BIM Engineering US., L.L.C. - Best VDC / BIM services in the US - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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BIM Engineering US., L.L.C. - Best VDC / BIM services in the US


BIM Engineering US., L.L.C. render's premium VDC Services for projects in the US – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: BIM Engineering US., L.L.C. - Best VDC / BIM services in the US

The influence of VDC/BIM Services in the
Construction Sector
Construction Professionals working on complex
structures understand the importance of
coordination between trades viz. Architecture,
Structure, MEP FP.
VDC Modeling
  • Construction Professionals working on complex
    structures understand the importance of
    coordination between trades viz. Architecture,
    Structure, MEP FP. The complete process can
    take about 50 of the project value, and if
    performed correctly, can save massively on
    project budget and time.
  • The coordination process has taken over legacy
    building methods that include non-intelligent 2D
    manual drawings. With VDC services, architects
    can take owners on a precision tour of their
    unbuilt property on a software, via real-time
  • VDC Modeling makes sure all the trades and
    elements work together, and make sure what is
    built is accurate and meets client requirements.
    There are various benefits of VDC that can help
    architects and construction project managers
    construct a visual representation of your
    construction project even before you start
    breaking the ice.

Virtual Design and Construction Services
  • Virtual Design and Construction Services make
    sure the 3D model is highly precise and effective
    across the entire life-span of the project.
    Owners and stakeholders can build tangible
    results at each step of the construction and
    post-construction process.
  • Few of the benefits of VDC / BIM Services include
  • Decreased project costs
  • Time and Schedule Optimization
  • Enhanced team collaboration
  • Safer on-site work through project forecasting
  • Better project deliverables

VDC does provide a significant impact on various
areas of the building process
  • Clear Visualization
  • Site Planning
  • 4D Scheduling
  • 5D Cost Estimation
  • Clash Detection
  • Pre-fabrication and Fabrication
  • Constructability reviews
  • FM services

Projects built with VDC / BIM services can win
more project bids
  • The true sense of VDC Services can be seen in the
    bidding process. The bidding process is one of
    the most complex and competitive processes for
    firms to win projects. There are various
    stakeholders that are involved in the whole
    process bid reviews by client, proposals from
    various engineering trades, general contractors,
    material suppliers and more
  • With the adoption of VDC, architects and
    engineers can create a detailed information-rich
    model of the project for client presentation.
    Thus, a federated model of key requirements helps
    construction companies win more projects

Forecasting Budget Projections
  • Cost estimation or project costing is one of the
    most vital aspects of construction and BIM.
    Owners and stakeholders rely on accurate budget
    projections to make informed decisions, and
    Virtual Design and Construction Services in the
    US create detailed models of projects to extract
    vital data put forth precise cost estimates

VDC Services enhance communication and
  • One of the biggest challenges in the construction
    industry includes rework. This produces a lot of
    construction waste and reduces work-force
    productivity as well. With VDC in the picture,
    theres enhanced communication and collaboration
    between various trades at any level of the
    construction project
  • Rather than working in silos, project teams can
    collaborate and work together to resolve any
    conflict or ambiguity at the initial stage of the
    construction process

Highly Efficient Energy Systems
  • With VDC Services, high-quality 3D models can be
    built and represented. These models are used to
    obtain in-depth analysis of energy usage and
    efficiency that can impact the design and
    building lifecycle. Energy efficiency includes
    various materials, instruments, equipment, and
    the actual overall facilities
  • BIM takes it a step further whilst calculating
    energy efficiency of external appliances that
    need to be installed after construction. These
    equipments are used by occupants viz. in-house
    lighting and heating systems, elevator function,
    refrigeration, installation of renewable energy
    systems and more. Clash detection is one of the
    most crucial processes, with VDC services all the
    elements and systems are combined into a single
    model to analyze clash detection between various

Keep your work-force safe onsite
  • With VDC Modeling, on-site labor or building
    professionals can be kept safe whilst improving
    safety measures during the actual building phase
    or facility management as well. With a well-oiled
    3D model, site workers know each corner of the
    structure and are well aware of what goes where
    and the level of safety that needs to be taken
    into account

Final Takeaways
  • VDC services are used by organizations around the
    globe to improve project performance and keeping
    the project on time and budget. VDC enables
    construction firms to build information-rich 3D
    models that enable owners and stakeholders
    demonstrate precise costing and time management
    to win bids and proposals.
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