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Is a Yoga, Meditation, or leadership Retreat Just What You Need?


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Title: Is a Yoga, Meditation, or leadership Retreat Just What You Need?

Imagine having a good job, a nice family with a
couple of kids, being financially stable, and one
day looking in the mirror and feeling like you
just cant go on. Why does it seem that until we
hit the lowest of lows, we dont stop along the
way to check in on the life we are creating? Why
does it take complete misery before we will make
a change?
I believe two of the reasons come down to
expectation and comparison. Lets take
expectation first. If you have read my blogs this
statement will be familiar, You are in the
relationship you feel you deserve, and you make
the amount of money you feel you are worth. So,
what is your expectation for your life? Right
now, in this exact moment, your current life
circumstances are a direct reflection of that
Now lets look at a comparison. If you have ever
said the line, Well it could be worse then you
are the person I am speaking to. If we compare
our circumstances to the lowest common
denominator, its no wonder we stay stuck,
because its not that bad. But what If you
compared things to how great they could be? If
you believed happiness, fulfillment, and a true
life of meaning was possible, would you settle
for less?
It all comes down to our beliefs. Our beliefs are
the culmination of the meaning we have assigned
every event in our life. Whats great is that at
any time we can change our beliefs. However, we
cant do that leading a fast-paced,
over-committed, stressed-out way of life. We have
to stop long enough, away from our familiar
surroundings and the people who impact our way of
thinking, in order to create a new reality. The
Inner North Star Retreat Center located high on
top of a mountain and best retreat in Julian,
California where you can do just that.
Whether its a yoga and meditation retreat in
order to listen to your inner voice and gain life
purpose clarity, or a leadership retreat in
Julian to move your life, your relationship, or
your business to the next level, this is the
place for you.
People spend more time planning their annual
vacation than they do their life. Dont let that
statement apply to you. Take time to create the
life you were meant to live, not one you have
settled for. The only person who can change your
circumstances is you. In the right environment
and asking a different set of questions, this
becomes much easier. I hope to see you at one of
our retreats soon. Until then, The next decision
you make could be the one that changes your
life. Choose wisely.
1785 CA-78 2378, Julian, CA 92036, USA
1 619-643-5694
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