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SAS Base Programmer Certification Training by Certified Experts


Enroll for Certified SAS Base course, training by SAS Certified experts. Find job globally with help of digital badge, become Certified SAS Base Programmer, get job placement assistance. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: SAS Base Programmer Certification Training by Certified Experts

SAS BASE Software and How it work
What is SAS?
  • A system that delivers the output in a variety of
    easy-to-access formats, like as SAS data sets,
    procedure output files, or HTML. Using Macros
    makes coding in Base SAS. SAS windowing
    environment. Interactive, graphical user
    interface that enables you can easily run SAS and
    test your SAS programs. SAS base code is much
    easier in case the logic of code is very complex.
  • A flexible, extensible 4GL and web-based
    interface for data access, transformation and

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Who uses SAS?
  • SAS Environment is specially design for Data
    Accessing, transfer information and Reporting.
    SAS is including in programming language for data
    manipulation retrieving and storing the
    information, descriptive statistics and report

All of the Companies that are using SAS, such as
Computer Software, information technology and
services, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, Hospitals
and Health Care, Banking Finance sectors,
Insurance companies, Staffing and Recruiting, For
Higher Educational purpose and Management
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Benefits of SAS Base
  • Make programming fast and easy. 
  • It access industry-standard data security. You
    can encrypt the SAS data on disks, and increase
    security for stored passwords. 
  • It combines SAS and Hadoop.You can submit the
    hdfs commands, MapReduce programs and Pig
    language programs from SAS. 
  • Increase your computer resources. It improves the
    performance and security. 
  • Easily create reports in standard office format
    such as rtfs, pdfs, Microsoft PowerPoint, Html
    and E-book Format and deliver easily to mobile
  •  Programmers can read, format, analyze and the
    report on data quickly.

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Work of SAS Base Software
  • SAS Base Software is the core of the SAS System.
  • Data Step
  • The programming language that use to
    manipulate and manage your SAS Data. 
  • SAS Environment
  • It is an interactive and graphical user interface
    that enables you to easily run SAS and test your
    SAS programs. 
  • SAS Procedures
  • SAS procedures offer users with a unique ability
    to generate quick results requiring little, if
    any, programming skills. In SAS Procedure some
    software tools for data analysis and reporting.

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Work of SAS Base Software
  • Data Step Debugger
  • It is a programming tool that helps you
    find logic problems. DATA step programs - When
    you submit a data step with the Debugging option
    Then SAS compiling starts, it displays the
    debugger windows, and pauses until you enter a
    debugger command is to begin execution. You can
    debug only one Data step at a time. You can use
    the debugger only with a DATA step, and not with
    the procedure step.
  • Micro facility
  • It is a powerful programming tool for
    extending and customize SAS software programs and
    for reducing text in your programs.
  • SAS windowing environment
  • It is an interactive with
    graphical user interface that enables you to
    easily run SAS and test your SAS programs. You
    can edit and execute programming statement.

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How the Data steps work for SAS?
  • The DATA Step statement begins with the process
    of building the SAS data set and names the data
    set. The statements that make the data step
    compiled and execute.
  • If the syntax is check hen the data step are
    compiled. If the syntax is correct then the data
    step are executed. A loop of DATA steps is an
    automatic output and return action.

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Flow of Data step
Compiles Syntax Checking
Creates Input buffer
Begins Data Statement
Compilation Phase?
Sets Program Data vector
After you submit the DATA step for execution
process, then SAS checks the syntax of the SAS
statements and compiled, that mean it
automatically translating the statements into
machine code.
Data Read
Close Data Set
Read Input record
Execute Statements
Writes SAS data set
Returns Data step
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Compilation Phase
Compilation Phase
  • How To Processing the SAS Code
  • Create (input buffer)
  • Input buffer is a logical area in memory into
    which SAS reads each record of data from a raw
    data file when the program executes.
  • Sets (program data vector)
  • It is builds the SAS data set, and one
    observation at a time. When a program executes,
    SAS reads data values from the input buffer. It
    mean by creates them by executing SAS language
    statements. SAS assigns the values to the
    appropriate variables in the program data vector.
    From here, SAS writes the values to a SAS data
    set as a single observation.
  • SAS reads a record into the input buffer. SAS
    then reads the values in the input buffer and
    assigns in the program data vector. It also
    calculates the values for variables. The SAS
    program loops back to the top of the DATA step.

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