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The dream city of India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Chandigarh is one of the first planned cities of India. Quite distinct from the entire country, Chandigarh is quite an organized place to visit at least once in a lifetime. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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  • The dream city of Indias first Prime Minister
    Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Chandigarh is one of the
    first planned cities of India. Quite distinct
    from the entire country, Chandigarh is quite an
    organized place to visit at least once in a
    lifetime. It is a Union Territory and is
    administered by Indias central government. One
    of the most striking features of Chandigarh is
    the vast blue sky along with the vast mountains
    beautifying the backdrop. While heading towards
    the city via roadways, one would get an amazing
    view of the skyline with the massive Shivalik
    Ranges arranged in the backdrop. The image of the
    Chandi Temple nestled on the hilltop can also be
    seen faintly. Chandi Temple holds major
    significance as this is where Chandigarh got its
    name from. It is safe city for female travellers
    to head out on solo trips or in a group of all
    girls as it has been recorded to have the lowest
    crime rates in the entire country. Apart from
    city developments, there are a number of
    attractions that one might desire to explore
    while on a tour. Also, there are a number of
    tourist places near Chandigarh that you might
    wish to explore during weekends. To know more
    about the city and its offerings make sure to
    stay glued to the article ahead.

  • Top 8 Places to Visit in Chandigarh
  • Rose Garden
  • Rock Garden
  • Sukhna Lake
  • Pinjore Gardens
  • The Government Museum and Art Gallery
  • The Capitol
  • Terraced Garden
  • Thunder Zone

1. Rose Garden
  • If you desire to admire nature at its best then
    visiting Rose Garden is an ideal choice. Nestled
    in the 16th sector of Chandigarh, Rose Garden is
    a treat to watch. It is expanded in an area of 30
    acres and features exquisite varieties of roses
    of all the colours including red, pink, yellow
    etc. Built in year 1967 by MS Randhawa, the first
    Chief Commissioner, this garden is one of its
    kind in Asia. It is also named as the Zakir
    Hussain Rose Garden after Zakir Hussain, the
    former president of India. The garden boasts of
    nearly eight hundred and twenty-five varieties of
    beautiful and colourful flowers. These are some
    of the rarest flowers that can be found in the
    garden. There are also over thirty-two thousand
    and five hundred different varieties of medicinal
    plants and trees. The vegetation of the garden is
    neatly planted and are taken care of by expert
    professionals. Plus, the backdrop of the garden
    features the massive Azure mountains which
    further adds on to the beauty of the place. The
    centre of the garden features a fountain. When in
    Chandigarh, make sure to visit the garden and
    bring back some of the most amazing clicks.
  • Distance From City Centre  1 km
  • Entry Fee  No Entry Fee
  • Visiting Hours  500 AM 900
  • Ideal Time Required to Explore Rose Garden  4 to
    5 Hours

2. Rock Garden
  • The renowned Rock Garden is situated in Sector 1.
    It is a designed open-air exhibition hall that
    has successfully used industrial as well as urban
    waste by a former inspector of Chandigarh city,
    Shri Nek Chand. Hence, it is also popularly known
    as Nek Chands Rock Garden. Spread in an expanse
    of 40-acres, it boasts of mosaic sculptures and
    art pieces for the visitors. Built back in the
    year 1957 this piece of uniqueness has become a
    major piece of novelty and innovative imagination
    in the city of Chandigarh. There are a total
    number of five thousand statues situated within
    the garden. There are different kinds of
    embellishments and installations in the three
    different phases that the entire garden is
    segregated into. The first phase is a huge
    labyrinth of niches, chambers, and terracotta
    pots that are beautifully decorated using
    mirrors, toilet fixtures, tiles, broken bangle
    pieces and pieces of tube lights. The
    installations here include statues of human
    figures, animals, and birds crafted using waste
    materials. The second phase of the garden is a
    major attraction as it boasts of an impressive
    waterfall. Other features of this phase include
    intricate pathways, amphitheatres, and courtyards
    along with a miniature village. This phase also
    hosts a number of cultural events all around the
    year. The last and the final phase features
    life-size statues of camels and elephants.

  • Distance From City Centre  4 km
  • Entry Fee  Entry Fee is INR 5 for adults and INR
    3 for children.
  • Visiting Hours  900 AM 700 PM from the
    months ranging from April to September and 900
    AM 600 PM for months ranging from October to
  • Ideal Time Required to Explore Rock Garden  4 to
    5 Hours

3. Sukhna Lake
  • The popular Sukhna Lake is nestled at Shivalik
    foothills amidst the beautiful Chandigarh
    surroundings. It is a man-made lake that
    stretches for almost three kilometres which was
    developed back in the year 1958 by damming Sukhna
    Choe, a seasonal stream that flows from the
    mighty Shivaliks. Morning jogging and walking by
    the side of the pristine blue water lake is one
    of the perfect activities that you can indulge
    in. It is also a delightful place for
    photographers and artists along with a
    destination for trying out various fun activities
    including boating, riding on the Solar Cruise,
    and trampoline jumping. The lake is also home to
    various migratory species like cranes and
    Siberian ducks as well as a number of fish
    species. The lake therefore has been declared as
    a reserved national wetland by the government.
    The lake boasts of the golf course as the
    southern boundary as well as the renowned Rose
    Garden as the western boundary.
  • Distance From City Centre  4 km
  • Entry Fee  No Entry Fee
  • Visiting Hours  500 AM 900 PM
  • Ideal Time Required to Explore Sukhna Lake  1 to
    2 Hours

