Top 5 Search Engine Optimization And Pay Per Click Marketing Strategies (1) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Top 5 Search Engine Optimization And Pay Per Click Marketing Strategies (1)


Here Are The Top 5 Search Engine Optimization And Pay Per Click Marketing Strategies – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Top 5 Search Engine Optimization And Pay Per Click Marketing Strategies (1)

Top 5 Search Engine Optimization And Pay Per
Click Marketing Strategies
Search engine marketing and pay per click give
the same result. SEO is organic results and PPC
is paid marketing. SEO results take time to come
on Google first page whereas in PPC it does not
take time if your website and content are good.
SEO and PPC require a different skill set and
approach. Marketing Strategies for SEO
Complete Analysis of Website
  • Before starting an SEO strategy, its important
    to study your website first, what is wrong in
    your website and what is working good on your
    website. If something is not working well on your
    website there are some SEO tools you can use. If
    you are not aware of the final goal you cannot
    achieve these strategies, so decide your final
    goal first.

Keyword Selection
  • After website analysis, work on keyword
    selection. Select the keywords wisely so that you
    can market your website smoothly. Keyword
    selection plays a vital role in the content of
    the website. Website content should match your
    business. Working on the short tail, exact match,
    long tail, negative keyword, broad match keyword,
    etc. should be part of your planning.

Execution of Planning
  • Implementation of planning is very necessary,
    making the plan does not guarantee success,
    implement in the right way can bring you success.
    Sometimes good strategies fail due to improper
    execution. Regularly working on the
    implementation can reduce the possibilities of

Create a Link-Building Plan
  • Link-Building is important for Off Page
    Optimization SEO. Link-Building is the process of
    building backlinks to your website from other
    webs. Make sure to give priority to
    link-building, do brainstorming from where can
    you attract backlinks to your website.

SEO Analysis
  • At last SEO analysis should be done to know the
    end results. If something is not working good
    according to your plan you can improve the low
    productivity elements to increase high
    productivity. Find out which strategies are not
    working according to your plan. Thus, SEO
    analysis will help you improve the productivity
    of your strategies.

Additional Information
  • SEO is a long-term process and needs a lot of
    time and efforts. SEO becomes technical for some
    companies, so there are many SEO service agency
    Melbourne, you can hire these agencies to help
    you achieve better results in SEO.

Pay Per Click Marketing strategies
Know Your Campaign Goal
  • Know your campaign goal first that will give a
    clear idea of what ads do you need to run and
    what keywords you need to select. The Selecting
    goal will give you a clear picture of what are
    you trying to achieve from Google Ad Spend, what
    results do you expect from the PPC campaign.

Types of Ads
  • After selecting a goal, you need to select which
    type of Ads to run. There are different types of
    Ads such as text ads, product listing ads and
    Image ads. Text ads include a headline, display
    URL, description line 1, description line 2.
    Product listing ads are for an E-Commerce
    website. Image ads are for display ads, banners
    need to be created in display ads.

Keyword Research
  • Keyword research needs to be done after the
    selection of ads. Using the Google keyword
    planner tool or other tools to select the best
    suitable keywords. 15-20 keywords should be added
    in one ad, a greater number of keywords will
    create confusion.

Location Targeting
  • Effective PPC marketing Melbourne will always use
    narrow location targeting like including a zip
    code. If you are only targeting to particular
    city or area you can narrow down your location
    setting accordingly, this will help you to reach
    your target market. Your ad will be shown in the
    desired location.

Landing page plus Conversion Optimization
  • You cannot have a winning campaign unless your
    conversation rate is high. Optimize the landing
    page and conversion ratio. Landing page builders
    and on-site conversion tools will make your PPC
    campaign more profitable.

  • SEO and PPC marketing techniques done together
    will give you faster and better results. The goal
    of both marketing strategies is to attract
    customers to your website. Many SEO service
    companies are available in Melbourne. Hire an SEO
    service agency who will dedicate the time to your
    project and will give you awesome results.