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Bengaluru is the capital city of Karnataka and has earned several names such as Silicon Valley of India, Pub Capital of India, Air Conditioned City and City of Gardens. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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  • Bengaluru is the capital city of Karnataka and
    has earned several names such as Silicon Valley
    of India, Pub Capital of India, Air Conditioned
    City and City of Gardens. It is a fine mix of
    leisure, work, and a hub where the vibrant
    colours of the youth can be experienced. For
    travellers, Bangalore is like a treat as there
    are a variety of places to experience. Some of
    these include restaurants, pubs, natural
    getaways, and architectural marvels. In short,
    Namma Bengaluru is simply awesome. So here is the
    checklist of places to see in Bangalore.
  • But did you know how Bengaluru derives its name?
  • According to legend, Hoysala King Veera Ballara
    lost his way during a hunting expedition met an
    old lady who offered him a humble meal of boiled
    beans. Benda Kalluru a Kannada word, which means
    boiled beans is kept by the king to show his
    gratitude to her. A hub of sprawling tech parks,
    posh boutiques, several pubs and restaurants,
    architectural marvels and natural getaways
    Bengaluru is a mix of everything.

  • Top 15 tourist places in Bengaluru for your next
  • Majestic Bangalore Palace
  • Cubbon Park
  • MG Road
  • Lalbagh Botanical Garden
  • UB City Mall
  • Bannerghatta National Park
  • Wonderla
  • Film City
  • Ulsoor Lake
  • Commercial Street
  • Vidhan Soudha
  • Nandi Hills
  • Bull Temple
  • Shiva Temple
  • The Dodda Ganapathi Temple

1. Majestic Bangalore Palace
  • It is the embodiment of beauty and architecture,
    which is preserved in the form of the spice of
    old glorious fortune. Currently, the palace is a
    central attraction, which was built in 1878. The
    palaces wooden structure along with the
    beautiful carvings on both sides of the palace is
    like a representation of the royal culture in
    different ways. The palace can be visited between
    1000 AM to 530 PM.
  • In addition to being the tourist spot, the palace
    also acts as a host for various cultural events,
    marriages, and rock shows. The main attraction
    point of the palace is that the seats are made up
    of granite, which is decorated with fluorescent
    blue tiles, a tale ballroom in the fairy theme,
    the famous painters painting, Durban hall etc.
  • Opened in 2005 for public viewing. Now it is
    under the ownership of the descendant of the
    Mysore Royal Family, Srikanta Datta Narasimharaja
  • HistoryThe palace was purchased in 1873 by the
    guardians of Chamaraja Wadiyar from Reverend J
    Garrett and was constructed in 1874. Tourist can
    understand the history as audio tapes are
    available inside the palace, both in Hindi and

  • HistoryThe palace was purchased in 1873 by the
    guardians of Chamaraja Wadiyar from Reverend J
    Garrett and was constructed in 1874. Tourist can
    understand the history as audio tapes are
    available inside the palace, both in Hindi and
  • Attractions
  • The palace is extraordinarily vast and spread
    across 45,000 square feet with 35 rooms and a
    manual lift.
  • The Palace is home to many renowned paintings of
    19-century and 20-century including those by Raja
    Ravi Varma, one of Indias most famous painters.
  • There is a large collection of photographs
    offering a glimpse of different generations of
    the Wadiyar dynasty along with the evolution of
    Bangalore over the last century.
  • How to reach? The palace is situated between in
    the heart of Bangalore city. Metro, bus, or cabs
    is connected to this place.TipsDuration 4
    hoursTimings 1000 AM 530 PMEntry
    Fee Indian INR 230, Foreigner INR 460
    (Electronics are separately chargeable)

2.  Cubbon Park
  • Spread over an area of 300 acres, Cubbon Park is
    a major sightseeing place for nature lovers.
    Having been laid down by Lord Cubbon, it is home
    to more than 6,000 trees that support a vibrant
    ecosystem. The park is a major sightseeing spot
    in Bangalore, which is rich in green vegetation.
    It is an ideal place for nature lovers and also
    for those who are looking for a calm and serene
  • In addition to this beautiful and serene sight,
    there are other places like the Cubbon Park
    Museum, Attara Kacheri etc. present inside the
    park. The park can be visited between 600 in the
    morning to 600 in the evening, while the two
    hours in the morning i.e. 600 am to 800 am. is
    strictly for the walkers.
  • How to reach?Visitors can easily reach the park
    by hiring a cab or boarding the KSRTC bus that is
    well connected to various important points of the
    city.Duration 1 2 hoursTimings 600 AM
    600 PM. Entry Fee FreeFamous
    For Photography, Experience Seekers and
  • Blossoming of several species and its flowers
    happens during October to March, which makes it
    the best time to visit this place
  • Avoid taking your vehicles to reach this park
    from 5 am to 8 am as roads surrounding the park
    remains closed and only light motor vehicles are
  • Closed on Mondays and second Tuesdays.

