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How to Choose your Vape Juice Right


There are many things that you need to remember when using e-juice. These include finding your nicotine strengths, flavorings, price of e-juice, etc. Since your body is the best judge for nicotine consumption choose based on your need. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: How to Choose your Vape Juice Right

E-Liquid Guide
For All Vapers
What is vape juice?
Vape juice is the liquid that you find in vape
devices. These are known by many names. For
instance, some call it e-juice, e-liquids, juice
or vape juice. This is an important part of
vaping, without it the device is just a gadget
thats of no use. The device heats the e-juice
turning it into vapor that you inhale.
Interestingly, there are several best e-juice
brands that you can choose from. Thats not all,
these vape juices also come in several
lip-smacking flavors, nicotine strength, PG-VG
ratio, etc.
Vape Juice Ingredients - PG VG
The vape juice base contains both Vegetable
Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG). Some of
the e-juices contain 100 VG or 1005 PG. But this
is not common. In fact, most of the e-juices
contain a perfect balance of both PG and VG. High
VG gives good vapor and high PG gives you good
flavor. Since you would want to enjoy both flavor
and vapor, you need a perfect balance. Most
e-juices contain 70/30 VG/PG ratio.
Vape Juice Flavor
When it comes to e-juice flavors, the flavor
concentrates are water soluble and made from
fragrances or food flavorings. In fact, the best
vape juice brings forth amazing variety of
flavors. Right from fruit, tobacco, menthol to
candy, dessert, and more the options are many. In
simple words, depending on your personal choice,
you can choose from a plethora of flavors.
Choose Right Nicotine Strength
When it comes to e-juices, the nicotine is
optional. Depending on your personal choice, you
can choose from the various nicotine strength
available or no nicotine at all. It can range
from less than 1 to up to 5. If the user
doesnt want to use nicotine, then they can
choose non-nicotine e-juices too. For instance
3mg is low and 36 is very high. You can choose
How much are you consuming?
First of all, find out how much e-juice you are
actually consuming each day. The best is to
calculate the vape juice consumption by
multiplying the number of tankfuls that you need
a day with the tank capacity. Next, calculate
your consumption. You would find that on your
e-juice bottle, mentioned in mg/mL. Just
multiply it with the milimeters you are consuming
in a day. No matter what you calculate, your body
is the best judge to find out what you are
capable of.
Pricing Of E-liquid
Vape juice pricing isnt fixed. Depending on the
vape juice ingredient, quantity and ingredients
prices actually vary a lot. Moreover, when you
get what you pay for, doesnt mean there are no
overpriced e-juices. Due to this reason, you must
choose the one carefully. Conduct a price
comparison when you are buying and then choose
the right one accordingly. It can range from 15
to 30 or more. Also, the cost depends on the
bottle size ranging from 30ml, 60ml or 120ml max.
Steeping Your E-Liquid
Steeping of your e-juice is like letting your
wine age, which would bring out the flavor and
vapor deeply. Ensure you shake the bottle before
steeping to ensure the mix is completely
homogenized. If the e-juice flavor is strong
enough, you can remove the top cap as well as let
the bottle breathe a bit. Now, if the e-juice
flavor is weak, leave the top cap on and place it
in a dark cool place for a few days or a week.
You can also place it in a warm water bath and
repeat it for a few times till water reaches room
Buy E-juice Now Enjoy Vaping
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