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Himachal Pradesh, which is famous as a backpacking and honeymoon destination, Manali is also the gateway for winter and summer adventure sports in Solang Valley. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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  • One of the resort towns in the state of Himachal
    Pradesh, which is famous as a backpacking and
    honeymoon destination, Manali is also the gateway
    for winter and summer adventure sports in Solang
    Valley. Always full of tourists, do not let this
    dissuade you from visiting Manali. However, like
    most hill stations, there is more to the town
    than just adventure. Take your pick religious
    tourism, adventure tourism, wildlife tourism
    whatever it is that youre searching for or you
    want everything combined in one trip, Manali will
    give you all this and more.
  • The best season to visit Manali is in winter
    between November and February. Let us look at
    some of the best tourist places in Manali.

  • 15 Best Places to visit in Manali
  • Hidimba Devi Temple
  • Solang Valley
  • Jogni Waterfalls
  • Old Manali
  • Museum of Himachal Culture and Folk Art
  • Tibetan Monastery
  • Nehru Kund
  • Manali Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Rohtang Pass Manali
  • Kothi
  • Beas Kund Trek
  • Vashisht Baths
  • Chandratal Baralacha Trek
  • Great Himalayan National Park
  • Hampta Pass Trek

1. Hidimba Devi Temple
  • One of the most popular places in any Manali
    sightseeing itinerary is the Hidimba Devi Temple,
    a temple dedicated to Hidimba, wife of Bhima from
    Mahabharata. The temple is supposed to be more
    than 400 years old and is one of the most famous
    places in Manali.
  • Surrounded by beautiful Cedar forests at its
    foothills, it is built on a large rock that
    protrudes from the ground. The architecture
    consists of beautifully carved wood and
    stonework,which are reminiscent of the Japanese
  • About seventy metres from the temple lies a
    temple dedicated to the child of Bhima and
    Hidimba, Ghatokacha.
  • Timing 0800 AM to 0700 PM.
  • Entry Fee None
  • Photography Allowed or not Yes

2. Solang Valley
  • Solang Valley is situated at a distance of around
    13 kilometres from Manali known for its
    breath-taking views and is a favourite
    destination for adventure sports seekers and
    honeymooners. If you want to be in the lap of
    nature, there is no better view than the views
    from Solang. You can get a brilliant view of
    glaciers, the snow-capped peaks andplains covered
    in snow and ice. The elevation here is also
    perfect for skiing and playing in the snow. A
    guest house of the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute
    of Mountaineering and Allied Sports is also
    situated here.  The institute organizes a winter
    skiing festival every year and there are classes
    and workshops for tourists and travellers. In
    summer, activities such as paragliding, horse
    riding and paragliding take over this area.
    Trekking and camping packages are a favourite
    amongst adventurers and fun-seekers.
  • Distance from Manali 13 kilometres
  • Best time to Visit December to May
  • Attractions/Activities Zorbing, Parachuting,
    Biking, Skiing, Snow Play, Paragliding, Horse
  • Type of destination Adventure

3. Jogni Waterfalls
  • If you feel like getting away from the hustle of
    the town to one of the most remote places of  
    Manali, then Jogni or JugniFalls is the place to
    be. The idea is to go to the top of the
    JogniFalls and see the natural scenery that
    envelops the entire area. The falls is just 3
    kilometres from the main market at Manali and can
    be reached directly by a vehicle. The route of
    the trek makes its way through orchards, pine
    forests and several small streams and lasts for
    around 20 minutes.
  • Timing  Always
  • Entry Fee None
  • Photography Allowed Yes

4. Old Manali
  • Want to see another side of the touristy Manali?
    Head to Manalsu River Bridge and cross to the
    part of Manali known as Old Manali. The old-world
    charm of this place will transport you into a
    bygone era of the 60s. This village has the
    typical idyllic village vibe with cafes that have
    names that sound like they popped out of the
    Hollywood movie set for the Wild West. Some of
    these exotically named cafes which are worth
    trying out for their food are Lazy Dog, Red
    House Café, Bob Dylans Café, Café m 1947 and
    Pizza Olive. Incidentally, these are some of the
    most popular among Manali places to visit.

