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Best Hair Restoration NYC


Dr. Kevin Ende has performed over 10,000 surgeries on the face and scalp and is well-respected in the field of hair restoration. In the past, Dr. Ende has served as a faculty member for the Department of Otolaryngology at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), where he taught advanced facial cosmetic surgical procedures to surgeons in training. Dr. Ende is now established as a leading hair restoration specialist in New York. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best Hair Restoration NYC

Welcome to Hair Restoration of New York Dr. Kevin
Ende - Double Board Certified Hair Transplant
Our Services
?Hair Transplant ?Hairline Lowering ?Facial Hair
Transplant ?Beard Transplant ?Eyebrow
Transplant ?Eyelash Transplant ?Crown Hair
Transplant ?Follicular Unit Extraction ?Plateler
Rich Plasma ?Edges Hair Transplant
Hair Transplant
Many patients wonder what they can do for an
actively receding hairline. They have seen Dr.
Endes information on his hairline lowering
procedure and see that it is not the correct
procedure for this issue. Patients usually first
seek out medical therapies for hair loss such as
Propecia, Finasteride, Rogaine, Hydralazine,
shampoos, hair lasers and vitamins. If these
therapies for hair loss dont work, and
consultation for surgical hair replacement with
Dr. Ende is appropriate, Dr. Ende will sit with
you one on one to discuss hair transplantation
very often in conjunction with medical therapy.
Patients often ask if there is a cure for the
receding hairline. While there is no cure that
will restore the hair to its original state, we
can mimic this with hair transplant more so than
with any other hair replacement therapy. With an
actively receding hairline, the patient must
understand that Dr. Ende is trying to keep up
with their hair loss so that that they do not go
completely bald on top before starting hair
replacement. Gradual hair replacement over time
will draw less attention to the process and will
be extremely difficult to tell that a surgical
hair transplant process has even taken place.
Hairline surgery is appropriate for both men and
women even if the patient is actively losing
hair. Dr. Ende uses advanced techniques and a
keen sense of artistry to restore the hairline as
close to its original shape and pattern as
possible. Not only will Dr. Ende examine your
scalp for the characteristics showing where the
hairline most likely was, he enjoys sharing old
photos of you that represent your original
Hairlines Lowering
When considering hairline lowering surgery, the
patient must consider ideal facial thirds. The
distance from the hairline to the mid brow, is
ideally the same as the distance from the nose to
the brow and the nose to the chin. In the average
patient, the hairline is lowered to about 6-
6.5cm from the brows. This point in the new
hairline should be just behind a point where the
scalp starts to slope more horizontally. A
hairline lowering procedure can help a patient
achieve facial harmony.
Facial Hair Transplant
If youve found yourself increasingly embarrassed
by your inability to grow a thick, lustrous beard
or mustache like you used to, youre not alone.
Millions of men are finding their facial hair
thinning, particularly as they approach middle
age. Fortunately, there is something you can do
about this condition, and it is a fairly simple
and straightforward procedure to boot. It is
called a facial hair transplant, and it is
something that is gaining in popularity based on
its successful results and affordability.
Beard Transplant
When you think of hair restoration, you may only
consider the hairline. When our team at Hair
Restoration of New York thinks of it, we consider
all of the options from hairline to eyelashes and
eyebrows to beard. If you are dissatisfied with
the fullness of your facial hair or are having
trouble growing the style you desire, consider
what a beard transplant in New York can do for
Eyebrow Transplant
Eyebrow transplants are designed to restore
growing hair to thin, missing or scarred
eyebrows. When transplanted into the eyebrows,
the donor hairs continue to grow as they did in
the scalp and need to be trimmed typically once a
month. A natural appearance is extremely
important in this highly visible area. Single
hairs are typically transplanted with strict
attention to the direction, angle and curl. This
procedure is quite delicate and requires perfect
handling and placement of the grafts. Typically
100 to 300 hairs are transplanted into each
eyebrow depending on the individual patients
Eyelash Transplant
Eyelash hair transplantation is used to treat
areas of the eyelid that have no eyelashes due to
genetics, alopecia, or trauma such as that from
cancer surgery or burns. Eyelash transplant can
also be used to thicken and enhance the
appearance of the eyelashes, in individuals who
already have eyelashes. The donor hairs continue
to grow as they did on the scalp and need to be
trimmed typically once a month. Single hair
grafts are typically transplanted to mimic a
natural eyelash. Perfect placement is required
at the proper depth, angle and density in order
to ensure a great result.
Crown Hair Transplant
Receding hairlines and bald spots represent the
number one vanity issue among menand even some
womenwhen it comes to aging. So much so that a
plethora of products have popped up over the
years to deal with the condition. However, when
it comes to effectively treating receding hair on
the top of your head without wasting money on
remedies that dont work or going overboard on
cosmetic surgery, consider a crown hair
transplant. Through years of successful
implementation, the procedure has proven to be an
effective way to restore lustrous hair to your
head that you once had. The result? A more
youthful looking and confident you.
Follicular Unit Extraction
At Hair Restoration of New York, we believe that
you should not have to settle for what nature
gave you. We also believe that you should have
options for rebuilding your confidence and
quality of life through hair restoration. If you
would like to increase the fullness of your hair,
beard or eyebrows, check out a new solution that
may work for you. With follicular unit
extraction, you get the best of new hair
restoration technology without the typical
scarring of the strip technique.
Plateler Rich Plasma
PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP has many
indications, but has recently been recognized in
several studies as a hair growth promoter. PRP
has concentrated blood parts which contains
approximately three to five times the platelet
number found in normal blood. While older PRP
kits in New York only concentrate the platelets 3
x, Dr. Ende has the newest PRP system which
concentrates them 5-6 times. The PRP mixture also
contains platelet derived growth factor (PDGF),
vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF),
transforming growth factor (TGF) and other
bioactive proteins that aid in hair growth. Over
the last 2 years, four studies have clearly shown
that PRP is an effective treatment option for
male and female pattern hair loss.
Edges Hair Transplant
African American women who use sew-ins, harsh
hair straightening techniques and other
aggressive hair styling methods are prone to
wearing away the edges of their locks, often
leaving them feeling self-conscious and
dissatisfied with their appearance. Dr. Kevin H.
Ende is an expert in hair transplant surgeries,
including edges hair transplant procedures. No
longer do you have to settle for patchy edges and
restoration techniques that simply dont work.
Revitalize your hair and your self-assurance with
the help of an experienced professional who has
been named one of Americas Top Surgeons.
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