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Siliguri is the main commercial city of North Bengal and its importance comes from its strategic location near international and state borders. Spread across the foothills of the Himalayas. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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  • Siliguri is the main commercial city of North
    Bengal and its importance comes from its
    strategic location near international and state
    borders. Spread across the foothills of the
    Himalayas, it is also an important transport,
    trading, and educational centre. Popularly known
    as the 2nd largest city in West Bengal, it is
    also known as the gateway of North-Eastern India.
    Siliguri is also famous for its 4 Ts which is
    Tea, Transport, Tourism, and Timber. There are a
    number of wild life sanctuaries, heritage sites,
    hill stations, and scenic riverbanks, which
    feature among the top tourist attractions in

  • Top 11 Places To Visit In Siliguri
  • Salugara Monastery
  • Hong Kong Market
  • Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Kali Mandir
  • North Bengal Science Center
  • Coronation Bridge
  • Savin Kingdom
  • Sed Gyued Monastery
  • Umrao Singh Boat Club, Sukna
  • Dudhia
  • Chilapata Forest

1. Salugara Monastery
  • The Salugara Monastery is famously known for the
    massive 100-feet stupa that was established here
    by the Tibetan Lama, Kalu Rinpoche. The monastery
    was founded as a result of Tibetan Buddhist monks
    settling in the region during their exile. The
    monastery is also known as the International
    Tashi Gomang Stupa and is located approximately 6
    kilometres from the main city. The monastery
    houses five Buddhist relics and is a popular
    tourist attraction in Siliguri. Salugara
    Monastery is among the most frequented and
    revered places, located in the outskirts of
    Siliguri. The Buddhist shrine is mostly visited
    by tourists for meditation and prayer.

2. Hong Kong Market
  • Hong Kong Market is a popular location in the
    township of Siliguri for buying foreign goods and
    international brands like apparels and gadgets.
    Besides, the illegal shopping arcade also
    features old confectioners and restaurants. Like
    Dhulabari in Nepal, the market also offers a wide
    variety of imported goods at affordable prices.
    In comparison to metro cities, the goods sold
    here are nearly 30 cheaper than Kolkata and 40
    cheaper than Delhi and Mumbai. As the prices are
    not fixed, visitors can also bargain at this
    market. It is one of the most popular places to
    visit in Siliguri.
  • Hong Kong Market in Siliguri is one place where
    you get all imported products from China. This
    place on Hill Cart Road also specializes in
    imported goods from other Asian countries like
    Thailand and Nepal. Other items like electronics,
    clothes, and accessories are also available. Just
    make sure that you sharpen your bargaining skills
    before heading out to this market.

3. Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, a vast forest
    reserve is situated between River Mahananda and
    River Teesta. A natural habitat for many animals
    and unique plants, the sanctuary is spread over
    the green mountainous Himalayas. Spread across an
    area of 159.86 square kilometres, the wildlife
    reserve is abundant with green forests, tea
    gardens, and sparkling rivers of Jalpaiguri and
    Cooch Behar District. The Sukna check gate stands
    as the main entrance to the sanctuary, which has
    a forest bungalow on a hillock.
  • The animal species found in the sanctuary are
    mountain goat (Serow), cheetah, barking deer,
    tiger, porcupines, and more. Besides, the reserve
    is home for numerous migratory birds that fly
    from Central Asia during winter months. Mahananda
    Wildlife Sanctuary provides opportunity for the
    tourists to engage in forest safari and
    birdwatching at Latpancher and Golaghat. Along
    with this, visitors can also engage in activities
    like trekking and hiking at Deorali Mana.
    Although it is 18 kilometres away from the main
    township, the sanctuary is a popular tourist
    attraction in Siliguri and is mostly visited by
    tourists for picnic, birdwatching, forest safari,
    and trekking.

4. Kali Mandir
  • Kali Mandir, a Hindu temple is one of the most
    sacred places in Siliguri, located nearby Sevoke.
    Goddess Durga in the form of Kali is the main
    deity at the shrine. Sculpture of the Goddess is
    adorned with jewels and arms like sword and
    armoury. Dedicated to Goddess Kali, the temple is
    visited by countless devotees during the period
    of Durga Puja and Navratri, which is celebrated
    with great zeal and enthusiasm. During this
    period, the natives display various attractive
    shows and processions. One of the best places to
    visit in Siliguri, the temple also provides
    visitors an opportunity to sight the Kanchenjunga
  • Being an ancient temple located on the banks of
    the Teesta River, the temple is believed to be
    the home of Goddess Kali who acts as a protector
    of the locals living in the region. The temple is
    located on a nearby mountain and the walk to the
    temple can be a workout in itself. It is said
    that the locals, before any auspicious occasion,
    visit the temple to seek the goddesss blessings.