4. Pinjore Gardens
  • Pinjore Gardens is a garden that dates back to
    the seventeenth century. It then belonged to the
    Mughals. It is spread in an expanse of one
    hundred acres and happens to be one of the ideal
    places to see in Chandigarh. It is quite popular
    worldwide for its lush greenery, expanded water
    bodies as well as refreshing fountains and is
    also known as Yadvinder Garden. It is also
    considered as a well-maintained Mughal creation.
    Pinjore Gardens is an ideal example of terrace
    gardens. In Baisakhi, during the months ranging
    from April to June, the popular garden serves as
    a host to the annually held Mango Festival. Some
    of the interesting offerings of the garden
    include extensive flora, a small-sized zoo, a
    serene Japanese garden, a region dedicated to
    historical places, and a splendid nursery for the
    little ones. There are also some zones that serve
    as ideal picnic locations for groups of friends
    and family. Concludingly, the Pinjore Gardens
    have much in store for the visitors of all the
    various age groups including adults and children.
    It is believed that the Pandava brothers visited
    the place and rested here during the period of
    their exile. Post sunset, the garden glows up
    with the lighting of its own, making it the best
    time to be visited by the tourists.

  • Distance From City Centre  14 km
  • Entry Fee  INR 20 for each person.
  • Visiting Hours  700 AM 1000 PM
  • Ideal Time Required to Explore Pinjore Gardens
     2 to 3 Hours

5. The Government Museum and Art Gallery
  • Government museum and art gallery in Chandigarh
    is one of the prominent museums of India that
    speaks well of the Indian history and partition.
    It was established back in the year 1947 and is
    known for its rich collection of sculptures,
    artefacts and paintings. The unique architecture
    of the museum is quite renowned, designed by Le
    Corbusier. It was inaugurated 6th May 1968 by Dr.
    MS Randhawa, the chief commissioner of Lahore in
    those days. This institution encourages and
    appreciates the value of art and bring people
    close to it through various innovative programs
    and its rich collections interpretation. The
    backdrop of the museum features the vast Shivalik
    Ranges. Additionally, you would get an in-depth
    knowledge of the popular Rajasthani miniature
    paint works, Gandharan sculptures, and Pahari
    miniature paintings.
  • Distance From City Centre  2 km
  • Entry Fee  INR 10 per person. In case you wish
    to carry your camera along it would cost you INR
  • Visiting Hours  1000 AM 430 PM on all days
    except Sundays. It stays closed on Sundays as
    well as on gazetted holidays.
  • Ideal Time Required to Explore Government Museum
    and Art Gallery  1 to 2 Hours

6. The Capitol
  • The Capitol is another popular places to see in
    Chandigarh which is also the headquarters of
    Haryana as well as Punjab governments. This
    structure of mere brilliance is a creation of the
    popular architect Le Corbusier. The structure
    houses the Capitol, the Legislative Assembly, the
    High Court, as well as the Secretariat. This
    architectural brilliance comprises of a two-fold
    cover that also quite closely resembles an
    overturned umbrella. It is situated in the first
    sector of Chandigarh and is spread in an expanse
    of one hundred acres. The entire setup of the
    Capitol Complex comprises of three monuments,
    three buildings, and a lake. Back in the year
    2016, it was designated as one of the UNESCO
    World Heritage Site.
  • Distance From City Centre  4 km
  • Entry Fee  No Entry Fee
  • Visiting Hours  900 AM 500 PM every day of a
  • Ideal Time Required to Explore The Capitol  2 to
    3 Hours.

7. Terraced Garden
  • The Terraced Garden is another major tourist
    attraction of Chandigarh that is located in the
    thirty-third sector of the city. This garden is
    home to a myriad of vibrant flower species, the
    vibrancy of which attract visitors across the
    country. This colourful garden is spread in an
    expanse of 10 acres and was established back in
    the year 1979. The name of the Terraced Garden is
    so as it features various shapes, levels as well
    as terrace designs. In evenings of the garden is
    further beautified when the musical fountain that
    it features comes to life. While the fountain
    comes to life, the atmosphere of the surrounding
    gets filled with entertaining filmy songs and
    rich folk music. Tourists are seen enjoying the
    ambiance in the evenings and return back with
    some amazing and memorable clicks. The garden
    hosts an annual exhibition called the
    Chrysanthemum Flowers Show where beautiful
    flowers are displayed for the visitors on a very
    large scale.
  • Distance From City Centre  2 km
  • Entry Fee  No Entry Fee
  • Visiting Hours  600 AM to 800 PM
  • Ideal Time Required to Explore The Terraced
    Garden  1 to 2 Hours

8. Thunder Zone
  • There are a number of amusement parks and
    entertainment centres in Chandigarh that offers
    days full of fun and frolic to the locals as well
    as visitors. The Thunder Zone is a tourist
    attraction that is all set to fill your visit
    with thrill and excitement. It was established
    back in the year 2002 on May 15th. Nestled around
    thirteen kilometres away from the heart of the
    city, this amusement park is spread in an expanse
    of over 11 acres. The park features some of the
    most fun rides, lush green lawns, four
    large-sized pools, and some edible stalls for the
    visitors to explore. There are also clean
    washrooms to be used by the visitors as per their
  • Distance From City Centre 13 km
  • Entry Fee  INR 450 per person
  • Visiting Hours  1000 AM 700 PM during the
    Summer months (April to October) and 1000 AM
    530 PM during the Winter months (November to
  • Ideal Time Required to Explore The Thunder Zone
     3 to 4 Hours

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