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5 Common Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid


There are millions doing content marketing. So, don’t fall behind them by making these 5 common content marketing mistakes – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 5 Common Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

  • Content marketing is without a doubt one of the
    most effective marketing strategies out there. It
    brings your website invaluable organic traffic
    over a long period of time. In fact, 53 of
    marketers believe that blogs are one of the best
    ways to generate inbound traffic. However,
    theres a flipside to content marketing. It is a
    very, very crowded field. Every day, more
    than four million blog posts are published
    online. Does this mean you shouldnt invest in
    content marketing and stick to advertising and
    other marketing techniques?
  • The answer is a resounding no. Content marketing,
    if done correctly, can help build your brand and
    reputation like no other marketing activity. But
    this extreme competition means you need to be
    very smart in your approach to content marketing.
    The key to this is identifying the most common
    and costly content marketing mistakes and avoid
    them from day one

  • Surprisingly enough many content marketers make
    this mistake while starting out. its one thing
    to have a vague understanding of your audience,
    and another to really solve their problems
    through your content. most content marketers use
    prestigious publications or competitor blogs to
    find topics to write about. and then find
    themselves with very little traffic.
  • Another common mistake happens when you have a
    limited understanding of your audience. once the
    content is ready, you have very little idea about
    how to reach out to prospective readers.
  • Its important to use the first-principle
    approach when it comes to understanding your
    audience. use tools like the Facebook ads
    manager or epic beat to get insights about your
    audience. these tools have detailed insights
    about audiences. see what they like, what theyre
    interested in, what content they read and share.
    use this information to define what your next
    content piece should be and how you should share
    it. you can even do a group discussion or
    one-on-one with a few audience members to
    understand where theyre coming from.
  • Just remember that a whopping 55 of people say
    that they receive content from brands which they
    dont find relevant. make sure you dont belong
    in this group

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  • Some content marketers believe their job is done
    once the article has been written and shared.
    However, it is a long journey from content
    consumer to customer and marketers need to enable
    that. Experts say that it takes 7 exposures to go
    from being a website visitor to a customer.
  • Setting up a follow-up campaign takes time but
    its the only way to go for a truly effective
    marketing strategy. Luckily, there are some great
    marketing automation tools like active
    campaign, sharp spring, and leads quared that can
    do the heavy lifting. Your role is to understand
    the customer journey and create a follow-up
    strategy accordingly.

  • One of the biggest mistakes todays content
    marketers can make is to stick to text-only blog
    posts. Even the usual blog post with 2-3 images
    is not enough today. As users spend more
    time-consuming content, especially on hand-held
    devices, they prefer more visually appealing
    content. Infographics and videos have both made
    enormous headway in popularity.
  • They can even bring in a whole new audience that
    doesnt usually consume long-form content.
    Infographics are especially useful because they
    are low-hanging fruit. It doesnt take a lot of
    effort to repurpose a blog post into an
    attractive infographic. You can use tools
    like justwords and piktochart to design your
    infographic fairly easily.

  • Evergreen content is content that literally stays
    evergreen. In other words, its not based on
    recent news or trends that will get outdated
    soon. Evergreen content is centered around topics
    that have been relevant for some time and will
    continue to be relevant in the near future.
  • Having evergreen content on your website is a
    very important aspect of content marketing.
    Creating content that will still be relevant 5
    years down the line means that you will get
    long-term website traffic. You can search for
    specific keywords on google trends to see if they
    can qualify as evergreen content. If so, you can
    focus on creating content around them.

  • One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a
    content marketer is to try and do everything
    yourself. There are several kinds of people who
    find themselves donning the content marketer hat.
    You may be a blogger who has tremendous writing
    talent and wants her blog to reach a huge
    audience. You may also be looking to grow your
    business through content marketing. Or a
    professional content marketer setting up or
    scaling the content marketing efforts at your
  • In every case, doing everything yourself is a bad
    idea. If you have great writing skills, focus
    your energy on creating valuable content that
    your audience will love. Outsource the audience
    outreach to an expert. Similarly, if your skills
    lie in audience outreach but youre not a writer,
    find a talented writer who matches your brand
    voice. If you dont have either of these skills
    work with individuals or agencies that do.
  • When you try to do it all yourself, your mind is
    easily diverted and the learning curve is steep.
    You will most likely end up giving up on content
    marketing without giving it a real chance. Stick
    to your strengths and hire experts as soon as you

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