5. North Bengal Science Center
  • North Bengal Science Centre, Siliguri is a
    vibrant science centre under National Council of
    Science Museums, Ministry of Culture, and
    Government of India. Since its inception on
    August 17, 1997, there have been continuous
    efforts for inclusive science communication.
    North Bengal Science Centre (NBSC) located at
    Matigara is located about four kilometres away
    from the Siliguri Township. One of the most
    popular tourist attractions in Siliguri, The main
    attractions of the centre are Digital
    Planetarium, 3D Theater, Science Shows (Super
    Cold Show-Showing low temperature properties of
    matter, Fun with Bubbles, Amazing Chemistry, and
    Unexpected Science), Taramandal Shows, Galleries
    on various science topics and its green Science
    Park. The centre has galleries on Popular
    Science, Nature Interpretation Gallery, Life
    Science Corner and a Travelling Exhibition
    Section. The gallery on Nature Interpretation
    depicts the flora and fauna of seven forest zones
    of North Bengal. The central theme of the gallery
    is the biodiversity (flora and fauna), biosphere
    (Forest Zone) of the North Bengal and dialects,
    customs, traditions and culture of the people of
    North Bengal. Seven ecosystems of North Bengal
    have been presented through dioramic
    presentations supported by a light and sound show
    with bilingual commentary. In the popular science
    gallery, visitors can have fun with mirrors,
    learn the principles of musical instruments and
    how movies are made. All along the visit the
    visitors can touch and feel the objects and
    participate in order to stimulate their
    inquisitive mind.

6. Coronation Bridge
  • Coronation Bridge is otherwise known as the Loha
    Pul. It is a bridge that connects Siliguri to
    the Jalpaiguri District in West Bengal. The
    bridge is a prime example of precise engineering
    combined with beautiful aesthetic styles. The
    bridge offers a panoramic view of Siliguris
    natural landscape. You can enjoy adventure sports
    activities like rafting and canoeing in the
    bellowing waters that flow under the bridge. A
    visit to the bridge is a must if you find
    yourself on the outskirts of Siliguri.
  • Coronation Bridge, also known as Sevoke
    Coronation Bridge was built in 1930 over the
    Teesta River at the confluence of Rangeet River
    and Teesta River to mark the Coronation of the
    King George V. The bridge is located close to
    Sevokeswari Kali Mandir in Siliguri.

7. Savin Kingdom
  • The Savin Kingdom is an amusement park in
    Siliguri. This amusement park is, usually,
    surrounded by many tea estates. You can spend
    time at the amusement park engaging in the
    numerous rides the park has to offer. The park is
    a hit with children so make sure to take your
    kids here. Its also a great place to reawaken
    the childlike wonder in you. If you do not wish
    to take part in the rides, you can just relax in
    the nearby tea estates. Savin Kingdom is an
    amusement park set in the midst of spacious and
    serene tea farms. Owing to plenty of
    opportunities and facilities for recreation, the
    park is frequented by tourists and natives of all
  • The themed castle park is established on the
    banks of Mahananda River over an area of 10
    acres. Savin Kingdom is segregated into three
    sections, which include dry park section,
    cultural section and food court section. Dry park
    section features thrilling rides such as Break
    Dance, Go Kart, and Swing chair, Paratrooper,
    Dashing Cars Monorail and Fume Ride. The cultural
    section features activities such as pottery
    making, henna painting and magic shows.

8. Sed Gyued Monastery
  • The Sed Gyued Monastery is a magnificent
    structure located in Siliguri. The monastery is
    an important Tibetan Meditation Centre. It was
    attacked by the Chinese army and was almost
    destroyed in the Indo-China war. It has since
    been rebuilt and restored to its former glory.
    The monastery is home to more than 90 monks and
    serves as a research centre of Tibetan culture. A
    visit to the monastery is a serene experience.
    Located in Siliguri, the Sed-Gyued Monastery is a
    breathtaking monument which was destroyed by the
    Army of China, and then rebuilt. The monastery is
    home to more than 90 monks of the Gelukpa
    Divison, and is presently used as a research
    centre. Photographers and experience seekers love
    to visit this place and meditate there.

