid game, card version includes a bit
    more thinking less skill than the pyramid, coin

Circle of Death
  • Circle of Death is one of those standard drinking
    card games where the rules have a tendency to
    vary from town to city, however, the common idea
    is the similar.
  • In certain circles, this game requires four beers
    each individual, which we think is a little
    aggressive participant discretion is advised.
  • To set up, everybody sits at a Circle with their
    drink. Select a dealer. Participants should refer
    to the dealer as the dealer of death, and should
    they call the dealer by any other name, they must
    drink for five seconds.

  • Spoons is an easy to learn play drinking card
    game. Do not be the participant with no spoon at
    the end of the round. The Spoons rules are easy
    to comprehend and there are numerous variations.
  • The goal of the game is to eliminate the cards
    that you may, being cautious since there are
    penalties for those who do not follow the rules,
    and that penalty is to draw that a card.

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