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BEST Last Minute Valentines Day Date Ideas


If you're busy, don’t worry, just follow the ideas provided here to make your Valentine ’s Day date with your girlfriend memorable. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: BEST Last Minute Valentines Day Date Ideas

BEST Last Minute Valentines Day Date Ideas
  • Here are the BEST Last Minute VALENTINES DAY
    Date Ideas!
  • Valentines day is here and before you label it
    as a cheesy hallmark holiday, let me just say
    that it is the perfect day to win a single girl
    over. Why? Because from January the first she is
    already hoping and wishing that she has someone
    to spend it with!

10 Go to a singles event
  • There are probably quite a few Anti Valentines
    Day events for singles in your area, which is a
    perfect opportunity to grab some of your single
    mates and head along to.
  • The reason why this is prime ground for finding
    a girl, is you will literally be in a room with
    abundant of single women who are probably wishing
    that next year they have someone special to share
    the day with.
  • Now if you want to know the next 9 easy ways to
    find a date then make sure you click the
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9 Carry a bunch of roses to give out to women
  • This might sound random, but giving a random
    rose to a woman who you are attracted to, is a
    great way to open a conversation.
  • Now its not to say the first will take you up
    on your offer, but if you carry enough roses and
    ask enough girls then whos to say you cant find
    a girl who might want to go on a date with you.

8 Ask the girl out at the gym
  • If you have been eyeing a cutie at the gym or
    maybe even had a few casual conversations, why
    not use Valentines Day as the perfect excuse to
    take her out. You might even say to her or slip
    her a note saying will you be my Valentine it
    will probably make her giggle and is a good way
    to open up a conversation that leads to a date!

7 Do a hashtag search for Valentines day on
social media
  • There will be so many girls on social media
    either trashing Valentines day or saying how
    much they wish they had someone, so look at some
    of the accounts you follow or search a few
    hashtags like singleawarenessday needavalentine
    needaboyfriend.and start talking to them via a
    message and see if you can woo her into a date
    (provided she lives near you!)

6 Go to a single parent meet up
  • If you are a single dad then this is a great way
    to connect with other single mums who might be
    feeling lonely this time of the year. The best
    ways to find single parent groups is either a
    community notice board or through joining a
    Facebook group that does local meet ups.

5 Ask your work colleagues if they can set you
  • Whilst dating your work colleague isnt always
    ideal, its not to say you cant date one of
    their friends. Sometimes finding a match is
    simply by using your connections and social
    circle to your advantage by expanding it and
    asking if they can set you up on a blind date!

4 Join a dating app or online site-
  • Ok obvious one here, but the good point is, you
    have the perfect excuse to actually ask her out
    on a date earlier rather than later. Chances are
    she will be wanting to spend the day or night of
    Valentines with someone rather than alone, so
    this is a great opportunity to jump on!

3 Host a dinner party
  • Dinner parties are a great way to meet new
    people in the comfort of your own home. Ask your
    friends to bring along any single friends or just
    new friends in general, so that you can create
    opportunities to meet new people and make a new
    connection. You never know who they might bring
    or who they might also know would be an ideal
    date for you!

2 Buy a random girl a coffee
  • If you go to a regular coffee store and see,
    then why not buy the next hot girl you see a
    coffee even if she works behind the counter!
    Finding dates are often just about recognising
    opportunities in different environments and

1 Go on a date with yourself!
  • If all else fails why not make this day about
    spending time with the most important you can
    ever have a relationship with, and that is
    yourself! I am a huge fan of dating myself
    regularly, because it means I learn to find joy
    in my own company, which funnily enough ends up
    attracting even more people into your life who
    want to add value!
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