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India has a plethora of places worth visiting and admiring, the Southern part of India has a unique charm of its own. One such place is the beautiful city of Mysore (officially Mysuru). – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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  • Although India has a plethora of places worth
    visiting and admiring, the Southern part of India
    has a unique charm of its own. One such place is
    the beautiful city of Mysore (officially Mysuru).
    It is the southernmost city of Karnataka,
    neighbouring to Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Fondly
    known as the Palace City of India, it brims
    with flamboyance, variety and wonderment. The
    city bustles with an ancient royal heritage, a
    multitude of fascinating locations, scent of
    sandalwood and an aura of harmony. Mysore
    sightseeing can open up a whole new world for
  • It bagged the tag of cultural capital in the
    state of Karnataka along with being the cleanest
    city. In India, it ranks second after Taj Mahal
    as one of the most visited tourist sites in the
    country. Every year it witnesses around 6 million
    tourists. Its architectural marvels are a treat
    for history buffs as well as those who like
    exploring beautiful things.
  • To start planning a trip, you will first need to
    book hotels in Mysore, after choosing from budget
    or luxury options. Then, decide how you wish to
    check out the following places for an exciting
    stay here.

  • Top 7 Places To Visit in Mysore
  • Nanjundeshwara Temple Nanjangud
  • Karanji Lake
  • Brindavan Gardens
  • St. Philomenas Church
  • Mysore Zoo
  • Talakadu
  • Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta

1. Nanjundeshwara Temple Nanjangud
  • In the temple town of Mysore, Nanjangus is a
    famous one situated on the banks of river Kabini.
    The architecture of this temple is inspired by
    Dravidian style of art form, vivid in the
    300-1000 CE era. This temple has shrines
    dedicated to three deities namely Lord
    Nanjundashwara, Lord Vishnu and Goddess Parvathi.
    It was built during the reign of Ganga Dynasty
    and was then called as Hakim Nanjunda. This
    temple has been acknowledged well for its healing
    qualities amongst worshippers. They take a dip in
    the backwaters of holy river Kabini after
    performing the said rite.
  • It is also known by names like Dakshina Kashi.
    Nanjundeswara translates to God who drank poison
    in vernacular tongue and is believed to be an
    incarnation of Lord Shiva. Legend states that the
    Gods and demons were in a quest to find nectar of
    immortality in the ocean. While they churned the
    oceans, there were aplenty artefacts that came
    out, one of which was poison. Lord Shiva decided
    to drink the whole of the poison before it spread
    to the universe. That is the reason why his neck
    is deemed blue-green and he is known as
    Neelkanth. Goddess Parvathi, his wife, held his
    throat affirm, preventing its spread to the rest
    of his body.
  • Insider Tip
  • You are allowed to carry beverages, snacks,
    camera and footwear inside. Public transport is
    never an issue in Karnataka, however, buses are
    the most common choice.

2. Karanji Lake
  • Fountain Lake is another name for Karanji Lake,
    one of the best tourist places in Mysore. It
    houses Indias largest butterfly garden and is
    the first walk-through aviary of its kind. If you
    are passionate about ornithology, then this is
    your go-to place. It is spread over a vast area
    and around 80- 100 types of migratory birds
    reside here. About 40 to 50 species of
    butterflies have called this place as their home.
    A planned butterfly park has been set-up on a
    small island within the periphery of this
    lake. The museum named, the Regional Museum of
    Natural History, is situated on the banks of this
    lake, as well.
  • Insider Tip
  • Of the many things to do in Mysore, you will find
    the boating activity here to be very refreshing.
    Yes! Boating is a relaxing activity that relieves
    your stress and worry. At this lake, you will
    come across different kinds of boating activities
    involving pedal boats and row boats. The place is
    closed on Tuesdays, and should be visited before
    late evening for the best experience.

3. Brindavan Gardens
  • Welcome to one of the most visited tourist places
    in Mysore. It is an appealing and extensive
    garden near the Krishnaraja Sagar Dam. The green
    spread, cascading water channels, flower beds,
    and fascinating fountains are a treat to sore
    eyes. It is filled with soul, love and elegance.
    It took 5 years to complete the construction of
    this garden. It stretches over 150 acres and has
    captivating designs, grass, and topiaries.
  • Insider Tips
  • The best time to visit the garden is when it is
    illuminated beautifully in the evenings. Do check
    the exact timings before you go as they vary by
    days of the week and seasons. If you are here
    with your special someone, do not forget to watch
    the grandeur of the dancing fountains in the
    backgrounds. Arrays of food stalls are present
    that serve hot beverages, snacks and ice creams,
    offering a nice spot for picnics. You can simply
    relax in the lap of Mother Nature, and feel
    rejuvenated. It is a perfect spot to bring your
    kids too. The garden has exciting joy rides and
    swings. Live in the moment of the present and
    unwind afar from the shackles of your everyday
  • The best time to visit Brindavan Gardens is in
    the winters, in the months from October to
    January. It is a time when the garden doesnt
    feel scorching hot like the summers, or you wont
    be caught in a shower, like in the monsoons. The
    temperature stays just right for you to explore
    and feel great.

