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Sandwich Puf Roof Panels Manufacturers and suppliers in India-Alfa Peb ltd


Alfa peb ltd is the leading manufacturer and supplier of the sandwich puf roof panels ,puf roof panels in India. For more details please contact us on 08067451511|18005729242| – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Sandwich Puf Roof Panels Manufacturers and suppliers in India-Alfa Peb ltd

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Sandwich Puf panels Roof Wall Panels Products
Product Details
Feature Durable Coating
Material PPGL, BGL, PPGI, Aluminum
Surface treatment Galvanized, Galvalume, Color Coated, Aluminum
Infill Types Rockwool, EPS, Glass wool, PIR / PUF
Features Water proof Resistance against
corrosion UV protected
Raw Materials To take it from GM sir
Sandwich Puf panels Roof Wall
Panels Applications Installations
Types Panel type Advantages Applications Verticals
Puf panel Tongue Groove , W section, Cam lock Thermal reduction Clean rooms, temp controlled warehouses, Cold storages, Industrial buildings Architects, Interior designers,        
PIR Panel Tongue Groove , W section, Cam lock Fire retardant panels Cold rooms, Fire Proof applications Architects, Interior designers,        
Rock wool Panel Tongue Groove , W section, Cam lock Sound absorptions Fire proof panels auditoriums, theaters, industrial buildings, Fire Proof applications Architects, Interior designers,        
Glass wool Panel Tongue Groove , W section, Cam lock Fire proof panels and Sound absorption Industrial buildings, warehouses Architects, Interior designers,        
EPS Panel Tongue Groove , W section, Cam lock Economical panels Clean rooms, pre fab shelters Architects, Interior designers,        
Sandwich Puf panels Roof Wall Panels
  • Alfa PEB Sandwich panels
  • Alfa Sandwich panels have been designed to
    provide a complete solution to the requirements
    of the cold storage / Clean room industry are
    available with self expanding seal joints.
  • PU/PIR Sandwich PUF Panels
  • Rock Wool Sandwich Panels
  • Sandwich EPS Panels
  • Sandwich panels are made of two sheets with an
    insulation material in the middle.
  • Wall Panel Tongue Groove Joint.
  • Panel Specifications Exterior Profile
    Corrugated pattern (micro rib / ribbed) plain
  • Roof Panel Thickness- 20/30/40/50/60/80/100 mm
  • Wall Panel Thickness- 30/40/50/60/80/100/120/150/
    175 mm
  • Lengths- Any transposable length.
  • Surface Finish Pre painted / Stainless steel
  • Colours-Off white/Appliance white/Sky Blue and
    any customised Colour.

Puf insulated sandwich panels for roof and
wall These panels functions well as a roof or
wall panel when used in conjunction with
pre-engineered buildings or conventional steel
framing systems. The product features an
overlapping major rib at the panel side lap. This
sandwich panel is filled with CFC free
polyurethane in the core achieving good R-values
and consists of exterior and interior facings of
relatively thin metal sheet profiled. Panel
strength will be more because of double sheet
with corrugated profiles with core thickness
varies from 30-120mm thickness. Purlin spacing
will be up to 5m so that steel structures cost in
purlin will be saved.
Panel Sheets specifications
  • Polyester primer 5 micron Non-toxic food-graded
    STANDARD polyester finish paint.
  • RAL 9010 color 20 micron
  • Back coat 5 micron
  • Resistance to saline mist 5 micron
  • gt500h (ECCA TB) 100 h (ASTM D 2247)

Panel thickness available 30mm, 40mm, 50mm,
60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 120mm Panel width
available 1060mm Panel length available
2000mm-12000mm Average density 40
2kg/m Thermal conductivity 0.024-0.03
W/m Temperature range -40800C Free from CFC
CFC free Type of foam B1, B2, B3, PIR Heat
transfer co-efficient -0.022W/M2k Pressure
0.10Mpa Cubic Area Change 1(-30 C 100 C/96h)
Effective width and length
Sandwich Puf panels ECO Panel
The internal side of the insulated panel has a
surface finish manufactured from aluminum foil
of thickness 0.07mm.
Sandwich Puf panels EPS Sandwich Panel
Polystyrene Sandwich Panel also called EPS
Sandwich Panel. The top bottom Surface of this
panel is Galvanized pre-painted steel sheets,
core material is polystyrene, it is formatted by
laminating and pressing with 2 components PU
glue. The sandwich panel is featured with
temperature keeping, hot sound insulation,
anti water and fire resistant. It is widely used
as the wall or roof for cold storage, industrial
workshop, public building etc.  Application
Panels System provides an one step solution in
the form of insulated Walls and Roofing for easy
and quicker construction of Various Roof and Wall
of Factory Building, Storages, Exhibition Halls,
Clean Rooms and Fall Ceiling Purposes.
  • Major saving in energy cost
  • Light weight and easy installation
  • High standard of thermal insulation
  • Can be produced rapidly and on demand in the
    required quantity and length
  • Can be easily transported to wherever they are
  • Lower cost solution compared to traditional
    building materials
  • Saves construction and maintenance cost
  • Provides durability and long life
  • Material - Galvalume Steel / Galvanized Steel /
  • Thickness - 0.35mm to 0.70mm thick for Top skin
    and 0.35 to 0.50mm for Liner (Internal Skin)
  • Colours - Bare Mill finish / off White/ Sky Blue
    / Royal Blue / Torus Blue / Mist Green /
    Caulfield Green / Brick Red / Sheel Grey etc. for
    Top skin and Pure White for Liner.

