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Are you planning your honeymoon or heading out for a solo trip to explore Darjeeling’s dreamy destinations? We are here to throw light on this hillside beauty’s changing seasons and the best time and popular places to visit in Darjeeling. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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  • Are you planning your honeymoon or heading out
    for a solo trip to explore Darjeelings dreamy
    destinations? We are here to throw light on this
    hillside beautys changing seasons and the best
    time and popular places to visit in Darjeeling.
    One of the most popular hill stations in India,
    Darjeeling is loved for its diverse ethnic
    culture and scenic beauty which is bound to leave
    you awestruck. The serene and cool weather adds
    to the beauty of the place and makes it more
    mesmerising. You can visit Darjeeling throughout
    the year as the weather remains cool and
    pleasant. However, you might want to reconsider
    your travel plans during the monsoon season as
    landslides are common during this time. We bring
    to you a season wise break up which will help you
    plan that much awaited romantic date with your
    darling in Darjeeling!

Why visit Darjeeling?
  • Before we take you through the seasons of this
    scenic marvel, heres Darjeeling for you in a
    nutshell.This picturesque hill station from
    Indias colonial past is every nature lovers
    dream and travellers often wonder when the best
    time to visit Darjeeling is. Anyone who has
    travelled here would tell you that March, April
    and May (spring) and September, October and
    November (autumn) are the best months for
    Darjeeling tourism.
  • Popularly known as the Queen of all hill
    stations, located in the northern part of West
    Bengal, Darjeeling is all about magnificent views
    of the snow-capped Kanchenjunga, torrents flowing
    down the mountain slopes, lovely tea gardens,
    landscapes with firs, pines and ferns, and
    splendid natural beauty. Covering an area of
    1,200 sq. miles and surrounded by the Himalayan
    peaks, it is indeed a beautiful place with
    several lush green tea estates. Also, did you
    know that Darjeeling was named after the word
    Dorji in Tibetan which means Thunderbolt and
    Ling which means Place? Therefore, Darjeeling
    literally means The place of thunderbolt.

Darjeeling has a lot to offer
  • Darjeeling visits are always memorable and
    refreshing. Those festive lanes, shops,
    restaurants, and hotels assure a comfortable and
    fun filled stay. As you walk through the streets
    of Darjeeling, take a deep breath and experience
    the peace, warmth and bliss this place offers.
    Dont miss the historic toy train ride which will
    remain etched in your memory for years to come
    and the Senchal Lake, Ghoom Monastery, and
    Observatory Hill, which are among the most
    popular tourist attractions in Darjeeling. Try
    and book your stay at a tea estate and resort to
    experience the best of Darjeelings exotic
    tourist attractions. There are different kinds of
    places to stay in Darjeeling that cater to all
    budgets and tastes. So, you will always find one
    that suits you best.

Darjeeling in Summer From April to June
  • The temperature is mild during the summer season.
    It is usually around 25C and it is indeed the
    best time to visit Darjeeling. Summer months from
    April to June are great for Darjeeling tourism as
    the climate is at its best during these months
    and there are so many outdoor activities to
    explore. Also, this is the season when tourist
    footfall is very high. Dont forget to check out
    the mesmerising sunrise on Tiger Hill and witness
    the beauty of Kanchenjunga, the highest mountain
    peak in India. The Barbotey Rock Garden is also a
    great place to visit during summers in
    Darjeeling. Extreme cold slowly fades away and
    the weather becomes tranquil and pleasant by the
    end of March. One of the best seasons to visit
    Darjeeling is during summer. Colourful magnolia
    and rhododendrons bloom aplenty throughout the
    season. Taking a stroll in the streets of
    Darjeeling during summers is an unforgettable
    experience in itself. Some light woollens and
    shawls are all that you will need in this season.
    The evenings wont be chilly and so you can
    easily explore the surroundings by walking.

Darjeeling in Monsoon From July to September
Darjeeling in Monsoon From July to September
  • Starting from July onwards, heavy monsoon is
    usually witnessed in Darjeeling. Monsoons are
    great but visiting Darjeeling during these months
    might prove to be inconvenient due to roadblocks
    in every nook and corner along with frequent
    occurrence of landslides. However, if you have
    already made plans to visit Darjeeling during the
    monsoon months, you will fall in love with the
    lush-green surroundings drenched in rain which
    make for some amazing photographic shots. On the
    other hand, by the time it is September end,
    there is lesser rainfall. So you can definitely
    consider planning your Darjeeling trip during
    this time. The places to stay in Darjeeling, like
    hotels and resorts offer lucrative deals during
    monsoons as it is considered to be the off
    season. This means you can book a luxurious hotel
    at an unbelievably reasonable price and enjoy
    your pleasant monsoon stay.

