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What Can Cause Skin Pigmentation? - Dr. Marwah's Clinic


Skin pigmentation is a common disorder experienced by men and women of all ages alike, which could be a very embarrassing condition. Learn how you can prevent the likeliness of these disorders from occurring. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: What Can Cause Skin Pigmentation? - Dr. Marwah's Clinic

Pigmentation is an extremely common skin disorder
seen in India, which affects both men and women
alike. People as young as 20 years of age may
also experience such pigmentation issues. And,
when they are so young, they may feel even more
ashamed and embarrassed of their condition,
which is why they may keep themselves alone, and
away from others. They slowly and gradually stop
socializing and meeting people, which makes them
emotionally distressed and isolated. This
isolation, if kept for longer, may also lead to
depression! Can you imagine how a simple skin
disorder can lead a person to a severe condition
of depression! But, not when you have access to
Dr. Marwahs Clinics expert solution of laser
for skin pigmentation in Mumbai. Here, you can
have all kinds of pigmentations, skin
irregularities, freckles, and many other problems
solved with PicoWay that uses picosecond laser
technology to deliver fast and comfortable
Even though we now have a solution to eliminate
such disorders, it is always good to know the
causes behind these problems so that you can take
steps to eliminate them or the cause itself. So,
let us take a look at the three most common skin
pigmentation problems, along with their causes
and prevention.
Melasma This is the most common and stubborn
skin pigmentation disorder that is very difficult
to treat. While the main cause hasnt yet been
identified, there are certain possible reasons
why this problem may be caused. One of the most
common reasons is heredity if someone in the
family has had this problem, you are likely to
have it too. Other reasons could be over
exposure to UV light or hormonal changes such as
in pregnancy. While nothing can be done in the
case of heredity and hormonal changes, you can
fight over exposure to UV light by reducing the
amount of time you spend outdoors, and applying
an SPF 30 sunscreen whenever you go out in the
sun. Also, eating a diet rich in fruits and
vegetables can help fight the oxidative damage
caused by UV exposure. Photo-Damage This is
another problem that can be caused due to over
exposure to the UV light of the sun. The skin
gets darkened or develops freckles and
lentigines, making the skin look dull and the
tone uneven. Again here, you need a strong
sunscreen before you go out in the sun, whether
it is during the summers, or even other seasons
like winters and monsoon. If you feel that your
skin has started developing even the slightest
amount of photo-damage, start applying a cream
containing glycolic acid or retinol every night
to gently reduce the tan. You can have your
freckles and lentigines treated with regular
photo-facials if they are in the initial
stages. Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation This
kind of pigmentation is caused after one is
attacked by sunburn, skin infection, fire burn,
or even acne. These cases may cause the skin to
become red and inflamed, which when exposed to
UV light may turn into pigmentation. Use an SPF
30 sunscreen regularly when you go out, and
especially after you observe a red patch on your
skin. In any case, avoid any kind of
inflammation of the skin to reduce the chances of
pigmentation. Visit our website
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