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Guide to use Natural Stone Patio Kits


The backyard patio is no more a luxury. It is an essential part of modern houses. It is an inseparable part of our life. We spend a lot of hours there to relax, kids to play, teens even to study, and the guests to enjoy parties or barbeque. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Guide to use Natural Stone Patio Kits

Guide to use Natural Stone Patio Kits
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  • The backyard patio is no more a luxury. It is an
    essential part of modern houses. It is an
    inseparable part of our life. We spend a lot of
    hours there to relax, kids to play, teens even to
    study, and the guests to enjoy parties or
  • Patio construction has plenty of options to
    select a material, but natural stones are an
    unbeatable choice that can prove cost-effective
    and beautiful choice in the long run. Natural
    stones for patios come with again in different
    types, styles, colors, shapes, size, and patterns.

Issues in Natural Stone Patio Building When You
Think of a DIY way
  • It often confuses homeowners to make selections
    for natural stone materials.
  • Patio owners dont have even ideas of different
  • They knew nothing regarding the patterns on the
    surfaces of natural stones.
  • They have little or no idea about patio themes
    prevailing in the market, particularly in their
  • The most daunting thing is DIY capabilities for
    installation and without the help of an expert
    hand or mind.

Solutions for Natural Stone Patio Building when
you think of a DIY way
  • The ultimate solution is to buy the patio
    building kits. Now, immediate queries are
  • What is the natural stone patio building kit?
  • Why do you need natural stone patio kits to build
    a backyard patio?

What Is Natural Stone Patio Building Kit?
  • For standard types of backyard patios, natural
    stone suppliers often offer a ready to use
    natural stone material, construction materials
    including pavers, sand, and (sometimes) cement,
    and instruction guide (step-by-step) along with
    photos and seldom with videos.
  • The combination of all is called the kit in the
    industry and come with or without delivery
    charges, mostly based on order volume price. 

Reasons to Need Natural Stone Patio Kits To Build
Backyard Patio?
  • You are not ready to pay hefty charges of stone
    masons, labors, or contractors.
  • You have abilities to do it yourself by gathering
    required material, have some ideas or experiences
    in construction, and capable of following
    somewhat technical instructions written
  • You have family members, friends or capable of
    hiring one or two labors for a day or two to get
    helping hands in your adventure.
  • You can accumulate tools and rent machines
    for patio stone installation in the correct ways.
  • You have physical capabilities to dig the land
    and lift the moderate to heavy stones during the
    installation process.

Benefits of Natural Stone Patio Kits
  • Most natural stone patio kits have been designed
    from the ground up to meet the expectations of
  • Stones shipped in the kit are of high-quality
    material and cut into shapes and size as per the
    specification is given in the kit.
  • Color combinations, pattern settings, and
    polishing/coating of surfaces are as per the
    standard prescription, and following layout,
    designs declared in the kit.
  • The kit makes installation easy and quick without
    much knowledge of stone mason craftsmanship. You
    have to simply stack the stone on the bed
    prepared as per given instructions and glue the
    pieces according to layout diagram illustrated in
    a simple way.

What Should Your Natural Stone Patio Kits Contain?
  • Patio design layouts
  • Natural stone materials
  • Customization of a kit or combination of two or
    more kits

Layout Design Options for Patios
  • The most common layouts of patios are falling
    into three major types
  • Classic square or rectangular patio layouts
  • Circular (or octagonal) patio layouts
  • Freeform patio layouts with completely customized

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Natural Stone Material Options for Patios
  • Now, you have to select the natural stones
    types for your patio building project. There are
    two types of rocks used in construction industry
    for patios.
  • Siliceous  It contains chiefly silica or sand
    and mostly igneous rocks.
  • Siliceous stones are good for exterior
    applications because those are less porous and
    sturdy to withstand weathering and other wear
    tear forces. Those are

  • Sandstone Patio Kits
  • Slate Stone Patio Kits

  • Flagstone Patio Kits
  • Quartzite Stone Patio Kits

  • Bluestone Patio Kits
  • Brownstone Patio Kits

Natural Stone Material Options for Patios
  • Calcareous  It consists of mainly calcium
    carbonate or calcites components and sedimentary
    in nature.
  • Calcareous have a few varieties, which are using
    in exterior applications like patio making.
    Calcareous stones are soft, porous, and flexible
    to cut and to polish treatments. For exterior
    applications, the following stone types are the
    best material.
  • Limestone
  • Travertine
  • Onyx
  • Marbles (Very seldom)

  • Limestone Patio Kits
  • Travertine Stone Patio Kits

Natural Stone Color, Shape, Style Options for
  • Colors of Stones for Patio
  • When you think of backyard patio, the color of
    the attached or nearby wall makes sense in patio
    stone color selection. You whether go to
    complementary colors or contrasting color
    depending on your likeness and imagination. In
    most cases, complimentary color shades are
  • Bright colors often demand cleaning and washing
    treatments while darker shades are offering
    relaxations in due course. Combination of
    complementary and contrasting colors gives unique
    and dynamic patters when you have a large

  • Shapes of Stones for Patio
  • Geometric shapes like square, rectangle, hexagon,
    circle, and ovals are blending easily with
    patterns in your home and look seamless while you
    transit from inner to outer spaces or vice verso.
    Sometimes, irregular flagstones seem more natural
    in the garden patio building.
  • Style of Stones for Patio
  • In most of standard stone patio kits, colors and
    styles of stones remain single, but in customized
    or large patios where more than one kits have
    applied, the styles and patterns of patio stones
    come in a variety and depend on your choices.

Instructions for Patio Building
  • We have seen that natural stone patio kits
    always come with installation and maintenance
    instructions in a complete guide form. Lets see
    at a glance that what standard inclusions in the
    guide are.
  • Select a Location
  • Prepare the Site
  • Create a Base
  • Apply Natural Stones

Place To Ask For Natural Stone Patio Kits?
  • As per my experiences and reviews of other
    users, World of Stones USA is an excellent online
    portal to get a reliable and cost-effective
    solution for your stone patio kits and natural
    stone needs. You will have ample choice of
    natural stones for exterior applications here.

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