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Pune’s climate all-round the year is pleasant. The best part about Pune is that despite hot afternoons in summers, evenings and mornings are always pleasant even if the day temperature goes upto 35 to 40 degrees. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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  • Located in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra about
    200 kilometres away, Punes climate all-round the
    year is pleasant. The best part about Pune is
    that despite hot afternoons in summers, evenings
    and mornings are always pleasant even if the day
    temperature goes upto 35 to 40 degrees. The best
    time to visit Pune is between the months of
    October and March. April to July is little hot
    whereas August and September are the much awaited
    monsoon months when you can expect rainfall.
    Come, lets set out on a whole new journey to
    explore Indias very own Oxford, Pune city.
    Before we get started, here are some quick facts
    about Pune!
  • Popularly known as the cultural capital of
    Maharashtra, Pune is situated as a crescendo on
    the Deccan Plateau. Also famed as the Oxford of
    the East, it has endless opportunities for
    everyone who is curious to learn and explore
    their talent. It is also Indias most favoured
    city for education and a go-to place for anyone
    who is passionate about making a mark in
    Information Technology.
  • Ranging from grand historical monuments to lush
    green landscapes, there are infinite things to do
    Pune, which make it a popular destination among
    many tourists. While several temples, museums and
    gardens add to its charm, Pune as a whole will
    definitely keep you in high spirits. Did you know
    that Pune is originally derived from the word
    Punyanagar which literally translates to The
    City of Virtue? Wow. Isnt that a fascinating
    fact? Also reputed as one of the countrys most
    resourceful places to build a start-up, Pune has
    certainly won many hearts over the years.

The perfect time to visit Pune
  • Fortunately, Pune is blessed with a pleasant
    climate throughout the year. If you want to
    experience the cultural diversity of Pune, plan
    your trip in September to witness the beauty of
    Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations where
    Maharashtrians dance to the sound of desi music
    and drum beats with great zeal and enthusiasm.
    October to February is also the best time to
    visit Pune. December, as you know is a festive
    month and during this time, Pune is renowned for
    the Sawai Gandharva Sangeet Mahotsav which
    attracts Indian classical music lovers from all
    parts of the country. Clearly, the best time to
    visit Pune is November to February.
  • We present to you this quick season guide will
    give you a glimpse into Punes 3 main seasons and
    help you plan your vacation. Happy touring in

Summer (March end June)
  • The month of March marks the beginning of summer
    season. During the day, temperature can reach a
    maximum of 36Celsius making the weather very hot
    while the evenings still remain pleasant with the
    minimum temperature being 16-degree Celsius.
    People who enjoy the warmth of summers can plan a
    visit during this time and enjoy thrilling
    activities like paragliding or horse riding. Days
    are quite warm and nights are usually pleasant.
    Normally, the temperature during this time ranges
    between 22 degree Celsius and 40 degree Celsius.
  • It gets much warmer in April along with the
    climate being hot and dry. If you are planning to
    visit Pune during this month, sun protection gear
    is a must. With the minimum temperature being 20-
    degree Celsius, the evenings are usually
  • May is also quite hot. People who enjoy swimming
    and play water sports can plan their visit during
    this time as this is the most preferred month for
    visiting amusement parks. Some of the most famous
    theme parks in Pune are Adlabs Imagica,
    Krushnai Water Park, Rajgad Water Park, and
    Diamond Park to name a few.
  • With the temperature ranging from 31- degree
    Celsius to 23- degree Celsius the days are
    extremely hot while the nights are relatively
    cool. Occasional rainfall can also be expected
    during this month, which makes the climate
    pleasant. The month of June is usually not
    advised for planning a trip to Pune because of
    the scorching heat.
  • We have a picnic spot suggestion for you during
    your summer stay in Pune! Situated about 3499
    feet above sea level, Lohagad is a well-known
    trekking destination and a picnic spot near Pune
    in summer. We bet you will love the beautiful
    landscapes there. Go check it out if you happen
    to visit Pune during the summer season.