3. MG Road
  • MG Road is a one-stop destination for a perfect
    weekend, shopping adventure and clubbing.  A
    plethora of cafes, food outlets and restaurants
    offer delectable delicacies. You can enjoy a bit
    of both street shopping and expensive boutique
    shops. If you want to shop for unique local and
    ethnic fashion accessories, footwear, antiques,
    jewellery, this place wont let you down.
  • One of the busiest roads in Bangalore, MG road is
    the hub of various commercial and recreational
    activities in the town. Special treats for
    shoppers include silk sarees, cutlery, items made
    of bone china etc. And when you get tired after
    shopping, there are various restaurants around to
    help you relax and rebuild your energy.
  • HistoryIt was once known as South Parade during
    the pre-independence era but was renamed as
    Mahatma Gandhi Road on 26th February 1948.How to
    reach?You can easily hire an auto-rickshaw, ride
    a bus or a taxi to reach MG Road.Duration 2-3
    hoursTimings Throughout the dayEntry Fee Free

4. Lalbagh Botanical Garden
  • Nationally and Internationally renowned centre
    for botanical artwork, scientific study and also
    conservation of plants, it is heaven for all
    nature lovers.
  •  Lal Bagh covers an area 240 acres and has nearly
    1,854 species of plants. You will find rare
    plants of French, Persian, and Afghani origin.
    The Lal Bagh Rock, which is over 3000 million
    years old is a major tourist attraction. Other
    attractions within this park is the aquarium and
    the lake. Apart from nature lovers, it is a
    heaven for photographers also as it consists of a
    glass house, which hosts a very famous flower
    show that occurs annually.  The best time to
    visit the Lal Bagh is in January and August.
  • There are a lot of attraction points in the park
    that are sufficient to engage a person for an
    entire day. One example of such an attraction is
    the flower clock located at the entrance of the
    park, tree fossil which is almost 20 million
    years old, glass house, lecture hall etc. There
    are some courses offered by the garden
    management, which includes post-harvest
    technology, cultivation of the Bonsai, mushroom
    cultivation, and ikebana classes etc
  • HistoryCommissioned by Hyder Ali in 1760 and
    completed by his son Tipu Sultan who imported
    trees and plants from countries all over the
    world and planted them here.Duration 3
    hoursTimings 600 AM 700 PMEntry
    Fee Adults INR 10, Children Free
  • The park is situated on the southern side of the
    city, which is easily accessible by hopping on to
    any of the public transport.

5. UB City Mall
  • One stop shop for meeting all your high-end needs
    is UB City Mall, which is located in the Central
    Business District. The mall is constructed in the
    implausible area of around 13 acres. The place is
    a complete package, which is sufficient to fulfil
    your exclusive needs, be it high-end shopping of
    luxury things, spa after a tiring day or to
    appease your food cravings. The place is the
    nerve centre for almost all the global brand of
    luxury items like Rolex, Canali, and Louis
    Vuitton etc.
  • Attraction point
  • The mall is like a one-stop destination to do all
    the fun activities. There are lot many things to
    explore like the karaoke machines, open-air
    lounge, which is attached to the high-end dinner,
    grill, private party booth etc. Even there are
    options for peace lovers like spa, art gallery
    etc.How to reach?It is 8 km from Bangalore
    Airport and can be easily reached by private
    cabs, vehicles and rickshaw.Duration 2-3
    hoursTimings 1100 AM 11.30 PMEntry Fee Free

