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Hyderabad is one of the most vibrant cities in Southern India, beautifully flanked by the Hussain Sagar Lake (which connects its suburban counterpart Secunderabad), and offers a multitude of sightseeing options, along with the perfect blend of South Indian as well as Mughlai culture. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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VISIT TO hyderabad
  • The princely capital of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad
    is one of the most vibrant cities in Southern
    India, beautifully flanked by the Hussain Sagar
    Lake (which connects its suburban counterpart
    Secunderabad), and offers a multitude of
    sightseeing options, along with the perfect blend
    of South Indian as well as Mughlai culture. The
    city served as the erstwhile seat of Qutub Shahi,
    and houses some of the most charming monuments,
    palaces, tombs and mosques, the architecture of
    which is very impressive and worth applauding.
    The upcoming metropolitan city, also referred to
    as Cyberabad, is also one of Indias major IT
    hubs and has a vast fleet of youngsters working
    in different corporate houses. So, whether it is
    the iconic monument and mosque of Charminar, the
    magnificent Golconda Fort, the opulent Falaknuma
    Palace (which is now converted into a luxury
    hotel by Taj group), Chowmahalla Palace, Salar
    Jung Museum, Ramoji Film City or the buzzing tech
    parks, Hyderabad is full of admiration.

Why visit Hyderabad?
  • Hyderabad has never failed to cast its magic
    spell and enthrall its visitors with its serene
    and scenic charm round the year. Hyderabad boasts
    of a profusion of natural beauty, bustling
    bazaars and breathtaking Mughal architecture
    which makes it one of the most enchanting and
    memorable tourist destinations in Southern
    India for both local and foreign travelers who
    are left enchanted by its sheer grandeur, and is
    a momentum of pride and glory to Hyderabad
  • The city is evergreen and the perfect place to
    plan your vacation amidst the beauty of nature
    and several attractions like ancient monuments,
    museums, palaces, magnificent towers, temples and
    art galleries, all vying for your attention.
    Hyderabad has been the choicest destination of
    South India and has seen a growing population as
    well as development leading to an increase in
    Hyderabad tourism. A magnificent gem from the
    Mughal era, Hyderabad will captivate you with its
    ancient monuments and temples, lakes and gardens,
    cultural heritage, delicious Hyderabadi Biryani
    and of course artificial pearls and colored
  • While Hyderabad may be one of the most vibrant
    cities in India, the time you visit this princely
    city is very important and could influence your
    holiday in different ways. Read on to know the
    best time to visit Hyderabad to chart out your
    trip, so that you can experience the most of this
    stunning destination, and explore the famous
    celebrations and events around the corner in the

Hyderabad summers (March to July)
  • Hyderabad witnesses long summers and the
    temperature ranges between 21 and 40 degree
    Celsius or sometimes even beyond that. Summer in
    Hyderabad begins by mid of March and continues
    till the end of July and remains extremely hot
    and humid. In the bright heat of summers, the
    scorching heat may not be a favorable time to
    enjoy the beauty of the spectacular history and
    culture of this quaint city, as the sweltering
    heat will most likely leave you dehydrated and
  • Summer in Hyderabad always witnesses soaring
    temperature, and the hot sun makes it difficult
    for travelers to travel in the mornings. If you
    are planning to visit Hyderabad during the summer
    season, make sure you carry lots of sunscreen and
    a pair of sunglasses with you, along with light,
    cotton clothing, hats and sufficient water to
    prevent dehydration and beat the heat while going
  • The humidity during these months can become as
    high as 93 which in itself makes the weather
    conditions hot, sticky and sweltering. The
    daytime is usually marked by scorching heat and
    heat waves, which may deter you from exploring
    the citys famed structures during the day, while
    in the nights, the temperature is comparatively
    cooler. April and May constitute the hottest
    months of the year, and city tours during
    afternoon can be very exhausting, and it is
    certainly not the best month to visit Hyderabad.
    Following a little shower in the month of June,
    the temperature hovers between 27 degree and 32
    degree Celsius.

  • However, summers is also the time when the crowds
    are less, making it an ideal time to enjoy a
    peaceful vacation in Hyderabad. This is the best
    time to enjoy some great deals for tourists at
    one of the innumerable accommodations, bespoke
    hotels and luxury resorts, which cater to all
    types of tourists. As per your needs, you can
    book a hotel that is closest to most of the
    excursions in Hyderabad. You can also consider
    staying in one of the leading opulent hotels that
    feature well furnished rooms, modern facilities
    as well as recreational amenities such as various
    kinds of spa and massage therapies that promise
    some real quality experience.
  • The Pearl City is dotted with pristine waterways,
    colonial buildings and beautifully decorated
    promenades, and offers you much more than just
    monuments. You can shop for some exclusive pearl
    jewels carved in intricate designs and patterns,
    and available at the government approved shops
    here. Pay a visit to some of the towns most
    important monuments including Ramoji Film City,
    Hussain Sagar and Osman Sagar or splurge in its
    plush and iconic restaurants, malls or movie
    theatres at the Inorbit Mall, Forum Sujana Mall,
    Snow World, GVK One Mall and Papikondalu.

