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Meaning of Selling Financial Instruments and Their Advantages


Financial instruments are resources that can be exchanged. There are a lot of advantages of selling financial instruments with SBLC which are as follows. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Meaning of Selling Financial Instruments and Their Advantages

Importance of Understanding the Technical
Analysis of Financial Instruments
  • Technical analysis has been around for many
    several years, dating back to the eighteenth
    century when a Japanese rice trader developed
    candlestick charting.
  • Regardless of the continued development of the
    theoretical side of the discipline, until as of
    late technical analysis remained confined to the
    realm of large institutions that had the
    necessary money and assets required to use it
  • Initially the money and assets were utilized
    employing research analysts who might build and
    maintain hand-drawn charts yet this eventually
    gave way to PCs.

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  • In the early days, be that as it may, PCs filled
    whole rooms and, indeed, must be afforded by
    large institutions.
  • It has just been in the last 10-15 years that
    personal computing power has allowed retail
    traders/investors the chance to use technical
    analysis as a tool for analyzing and selling
    financial instruments which, in all honesty, has
    turned out to be both a good thing and a bad

  • For an example of how far along we've come in
    this area, one need looks no further than the
    I-phone which already allows traders/investors to
    access trading platforms and charts in request to
    place trades at any time, wherever they may be
    around the world.
  • Interestingly, technical analysis has also become
    a significant wellspring of income and profit for
    major financial institutions because of
    technological advancements.
  • Algorithmic and high recurrence trading have
    developed because PCs can read information,
    interpret it, and execute arranges a whole lot
    faster than human beings.

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  • The clear majority of these frameworks are based
    on price action and technical guidelines, not
    fundamental ones.
  • The development of technology and the ensuing
    ease with which retail traders/investors can
    access the market has also brought forth a new
    class of individuals who have adopted the
    misguided belief that they can achieve success in
    the market using technical analysis, in spite of
    the fact that they have very little education or
  • And this is not completely the fault of the

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  • A large part of the blame must be worn by the
    many and varied 'operators' out there who have
    hijacked technical analysis and advanced it as a
    means by which individuals can make snappy and
    easy wealth.
  • The snappy and easy part couldn't possibly be
    more off-base and it is the advancement of the
    discipline in this way that, in my opinion,
    causes significant damage to new
    traders/investors and, as an expansion of that,
    the discipline itself.
  • Technical analysis, similar to any other
    technique for financial analysis, is not
    something which can be learned medium-term and it
    ought to never be advanced as such.

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  • It requires a considerable amount of centered
    learning before one may be viewed as skillful in
    the area.
  • When a skillful level is reached, it then takes
    many more years of study and application before
    one may be viewed as a specialist in the field.
  • This helps in selling financial instruments.

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