6. Bannerghatta National Park
  • One of the best places near Bangalore is the
    Bannerghatta National Park, situated around 22
    kilometres from Bangalore. The national park is
    shelter to variety of fauna and flora. The
    national park is also the first butterfly park of
    India along with other attractions like ten
    Reserve Forests, zoo, aquarium, crocodile farm,
    museum, childrens park etc. And the most
    exciting part is to have an up close and personal
    experience with various fascinating wildlife via
    jungle safari.
  • Bannerghatta National Park is wonderful
    rendezvous with nature in its most unadulterated
    form established in the year 1971. Rediscover and
    learn more about the sandalwood, bamboo,
    eucalyptus and many more trees while visiting
    this park.  In addition to a natural retreat,
    this park has adventure sports such as trekking
    and hiking. Blessed with the bounty of nature it
    is a unique learning experience for both adults
    and children.
  • Attraction point
  • For all the wildlife enthusiasts, Bannerghatta
    National Park is the astounding destination. The
    park is the perfect avenue to spend your weekend
    as it hosts various adventure sports for the
    people. Even people can experience little
    trekking adventure here as there is a gentle hill
    around the park. The best time to visit the
    Bannerghatta Park is between the months of
    November to June.

  • How to reach?Located 22 km away from Bangalore
    City Junction Visitors can easily reach the
    location by using the city bus with the route
    numbers 365, 366 or G-4, which are available
    every 20 minutes.Duration 5- 6
    hoursTimings Butterfly Park and boating 930
    AM 500 PM, Safari 1000 AM 430 PM, Closed
    on Tuesdays.Entry Fee Indians Adults INR 80,
    Kids (6 12 years) INR 40, Senior citizens INR
    50,Foreigners Adults INR 400, Kids INR
  • Reach park early on weekends as tickets sell out
  • The best time to visit this park is during the
    months of November to June when the weather is
    perfect and wildlife can be easily spotted.

7. Nandi Hills
  • Nandi Hills are a clear example of the adrenaline
    rush of the youth as it is the best option for
    the off-road lovers. Located around 60 kilometres
    from the city, in the list of places to visit
    near Bangalore, Nandi Hills are among the top
    choices, which are situated at height of the 4851
    feet above sea level. There are mesmerising views
    all around the hills and is full of monuments
    that make the place a perfect archetype of the
    wonderland or the bliss. There are a few famous
    temples located on the hills, and one must visit
    the Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple located at the
    Nandi Village, one of the oldest temples in the
  • There are numerous dhabas and restaurants around
    the area, and the must-try of the area is the
    local chaat along with various numerous local
    dishes like Jolada roti, Dosa, Akki roti, Vada,
    Sambhar, Kesari Bath etc. To visit the Nandi
    Hills, monsoon, summer and winter are immensely
    great to visit the hills. And if you plan to
    visit in summers, make sure you go in the early
    morning or late evening.
  • How to Reach?Situated about an hour and a half
    away from Bangalore Buses are available from
    most nearby cities and towns to Nandi Hills. You
    could also hire a cab or self-drive. There is one
    popular bus that travels to Nandi Hills on a
    daily basis, which is Anand Travels. Duration 4
    hoursTimings 600 AM 1000 PMEntry Fee Free

8. Wonderla
  • Famous for the high-thrill dry rides and fun
    rides Wonderla is said to be the best amusement
    park cum water park in the country featuring over
    60 rides.
  • Wonderla provide locker facility for men and
    women with reasonable charges of INR 170 per
    locker with INR 100 deposit.
  • You get an RFID band to access the locker, which
    can be can worn like a watch and used as a
    prepaid wallet to buy food and drinks by adding
    extra money.
  • How to reach?Situated on the outskirts of
    Bangalore. The most convenient way is to drive
    your car or hire a car for the day.  BMTC runs a
    special Volvo bus service to Wonderla.Duration 4
    -5 hoursTimings Weekdays 1100 AM 600 PM
    Weekend 1100 AM 700 PMEntry Fee Weekdays
    Adults INR 590, Children INR 460, Senior Citizens
    INR 390Weekends Adults INR 730, Children INR
    540, Senior Citizens INR 470.

9. Film City
  • Spread over 58 acres of land, The Film City is
    one of the famous tourist places in Bengaluru.
    Whether you like to shop, eat, simply walk,
    explore, and spend some quality time with
    friends, family, and kids. Other than enjoying
    the attractions, you can also explore some
    adventurous sports, museums, Bigg Boss Tour
    (Kannada Season).
  • How to Reach?The Film City is just 40 km away
    from Bangalore and can easily be reached via cabs
    or personal vehicle or BMTC Bus.Attractions-Aqua
    Kingdom, Cartoon City, Dino Park, Mini Golf,
    Haunted Mansion, Mirror MazeDuration 4-5
    hoursTimings 1000 AM 700 PMEntry Fee INR
    600 per person before 300 PM and INR 400 per
    person after 300 PM