9. Umrao Singh Boat Club, Sukna
  • Umrao Singh Boat Club at Sukna is a famous
    tourist location, developed and maintained by
    Indian Army. This club provides boating
    opportunities for the visitors. Tourists can
    avail boats of various sizes and shapes. Pedal
    and engine fitted motor boats are available in
    plenty for a lake ride. For safety of tourists,
    motor boats accompany visitors for boating.
    Positioned amidst tea plantations and serene
    surroundings, the boat club is frequented by
    tourists visiting the destination. Sukna is the
    place where Umrao Singh Boat Club is located and
    this place is located in Siliguri. The Indian
    Army is responsible for the development and
    maintenance of this place. There are many
    amenities for boating and entertainment.
    Different kinds of boats varying in shapes and
    sizes have been made available for the tourists
    so that they can hire them. Engine fitted as well
    as pedal boats are available in large numbers in
    this place and while boating, you will be
    accompanied by some official guides. The club is
    positioned in a picturesque place and is
    accurately located in the area snuggled with
    abundant greenery and tea plantations. The cool
    and tranquil atmosphere in this club makes it a
    very charming place to spend your weekend. In a
    nutshell, we can describe this place as a very
    proper destination for enjoying boating and
    viewing the natural beauty of the surroundings.

10. Dudhia
  • Dudhia is a small hamlet on Mirik-Siliguri
    highway on the bank of river Balason. There are
    several small tea shops where you can get other
    essentials. Dudhia is a tranquil tourist spot.
    Above Gokul, as the hill starts rising from the
    plain, you can find Dudhia viewpoint. You can see
    far and wide from here including a great view of
    River Balasan. Dudhia is located on the outskirts
    of Siliguri and is a beautiful town. The town is
    blessed with lush greenery and beautiful river.
    The river makes for an excelling kayaking and
    canoeing spot.The banks of the river are a great
    camping spot. Dudhia is particularly famous
    amongst nature and adventure enthusiasts. Dudhia
    is abuzz with activity during the winter months
    as it is one of the most popular picnic spots for
    the locals including people from Siliguri. During
    the rest of the year, you will love to spend a
    couple of hours on the banks of the river to
    enjoy natures splendour. There is no other
    activity available here but to enjoy the
    surrounding and the river. Be careful and stay
    away from the direction of gunshots, as there is
    a shooting range of the armed forces in the
    vicinity, which is used quite regularly. Dudhia
    is surrounded by some of the best tea gardens of
    the area such as Longview Tea Garden, Gayabari
    Tea Garden, Marianbari Tea Garden, and Panighata
    Tea Garden etc. If you have the time to explore
    the area, you may try walking among the tea
    gardens. Small hikes to places such as Kurseong,
    Mirik etc. can easily be done on your own, by
    enquiring to the local people. Most such hikes
    can be completed within a day or less.

11. Chilapata Forest
  • The Chilapata Forest lies on the very edge of the
    Siliguri Border limits and is a must-go place for
    every wildlife enthusiasts. The forest acts as a
    pathway between the Jaldapara National Park and
    the Buxa Tiger Reserve, you will get to see
    elephants travelling here during their mating
    season. You can also spot animals like rhinos and
    leopards in the forest. Besides the animals here
    you can also visit the decayed forts of the Nal
    kings and hitch a tonga ride by the Bania River.
  • Situated at an hour drive 68 kilometres/42.3
    miles from Siliguri, the Chilapata Forest
    structures an elephant passageway between the
    Jaldapara National Park and Buxa Tiger Reserve.
    Chilapata Forest is a thick woodland so it is
    prudent that you take a jeep safari to dive deep
    inside the timberland and appreciate the
    vegetation, fauna, and natural life up close.
    These woods used to be the chasing ground for
    lords and still has numerous rhinos, elephants,
    deers, and peacocks in them.
  • The principle fascination in the zone is a
    stronghold of the Nal lords known as the Nalraja
    Garh. In spite of the fact that it is presently
    in ruins, this fortress was built during the
    Gupta domain in the fifth century, which is
    thought to be the Golden Age of India. Close to
    the stronghold entryway there are uncommon trees
    called Ramguna, which are otherwise called
    draining trees since when they are cut, you can
    see red hued blood-like juice spilling out of its

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