Darjeeling in Monsoon From July to September
  • October is when the monsoon season usually ends
    and the climate is back to being pleasant and
    tranquil. The average temperature normally ranges
    between 7 and 5 degree Celsius. But there are
    times when the temperature can drop down to -2
    degree Celsius, so make sure you pack your warm
    clothes. Curio items of Tibetan and Himalayan
    origin, thangkas, miniature monasteries and
    garments made from yak wool are also widely
    available during this time of the year. One of
    the must have delicacies during Darjeeling
    monsoons is Thukpa, a noodle based recipe
    inspired from Tibetan cuisine. You can also visit
    quaint cafes and sip on piping hot coffees, teas
    or hot chocolate while reading a book or chatting
    with a friend.

Darjeeling in Winter From October to March
Darjeeling in Winter From October to March
  • Winter season is super chilly in Darjeeling as
    the temperature ranges between 2C and 7C during
    this time. It usually begins from October and
    lasts till March, but can be the best time to
    visit Darjeeling and enjoy its snowy and pristine
    beauty. You can get a spectacular view of the
    snow-capped mountains and enjoy the solitude
    since not many tourists flock here in this
    season. Imagine spending quality time with your
    loved one in Darjeeling during winters. So
    romantic, isnt it?
  • Dont forget to carry your woollen clothes if you
    are planning to visit Darjeeling anytime between
    December and February. Yet another great
    attraction in Darjeeling is the wide variety of
    local ethnic foods. Due to the prevalence of
    diverse cultures, you get to taste authentic
    local food from several ethnic groups like
    Tibetan, Nepali, Bengali, and so on. The world
    famous aromatic Darjeeling tea, local handmade
    snacks like Churpee (made out of Yaks milk) and
    local drinks like Tongba (a local beer) are
    simply delicious and lip-smacking good.
    Darjeeling is also renowned for delicacies like
    Thukpa, momos, alu dum, traditional Nepali thali,
    Dalle, kakra ko achar and kinema, naga
    cuisine,shaphalay, sael roti and gundruk. Now you
    can totally picture yourself having a cup of
    Darjeeling tea with some piping hot momos, right?

Darjeelings Brilliant Landscape
  • Now that you are aware of Darjeelings changing
    seasons, it is now time to delve deeper into how
    this spectacular hill station town is laid out.
    Darjeelings landscape as a whole can be
    visualized as three major levels on the hills.
    And each level is inevitably connected to the
    other with steep narrow roads.
  • Chowrasta Mall which is also known as the Town
    Center, is located at the top level, which is
    also one of the popular places to visit in
    Darjeeling. This is where most of Darjeelings
    popular hotels, restaurants and shops are
    located. The top level essentially comprises the
    Nehru Road entirely which leads up to the Mall,
    that is the Mall Road itself. Several hotels have
    come up along Zakir Hussain Road and many hotels
    at the top level offer great views of the
    Kanchenjunga snow peaks.
  • The second level is essentially the area along
    Laden La Road which goes down and connects the
    top level with places like station area, Chowk
    Bazaar etc at the bottom level. You will find
    many Indian styled hotels and shops, along with
    brilliant scenic views of the surrounding

Darjeelings Brilliant Landscape
  • The bottom level is where the popular Chowk
    Bazaar is located. The area remains crowded most
    of the time with locals comprising mostly of
    Nepalese, Tibetans, Lepchas and Bhutias. You can
    find a wide range of budget friendly places to
    stay in Darjeeling here. However, none of them
    can actually offer great views of the mountain
    peak. If you are fond of trekking and walking the
    distance, you can walk all the way up to the top
    most level, which takes about 30 minutes of
    uphill walking.
  • Well there you go, people! We hope you got a
    clear picture of what Darjeeling offers and
    heres what we have to say about the Queen of
    hill stations! Shout out to all the tourists,
    these are two best seasons to visit Darjeeling
  • Between March to May  During Summer season
  • Between October to November  Sometimes during
    winter season
  • Both these times, the temperature is pleasantly
    cool and the sky is usually clear, offering
    spectacular views of the Kanchenjunga snow peaks.
    So, start planning your Darjeeling trip and we
    hope you have a great time.


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