10. Ulsoor Lake
  • Built by Sir Lewin Bentham Bowring Bangalores
    commissioner at that time,Ulsoor Lake is one of
    the largest lakes in Bangalore sprawled over an
    area of 123 acre. Sit back, click a few shots of
    the birds and relax to the tranquil ambience of
    this place. Boating is one of the most popular
    activities in Ulsoor Lake.  This place could be
    the best picnic spot for the weekend.
  • HistoryKempe Gowda, a ruler of the Vijayanagar
    Empire, was travelling through the place decided
    to take shelter under a tree, which turned out to
    be the same tree under which Mandava Rishi
    worshipped God Someswara. The Lord appeared to
    him in a dream and told him to build a temple of
    Someswara Pagoda and Ulsoor Lake was created by
    him in the process.
  • How to Reach?Ulsoor Lake can be reached by any
    mode of public transport.Duration 1-2
    hoursEntry Fee No entry fee

11. Commercial Street
  • Commercial Street is a fix for all your weekend
    entertainment and shopping needs. Needless to
    say, it is one of the most popular and visited
    shopping destinations in Bangalore. Famous Khadi
    Bhandar in dispensary road is a one-stop shop for
    varieties of fabric. One can get dupattas in
    every shade and even get them dyed at Dupatta
    House Narayan Pillai Street. If you are looking
    for silk dupattas, printed cotton checkout Pooja
    Collections. Lovers of silver wont be
    disappointed with the extensive collection of
    exquisite pieces.
  • How to Reach?Private cabs, buses, and auto
    rickshaws is easily available for Commercial
    Street.Duration 3-4 hoursTimings 1100 AM
    800 PMEntry Fee Free

12. Vidhaan Soudha
  • Popularly known as Taj Mahal of South India it
    is one of the most magnificent buildings in the
    city. The entire monument is illuminated with a
    million colourful lights on Sunday evenings and
    public holidays.
  • Thousands of tourists flock to witness this
    remarkable light show, which can be witnessed
    during evening time between 630 PM and 800 PM.
  • Bearing in mind the power shortages faced by many
    parts of the country, Vidhana Soudha is lit up
    for only two hours every day and run entirely on
    solar energy!
  • HistoryPandit Jawaharlal Nehru along with Chief
    Minister K.C. Reddy laid down the first brick of
    establishment on 13 July 1951. It took a good
    five years and it was finally inaugurated in 1956
    to become the largest legislative building in
  • How to Reach?The Bangalore Railway Station is
    only 5 km and Kempegowda Bus Station is 2.1 km
    away from Vidhana Soudha.Duration 1-2
    hoursTimings 1000 AM 530 PM (Closed on
    weekends and public holidays)Entry Fee Free

13. Bull Temple
  • Associated with mythological and religious
    significance this shrine is renowned and among
    the oldest temples in the city dedicated to
    Nandi, the wagon of Lord Shiva.Built in the
    16-century this Monolithic statue of deity Nandi
    is 4.5 metres tall and 6 metres long, carved from
    a granite rock, the sculpture reflects Dravidian
    artwork and is the largest Nandis sculpture in
    the world.HistoryAs per mythological stories a
    bull once saved farmers crops of groundnut. Every
    year farmers visit this temple to offer their
    first cultivated fruit to the deity. An annual
    groundnut fair is organised every year nearby the
  • How to Reach?This place is 6 km away from
    Bengaluru Railway Station.Duration 1-2
    hoursTimings 600 AM 800 PMEntry Fee No
    entry fee

14. Shiva Temple
  • 65-feet tall statue of Lord Shiva carved in white
    marble placed in an artificial pool of water
    symbolises Lord Shivas natural habitat. The
    entrance of the temple is marked with a 25 feet
    Linga symbolizing the sacred form of the deity.
    This temple is one of the most beautiful Shiva
    Temples in the country. How to Reach?Located
    at the Old airport road public transport for
    this place is easily available.Duration 1-2
    hoursTimings AnytimeEntry Fee Free

15. The Dodda Ganpathi Temple
  • On the premises of the Bull Temple, there is also
    a beautiful temple of Lord Ganesha. An
    interesting fact about this temple is that the
    statue of Lord Ganesh is made entirely from 110
    kilos of butter! What is really astonishing and
    noteworthy is that in the four-year tenure the
    butter doesnt melt or change shape even once.
  • Timings All days of the week 600 AM 1200 PM
    and 530 PM 900 PMDuration 1 to 2
    hoursEntry Fee Free

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