Monsoon (June end Mid-September Early
  • Dont forget to carry your umbrellas and rain
    coats, folks! Heavy downpour is expected during
    this time and it usually lasts from June end to
    mid-September. Also, Pune usually has a serene
    and calm climate and June is the windiest month,
    followed by May and July.
  • June is also known as the monsoon month as it
    marks the onset of rainy season in Pune. Heavy
    monsoon showers are frequently seen during the
    day time and night as well, which keeps the
    temperature down. People who enjoy monsoons will
    fall in love with Pune during this time. It is
    indeed the best time to visit Pune
  • During the month of August, the highest
    temperature would go upto 27- degree Celsius and
    lowest would be around 22- degree Celsius. It is
    one of the monsoon months in Pune. During this
    time, it usually pours heavily during the night
    with the sky being bright and clear during the
    day. A wide range of indoor and outdoor
    activities can also be enjoyed during this time.
    Nature enthusiasts and rain lovers will certainly
    enjoy exploring the city during this month.
  • In the month of September, you might experience
    moderate rainfall. Otherwise, the climate remains
    favourable for indulging in different types of
    activities. Visiting different temples like
    Balaji Temple or ISKCON NVCC Temple can also be
    planned during this time to seek Lord Ganeshas
    blessings. It is the best time to visit Pune as
    the Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav is celebrated with
    enthusiasm during this month.

  • Pune festival usually takes place between the
    months of August and September during Ganesh
    Mahotsav celebrations. It is one of the biggest
    festivals of Pune. The festival is all about
    celebrating Art and Culture. You can witness
    classical dance, music recitals, films, drama
    festivals, automobile rallies and traditional
    sports which are an integral part of the
    festival. Exceptionally talented artists from
    different parts of India are cordially invited to
    perform during this magnificent festival.
  • By the time October arrives, rainfall becomes
    infrequent and weather remains pleasant
    throughout the day. Sightseeing is a good idea
    during this time and tourists can visit different
    places in Pune and have uninterrupted fun. The
    famous Film and Television Institute of India can
    be visited as well.
  • During the beautiful monsoon season, if you wish
    to be closer to nature and enjoy watching
    migratory birds, Kamshet is your perfect weekend
    getaway. Also visit the Shinde Wadi Hills and
    give paragliding a shot. You might want to check
    out the list of monsoon foods you can have in
    Pune. Some of the most loved monsoon recipes are
    sabudana khichdi, spicy tambda rasa, and steaming
    hot momos.

Winter (November February)
  • Winter marks the end of a year and the beginning
    of another. During this season, it is usually
    freezing cold in Pune. However, the temperature
    does not usually drop below 5-8 degrees Celsius.
    Carrying warm clothes is a must.
  • November is also named as the Rose Cold month
    of the year. Cool breeze blows throughout the day
    which makes the weather refreshing and pleasant.
    Tourists who plan their visit during this month
    can also enjoy the different festive celebrations
    that take place around this time.
  • This is the best time to visit Pune as the Sawai
    Gandharva Music Festival, dedicated to classical
    music is celebrated with vigour during this
    month. Renowned artists perform in this 3 day
    long music festival and music enthusiasts from
    different parts of India come together to
    celebrate this joyous occasion. This is one of
    the most awaited festivals in the city of Pune.
  • Celebrated as the birthday of Chhatrapati Shivaji
    Maharaj in Maharashtra on 19th February, Shivaji
    Maharaj Jayanti is celebrated with great zeal and
  • Some of the fun places you can visit during Pune
    winters are Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, Lavasa, and
    Lohagad Fort which are a few kilometres away from
    the city. There are few more awesome places
    surrounding Pune such as- Kamshet, Panchgani,
    Lonavala, and Khandala, which are great for a
    weekend trip.

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