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Most Important Fashion Designing Tools and Equipment


There are lot of fashion designing tools and equipments which can be used to make the pattern making, sewing and crafting process easy and effective in fashion designing. Get brief information about these fashion design tools. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Most Important Fashion Designing Tools and Equipment

Fashion Designing Tools
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Importance of Tools in Fashion Designing
  • Fashion designing is art of creating clothing
    designs. To create effective designs a fashion
    designer should have ability to use fashion
    designing tools in the right way. There are lots
    of tools that can be used to make drafting,
    pattern making, sewing and crafting process easy
    and impressive. These fashion designing tools
    can help to minimize mistakes, cut down the
    development time for creation of new designs and
    make the perfect designs. There are some most
    usable fashion design tools as defined here that
    should be in your toolkit to become successful
    fashion designer.

Pair of Scissors
A Fashion Designer should have a pair of scissors
to make the cutting process easy.
Card Scissor
Card Scissor The card scissor is used to cut
the cardboard design, to make sewing phase easier.
Fabric Shears Scissor
Shear Scissor This type of scissor is little bit
heavier than card scissor and mostly used to cut
different type of fabrics.
Lightweight Scissors
Lightweight Scissors This type of scissor is
light in weight and is used to cut clothing
materials just like silk, lining etc.
Tailors Chalk
Tailors Calk This is a chalk like material used
to mark alteration points on fabric in
dressmaking and tailoring. The marks can be
easily washed off when no longer needed.
Tape Measure
Tape measure is also known as measuring tape and
used to measure distance. It is a common
measuring tool, flexible ruler which consists of
a ribbon of cloth, metal strip , plastic or fiber
glass with linear measurement markings.
Dress Maker Dummy
Dress maker dummy is a three dimensional model
which is used to fit clothes on the dress form
to judge how garment will look like when it will
appear on the body.
Pearl Head Pins
Pearl headed pins are perfect for hard sewing,
easy to handle, pick, stick. A
magnetic pin holder can be used to manage and
make the handling of these pins easier.
Block Patterns
A block pattern is form of pattern designing
which is used for industrial production. It is a
custom-fitted, basic pattern from which patterns
for many different styles can be developed.
2H, 4H, 3H 0.5 mm 0.3 mm Lead Pencils
Different types of pencils like 2H, 3H, 4H or
size 0.5 mm or 0.3 mm are used for drafting and
creating patterns. 0.3 mm lead pencils are used
for accuracy or precision whereas 0.5 mm colored
lead pencils are used to increase visibility on
the screen.
Pattern Maker
Pattern maker is a person who makes patterns,
creates plans or diagrams used as a guide in
sewing, weaving and clothing manufacturing.
Fashion Curve
Fashion keeps on changing with the context of
time, place and wearer. As per study fashion
changes are expressed in the form of bell shaped
curve also called fashion curve from beginning
to end of any type of fashion.
Set Square
Set square are used to create patterns, draw
straight lines, mark in hip-lines, grain-lines,
add seam allowances, establish 45 and 90-degree
angles, shape armholes, neckline curves, measure
around curves, use as a compass and grade
Professional Dress Stands
Professional dress stands are used for the
purpose of high end display or fashion design.
There are different type of dress stands like
bust forms, female dress forms, men's clothing
forms, maternity clothing display forms etc.
Half-Scale Dress Stands
Half scale dress stand is a mini form of dress
stands, where the scale is 12, or half the size
of a full size 6. Working on a smaller scale
allows to create garments in less time and with
less material! This can be used to experiment the
garment designs before the full sized garment is
Adhesive Styling Tape
Adhesive tapes is a combination of a material and
an adhesive film which is used to bond or join
objects together. These skin friendly double
sided tape strips can be easily placed anywhere
onto fabrics or skin to hold your outfits in
place and leaves no residue.
Cotton Stay Tape
Stay tape is similar to bias tape. It is mainly
suitable for lightweight and delicate fabrics
including knits. Some common uses include
stabilizing shoulder seams on knit garments,
creating roll lines of lapels on lighter weight
fabrics, preventing necklines from stretching out
of shape.
Sewing Pins
As a profession fashion designer or sewer you
need some sewing needles in various sizes which
can be easily changed depends upon the weight of
the fabrics that you use.
Pattern Notcher
A pattern notcher is a common tool used for
pattern making and sewing where notch in a paper
pattern are created. The main purpose of using
notches is to align pattern pieces. Notches are
much usable than marks as they allow marking of
fabrics inside the pattern area.
Spot and Cross Pattern Paper
This dot and cross paper is one of the most
important aspects used for pattern making of
clothing and other crafty applications. it is
mainly a lightweight paper printed with light
blue dots and crosses with the space at 2 cm
interval. It helps you to easily determine the
distance within the pattern by calculating number
or spots and crosses in that section.
Plain Pattern Paper
 Plain pattern paper is usually with a gloss
finish to allow magic tape to come off without
tearing, light enough to see commercial patterns
placed underneath.
Scotch Magic Tape
Scotch Magic Tape is mate finish original
invisible tape used to fix all the little
imperfections at offices, schools and home. It
uses 3M adhesive technology to provide strong,
secure and permanent seal to bond tightly with
the paper and disappear without trace.
Pattern Weights
These pattern weights are the perfect sewing
accessory to be used in fashion designing. These
becomes more handy when you deal with lot of
fabric or do not want to damage delicate fabric
like silks or laces with too many pin pricks.
Cutting Mats
Cutting mats are made of thin, flexible and soft
materials. It is ideal for covering a workspace
and protecting it from cuts, scratches, knicks
and allows an architect or designer to use rotary
cutters and straight knives without risk to the
surface underneath.
Sewing Machine
A fashion designer cant be complete without
sewing machine as it is the important fashion
designing tool used for finishing work. Usually
fashion designers use industrial sewing machine.
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