Laser Tattoo Removal – What And Why? - Dr. Marwah's Clinic - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Laser Tattoo Removal – What And Why? - Dr. Marwah's Clinic


Want to get rid of an unwanted tattoo? No matter what shape, what size, how dark, and how old, you can have it removed quick and effective by a laser skin treatment. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Laser Tattoo Removal – What And Why? - Dr. Marwah's Clinic

Laser techniques have become one of the most
effective ways to treat a variety of problems.
Other than problems, even unwanted tattoos can be
removed by laser. Let us see what the process is
about and why you should opt for it if you want
to get rid of your tattoos?
First and foremost, you need to consult the best
skin laser specialist in Mumbaiwho will diagnose
your tattoo regarding its age, size, and colour,
and decide upon the technique and technology he
will be using to help you get rid of it. He will
also check for any medical and skin conditions
to make sure that the process does not pose any
risk to you. Highly versatile and effective
lasers are used to remove the colours and
pigments of the tattoo. Laser energy, when
applied to the tattoo, supplies shockwaves to the
pigment, which breaks it down into smaller
chunks, allowing your body to safely absorb them.
The speed at which your body absorbs the pigment
will decide upon the number of sessions you will
require to remove the tattoo. For multiple
treatments, you will need to have the sessions
spaced 4-6 weeks apart to allow your skin to rest
between the treatments. While there are a wide
range of treatments available to remove tattoos
like chemical peels and dermabrasion, laser
treatment is the most effective. Other methods
exfoliate away the layers of the skin and may
require extensive healing time, while also
bringing along side effects like infection,
scarring, and hyperpigmentation. There are also
other surgical methods that can be used to
remove tattoos. However, surgical methods are not
much recommended, especially for larger tattoos,
as larger tattoos require extensive grafting to
replace the skin that is excised during the
surgery. Bleaching is another process that can
gradually remove tattoos, but this is not an FDA
approved process. Compared to all the options
mentioned above, laser tattoo removal seems to be
the best option as it is quick, safe, and very
effective. It produces extensive tattoo
lightening with only a few painless treatments
that dont cause any kind of skin damage.
Moreover, it helps patients recover faster, thus
reducing wasted time. it seems like a natural
process, wherein lasers break down the ink
particles in the tattoo which is absorbed by the
body, mimicking natural fading. If you are
concerned about a tattoo that you had gotten on
your skin but dont want it anymore, and cant
even cover it up with something else, Dr.
Marwahs Clinic can help you. Using the best
technologies like PicoWay, Revlite, and Medlite,
Dr. Marwahs Clinis has proven to be the best
skin laser specialist in Mumbai today. With 1500
square feet of space well-equipped with the
latest instruments and best facilities that are
used by highly qualified, trained, and
experienced technicians, it has established
itself to be a state- of-the-art skin and laser
center in the country. So, whenever you are
looking for any kind of skin solutions, get in
touch right away to be treated by the best! For
more information, visit http//