Hyderabad Monsoon (August to October)
  • Monsoon in Hyderabad sets in by late July and
    continues till October, and is perhaps the most
    unpredictable of all the seasons. While the onset
    of monsoon brings a sense of relief from the
    scorching summers, and allows you to take lazy
    strolls around the vibrant and lively streets of
    Hyderabad, the rainfall occurs in rather varying
    degrees. Evenings are however pleasant and marked
    by cool breezes.
  • Hyderabad receives heavy to light rainfall during
    the monsoons and the average high and low
    temperatures usually range from 26 degree Celsius
    to 33 degree Celsius and the climate is mainly
    humid throughout. The erratic rain showers and
    strong winds at times results in excessive
    humidity, but it also lends a special charm to
    explore the true essence of this spectacular
    city. It is also the best time to enjoy the many
    tourist spots dotting the city that spring back
    to life in lush greenery after the scorching
  • If you want to travel with the clouds and a
    little drizzle then monsoon is the best time to
    visit Hyderabad. The sheer natural beauty gets
    amplified to a large extent, and the flowers are
    in full bloom. Make sure to head out to the
    enchanting Shilparamam, Birla Planetarium and
    Technological Museum, Sudha Cars Museum, Purani
    Haveli and Taramati Baradari. Relish the
    authentic local delicacies with a slight Mughlai
    taste mingled with local South Indian twist and
    dont forget to try the delectable Biryani, which
    is Hyderabads signature dish, at any of the
    local restaurants.

Hyderabad winters (November to March)
  • Though the city enjoys a pleasant climate
    year-round, the best time to visit Hyderabad is
    during the winter season when the weather
    conditions are perfect to traverse the charming
    town. In the winters, the weather stays
    delightful and enjoyable and this is when you can
    get the best out of your vacation and visit
    famous attractions like Charminar, Golconda Fort,
    Qutb Shahu Tombs, Hussain Sagar, Chowmahalla
    Palace, Falaknuma Palace and many other such
  • Winter is indeed a delightful season to indulge
    in activities such as shopping and sightseeing
    when the weather is the last thing one needs to
    worry about. November sees the gradual transition
    to winter which extends till early March. During
    this season the days are bright and sunny, the
    weather is mild and extremely pleasant, while
    evenings and nights can be little chilly, making
    it the best time to check out picnic spots in
    Hyderabad. It is recommended to carry light warm
    woolens as the temperature at night can get
    pretty low.
  • The average temperature during this time period
    ranges from 16 degree Celsius to 29 degree
    Celsius, which is generally considered ideal for
    monument visits, city tours and other tourists
    activities. You can also enroll yourself for one
    of the ongoing Heritage walks to observe the
    beautiful landscape and Minars in early morning
    hours, which is indeed a visual treat for

  • Hyderabad in winter months is full of hustle and
    bustle and myriad of lively events and activities
    keep taking place, thus making it most preferable
    and the best time to visit Hyderabad. You can
    partake in the grand festivities during this
    season like the Winter Carnival at Ramoji Film
    City that takes place over December and January
    every year and brings in huge tourism in the
    city. During the festival, one can observe
    numerous carnival floats, parades and all kinds
    of street performances, which makes for an
    overall enlightening experience. You can also
    plan your visit around the Deccan Festival which
    is celebrated in the month of February, where you
    can witness several cultural programs and immerse
    yourself in the most stirring and soothing
    ghazals and Mushairas by some of the most
    established music artists. With so many
    activities going around, youll see Hyderabad all
    together a different place around.
  • The Hyderabad Kids Fair also takes place in
    December, so if you are travelling with your
    family, this is another reason to be here at this
    time of the year. A number of workshops, seminars
    and learning experiences, besides competitions,
    dance and music performances and fun activities
    for kids take place during the fair.
  • Another reason for winter being preferred as the
    best season is the significant Pongal festival
    which is usually celebrated in the second week of
    January, and enables the tourists to witness the
    harvest season in full bloom. It is a four day
    long festival celebrated with a lot of vigor and
    merry making in almost every South Indian
    household, and marks the beginning of harvesting
    crops in the fields. Houses are adorned with
    rangolis, flowers and colorful Kolam designs.
    Community meals using the freshly gathered
    harvest are also held at certain parts of the
  • Hyderabad has many gardens to explore like NTR
    Gardens, Lumbini Park, Sanjeevaiah Park and
    winters are the opportune time to enjoy these
    blooming gardens and take a leisurely stroll. A
    boat ride on the Hussain Sagar Lake along with
    its light and sound show in late evenings is most
    enjoyed with the cool breeze of winters blowing
    on your face, rather than a blazing summer
    shining down on your head.
  • The popularity of Hyderabad during winters also
    makes it the peak season which brings with it a
    huge influx of tourists and fewer tranquil places
    to enjoy. Winters are the time the city receives
    huge rush and most tourist attractions are
    overcrowded with people who come from across the
    country to admire the citys beauty. The hotel
    room fares also go up and most of the prominent
    resorts and heritage properties might already be
    booked and not be available on weekends.

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