4. St. Philomenas Church
  • St. Philomenas Church has been an epitome of
    history since time immemorial. It has set a
    benchmark of being Asias second tallest church.
    It was built to pay homage to the martyr of Roman
    Catholic Church and Catholic Saint, Saint
    Philomena. It derives its design from the
    19TH century Neo-Gothic style. The church has
    double spires which have a cross that is 12 feet
    high. The catacomb that lies beneath this stature
    is entirely made up of immaculate white marble.
    It is said that the hall is big enough to
    accommodate a 1000 worshippers inside.
  • According to legend, this church is dedicated to
    the 3rd-century saint Philomena who was the
    daughter of a reputed monarch in Greece. Her
    parents were childless for several years and they
    prayed to Jesus to bless them with a child. Next
    year itself, Philomena saw the light of this
    world. When Philomena was a teenager, her father
    took her to Rome to obtain the favour of Emperor
    Diocletian. The Emperor was enticed by her
    flawless beauty and proposed her then and there.
    Nevertheless, she disagreed to the proposition.
    With vengeance in his heart, the Emperor ordered
    to have her executed. Therefore, this church not
    only stands to signify the secular nuances but
    also the religious accord present in the church.
  • Insider Tips
  • The church is open from 5 AM -6 PM every day. The
    mass is scheduled from 5 AM -9 AM every day in
    the morning and 6 AM- 6 30 PM in the evenings.

5. Mysore Zoo
  • Mysore sightseeing is incomplete without paying a
    visit to the Mysore Zoo. This zoo is again one of
    the most visited tourist places in Mysore. It is
    usually a part of the Mysore Palace tour package.
    It is one of the most noted and oldest zoos in
    southern India. The layout and planning were
    meticulously done by the Department of Parks and
    Gardens of the State Government.
  • The zoo has coverage of over 158 acres of land
    and is home to myriad homeless animals and birds
    in the country. Karanji Lake mentioned above is
    now a part of the zoos jurisdiction and offers a
    serene escapade to boating. The zoo came into
    limelight globally when an elephant gave birth to
    its baby with caesarean section delivery, making
    it the worlds first zoo to witness this wonder.
    As many as 168 different species reside in this
    zoo. From aquatic beings to terrestrial animals
    to primate and reptiles, there is immense
    biodiversity in the zoo.
  • Insider Tips
  • The best time to swing by this zoo is during
    winters, during the day hours. Either you can
    plan your trip before 11. 30 AM or drop by after
    3. 30 PM, when the crowd is a little less. It can
    be one of the perfect weekend gateways if you are
    with kids and family. During this time, the zoo
    conducts certain education programmes such as
    Youth Club activities, Literary Competitions, and
    Summer Camp activities. Nonetheless, the Insect
    Exhibition steals the show. So what are you
    waiting for? Your weekend is sorted right here,
    right now!

6. Talakadu
  • If you are a history buff, this is the right
    place for you. Talakadu is a historic destination
    which is situated on the banks of river Kaveri.
    It has massive stretches of sand along its
    circumference. Replete with rich past and
    heritage, it is famous for its Vaidyanatheshwara
    Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The place derives
    its name from two imminent local chieftains Tala
    and Kada.
  • There are a number of temples dotting the banks
    of the River Kaveri. They were buried under the
    sand and are excavated once in every 12 years.
    This calls for a special worship called the
    Panchalinga Darshana. It includes five major
    temples namely Vaidyeshwara temple, Arkeshwara
    temple, Vasukishwara or Pataleshwara temple
    Saikateshwara or Maraleshwara temple and
    Mallikarjuna temple. It is said that the
    Pataleshwara Shivalinga change colours according
    to the time of the day. The colour ranges from
    crimson red in the mornings, tan black in
    afternoons to white in the evenings. Bizarre yet
  • Insider Tip
  • The best time to visit this place is in the
    winter months of November to January. It is when
    the sands are cool and pleasant to walk on.
    Summers see formations of sand dunes at times and
    make it balmy to step on them. Talakuda is said
    to be cursed. Ensure finding out the reason
    yourself when you go. You will be shocked to know
    the truth!
  • Many private buses ply conveniently from both
    Bangalore and Mysore. It is your call to choose
    the one best suited for you.

7. Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta
  • Are you an adventurer at heart? Do you like to do
    something different, out of the blue? Cheers to
    you then because here is what you have wished
    for. Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta is one of the
    highest hills in the city and translates to white
    hills in Kannada. It has an elevation of 3780 ft.
    and an absolute point for trekking. The path is
    well marked until its peak. It takes
    approximately 2.5 hours to climb uphill and
    another 1.5 hours to reach downhill. The track
    starts with a half kilometre walk .This is done
    on a relatively even path. After this point, the
    elevation of slope increases by a lot. The
    hilltop view portrays an alluring and picturesque
    vista. One can notice hillocks from the
    surrounding Kanakapura range, mainly BM betta,
    Kabbala Durga and Savanadurga too.

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