5. Museum of Himachal Culture and Folk Art
  • Sitting right next to the Hadimba temple, the
    Museum of Himachal Culture Folk Art is a good
    place to acquaint yourself with the history of
    this region. It houses religious relics scale
    models, household objects, weapons and
    instruments among other things.
  • Opening hours 8 am 8 pm, all days of the week
  • Entry ticket INR 10 per person per day

6. Tibetan Monastery
  • The GadhanThekchholingGompa popularly known as
    the ManaliGompa was built by Tibetan refugees
    in   1960. For visitors looking for a sense of
    peace and solitude, there is no better place than
    this. The Buddhist philosophy of non-violence
    finds its expression in the architecture and the
    paintings that are inside the monastery. You can
    pick up some Tibetan handicrafts as souvenirs
  • Timing 0700 AM to 0700 PM
  • Entry Fee None
  • Photography Allowed Yes

7. Nehru Kund
  • Nehru Kund so named because PanditJawaharLal
    Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India used to
    drink water from the spring during his stay in
    Manali, is a natural cold water spring that
    attracts a lot of tourists. The source of water
    in the Nehru Kund is supposed to be the Bhrigu
    Lake, a lake which is at a height of 4300 meters.
    Nehru Kund is located on the Leh National Highway.

8. Manali Wildlife Sanctuary
  • When youre in the midst of nature can wildlife
    be too far away? The ManaliWildlife Sanctuary is
    one of the must-see tourist places in Manali.
    Animals such as the Himalayan Black Bear,
    Stripped Hyena, Flying Fox, HimalyanTahr, Barking
    Deer, palm civet, Himalayan Yellow Throated
    Martens, and Kashmir Flying Squirrels are some of
    the animals and birds that can be found here.
    Precious flora can be also found there with trees
    such as deodar, horse chestnut, kail, maple and
    walnut. Land here in with the winter sun shining
    on you and enjoy the symphony of nature.

9. Rohtang Pass Manali
  • We have saved the best for the last. Rohtang Pass
    is a gateway to Lahual and Spiti Valley in
    Himachal Pradesh and is pretty as a postcard.
    This beauty of a pass is located 51 kilometres.
    away from Manali, at a height of 3980 meters on
    the ManaliKeylong highway.
  • Skiing, ice-skating, paragliding and more
    adventure sports draw people from all parts of
    the country and abroad to this place.  It has
    more than 25 lakh visitors every year.  However,
    a visit to this place requires special permission
    from the Indian Army as this part of the road is
    covered in snow throughout the year making travel
    by road impossible until and unless the area is
    cleared by the Indian Army. Thus, the RohtangPass
    is only open from April to October for tourists.
  • Just near the Pass are the Sonapani glacier and
    the twin peaks of Gaypan which are famous for the
    panoramic views and peaceful atmosphere. Some
    people also visit the source of the Beas River
    which is a holy site for Hindu people and is easy
    to get to from the Rohtang Pass.

  • However, all is not cheery and touristy at
    Rohtang Pass as the name Rohtang translates into
    the ominous ground of corpses. The name comes
    due to the number of people who have lost their
    lives while trying to cross this raw and untamed
    part of the Himalayas. Also,keep in mind that
    there is no option to stay at RohtangPass unless
    you have your tent and set up camp by the
    roadside. Manali is the best option to stay in
    and visit. In any case, it is a good idea for
    overweight people or people with high blood
    pressure to get a doctors recommendation before
    visiting the place.

10. Kothi
  • Kothi is a beautiful and photogenic village
    located at the bottom of Rohtang Pass where
    tourists can watch the deep gorge where the Beas
    River thunders along.  This is an amazing place
    to experience the natural beauty of snow clad

11. Beas Kund Trek
  • The mesmerizing landscapes and the incredible
    diversity of this place would never fail to
    impress you on your visit. In spite of being one
    of the most beautiful tourist places, Manali is
    also the way to the renowned trek named the Beas
    Kund Trek. This is quite a popular place amongst
    the various trekking enthusiasts that brings
    people away from the hustle and bustle of the
    metropolitan. While taking this trek one can
    feast the eyes with the mesmerizing views of the
    mighty Pir Panjal Mountains beautifully standing
    on the river Beas. The beauty of the place makes
    it worth taking the trek. The place is covered
    with Bakarthach and Bhundi meadows the views of
    which are bound to woo you.
  • Distance From City Centre  17 kilometres
  • Require Time To Explore The Place  about 2 days
  • Visiting Hours  2 days
  • Entry Fee  7600 INR
  • Activities  Trekking and Hiking