Sandwich Puf panels Rockwool Sandwich Panel
Reaction to fire Reaction to fire is the degree
in which a material resists combustion, a regard
to this, materials are assigned a class (0
through 5), the higher the class, the higher the
degree of combustion. Since the panel consists of
two steel facings with a layer of Rockwool
insulation sandwiched between, the class 0 refers
to the external surfaces, with class 1 referring
to the insulation core.
Thermal performance and strength At 250C mean
temperature thermal conductivity of varies
between 0.031W/mk and depending upon
the density of the material.  Acoustic
Performance Alfa panels offer excellent sound
absorption. The Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC)
range from 0.80 to 0.95.  Fire Performance Alfa
panels do not contribute in any way to spreading
of fire. It does not shrink, stretch or deform
when exposed to fire. It does not cause smoke or
any burning droplets in case of fire. It
significantly contributes to improved fire
safety.  Resistance to moisture Water absorption
by partial immersion 0.5kg/m2. Water absorption
by full immersion 10 to 11.5 of weight (tests
done as per BS2972) Storage To store for long
duration, Alfa panels should be stored indoor. If
stored outside, the panels should be stacked
clear of ground and covered with a securely
anchored weather proof sheet. The panels should
not be left exposed to weather. Non Toxic Alfa
panels are not hazardous to health and do not
contain asbestos. Environmental impact Alfa
panels are free from CFCs, HFCs and HCFs and
contain phenol resins within the permissible
Sandwich Puf panels Puf Slab
PUF slabs are the most economical thermal
insulation rigid Polyurethane Foam Materials for
various applications in building and all types
of industries. PUF Slabs of various thicknesses
are preferred for insulating the buildings Also
any kind of construction where the temperature
and energy savings are more concern to us, it is
the first choice. The applications of these slabs
are primarily in Cold Storages, Freezer Rooms and
on a very large scale for insulting the roofs and
Walls of the civil buildings. 'K' values of these
materials are the lowest of all the Thermal
Insulating materials. PUF slabs are also
available with craft paper or aluminum foil
lamination. Also widely used on the ceiling to
absorb sound
Sandwich Puf panels Industrial Partitions
Alfa modular wall systems are ideal for creating
in-plant demising walls quickly and cost
effectively due to the minimal waste and shorter
installation time frame compared to traditional
construction materials. Plus, their modular
design allows these wall systems to be moved or
re-located - a perfect solution that adapts with
changing business needs. Reach heights of
50-feet from floor to ceiling to completely
enclose an area to create temperature and
humidity controlled enclosures. These wall
partition are ideal for creating temporary
demising walls or permanent enclosures to enhance
environmental control, workflow efficiency, Due
to their prefabricated design, these modular wall
systems integrate easily with one another as well
as with the existing building's
structure. Reduced Installation time and less
disruption to work space as compared to
traditionally built walls. Reduced Cost and
Materials. Alfa Puf panel Panels provide
excellent insulation across the entire wall and
roof area. The advanced polyurethane core and
impermeable steel faces provide insulation values
that significantly lower heating and cooling
Sandwich Puf panels Industrial Partitions
Wall panels options / Tongue and grove
  •  Microelectronics and Nano-Technology
  •  Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Packaging
  •  Research Facilities
  •  Medical controlled Environments
  •  Metrology Labs/CMM Rooms
  •  Food Industry
  • Biotechnology Lab
  • Operation Theater
  • Painting Industry
  • Automobile Industry
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Equipment Enclosures
  • Aerospace Applications
  • Environmental Test Facilities

Sandwich Puf panels PUR Vs PIR
Sandwich Puf panels PUR Vs PIR
Sandwich Puf panels PUR Vs PIR
Sandwich Puf panels PUR Vs PIR
Sandwich Puf panels Roof Wall
Panels Continues Sandwich Panel
Panel Details
Wall Panel Details
Roof Panel Details
  • Standard Cover Width 1mtr / 1.12Mtr / 1.15mtr.
  • Length Any transportable length
  • Thickness
  • 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm,
  • 60 mm, 75 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm, 120 mm, 150 mm,
    175 mm,
  • Standard Cover Width 1 Mtr
  • Length Any transportable length
  • Thickness
  • 30 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm,
  • 75 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm,
  • 120mm

Sandwich Puf panels Roof Wall
Panels Continues Sandwich Panel
Wall Panel
Roof Panel
Variant Colour
Sandwich Puf panels Our Esteemed Polyurethane
Chemical Suppliers
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