12. Vashisht Baths
  • All places of worship hold the capability of
    rejuvenating you in a spiritual way but there are
    just a few that leave your body refreshed and
    healthier. Vashisht Baths is a place where you
    can take a bath into the hot water spring that
    the place features. Located at a distance of
    around six kilometres from the main town of
    Manali the Vashisht Baths is one of the ideal
    places to see in Manali. This place is a rare
    combination of the ancient temples made of stones
    and natural hot water springs. There have been
    separate bathing zones arranged by the government
    for both men and women. The natural spring water
    is said to hold medicinal properties that are
    said to successfully cure various diseases of the
  • Distance From City Centre  1 kilometres
  • Require Time To Explore The Place  about 1 2
  • Visiting Hours  800 AM 900 PM, every day of
    the week
  • Entry Fee  Private bathing costs 35 INR for 30
  • Activities  Purchase various religious
    merchandise and souvenirs from the several shops
    that surround the region

13. Chandratal Baralcha Trek
  • Quite a thrilling experience one can expect to
    have while trekking at natures blessed
    Chandratal Baralacha Trek. The trek is quite
    challenging while offering the ideal landscapes
    in the surroundings. Situated at an elevation of
    four thousand meters this trekking beauty is one
    of the highest elevated lakes in the Himalayas.
    Enjoying the beautiful sunset sight of Spiti
    Valleys Samudra Plateau is one of the major
    attractions of the Chandratal Baralacha Trek.
    This is one of those Manali tourist places that
    offer the sight of exotic wildlife, gushing
    streams, mighty mountains, verdant meadows etc.
    that one is bound to treasure for a lifetime.
  • Distance From City Centre  48 kilometres
  • Require Time To Explore The Place  about 9 days
  • Visiting Hours  Depends on your trekking plan
    that you take
  • Entry Fee  No entry fee
  • Activities  Enjoy trekking

14. Great Himalayan National Park
  • The Great Himalayan National Park is spread over
    an area of seven hundred and fifty-four square
    kilometres. It is located at an elevation of
    around fifteen hundred meters to six thousand
    meters. Established back in the year 1984, this
    national park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It
    features four valleys namely Parvati Valley,
    Tirthan Valley, Jiwa Nal Valley, and Sainj
    Valley. All these four different valleys are
    renowned for their mesmerizing scenic beauty.
    This popular national park located in Kullu of
    Himachal Pradesh is all the way more attractive
    due to the sheet of Oak and Deodar trees that
    beautifully cover it.
  • Distance From City Centre  about 63 kilometres
  • Require Time To Explore The Place  3 4 hours
  • Visiting Hours  1000 AM to 530 PM
  • Entry Fee  INR 50 for Indian Nationals, INR 200
    for Foreign Nationals, INR 100 for Foreign
    Students (ID proof might be required), and INR 30
    for Indian Students (ID proof might be required)
  • Activities  You can enjoy photography in this
    national park

15. Hampta Pass Trek
  • Hampta Pass is one of the most convenient and fun
    treks to be experienced while visiting Manali. It
    is one of those trekking spots in Himachal
    Pradesh that is laden with picturesque
    landscapes, dense pine forests, vast meadows, and
    pristine glacial valleys. If youre a beginner
    and want to try hands-on trekking then this place
    is one of the ideal most. It is quite an easily
    accessible trek that is quite exhilarating as
    well. The beginning of the trek is from the town
    of Manali itself and not any remote region,
    unlike various other treks. The highlight of the
    trip is the lake Chandratal that holds a pleasing
  • Distance From City Centre  1 kilometres
  • Require Time To Explore The Place  about 5 days
  • Visiting Hours  Depends on your convenience but
    preferred time would be during the day time.
  • Entry Fee  No entry fee
  • Activities  Trekking

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