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Apache Camel Training | Apache Camel Online Job Support from India


Apache Camel Training is a rule-based routing and mediation engine.Best Apache Camel Online job support,project,Corporate Training gives camel 3 by experts – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Apache Camel Training | Apache Camel Online Job Support from India

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  • India914066771418
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Global Online Trainings
  • To give an overview Global Online Training
    services corporation specializing in providing
    Online trainings to individuals and enterprises.
  • Our high quality, competitive and effective
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    field. Our professional team carries excellent
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  • we provide the trainings with Subject Matter
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  • 7.Middleware tools

Apache camel Training Introduction
  • Apache Camel Training is an lightweight
    integration framework which implements all
    enterprise integration patterns (EIPs). Thus,
    with this you can easily integrate different
    applications using   required patterns.
  • You can use Java, Spring XML, Scala or else
    Groovy. Almost all every technology you can
    imagine is available, for ex  HTTP, FTP, JMS,
    EJB, JPA, RMI, JMS, JMX, LDAP, and many, more (of
    course most Enterprise Service Bus also offer
    support for them).

  • Besides this, the own custom components can be
    created easily.
  • You can deploy Apache Camel Training as  an
    standalone application, in an web container
    (example. Tomcat or Jetty), in a JEE application
    Server (example. JBoss AS or WebSphere AS), in an
    OSGi environment or in combination with an Spring

History of Apache Camel
  • Following section takes you around the brief
    overview about the history of camel, more you
    will explore as a part of In Apache Camel
    Training .
  • The Apache Camel is an open-source project which
    is almost 5 years old has a very large
    community of users. At the heart of the framework
    is an engine which does the job of the mediation
    routes messages from one system to that of
  • At the periphery it has got an plethora of
    components which allows interfacing with systems
    by using various protocols (for example . FTP(s),
    RPC, Web-services, HTTP, JMS, REST etc). Also it
    provides an easy way to understand domain
    specific language in Java, Spring Scala.

Overview of Apache Camel
  • Following section takes you around the basic
    overview, in depth knowledge you will get while
    you join for Apache Camel Training.
  • The Apache Camel runs on the Java Virtual Machine
    (in short known as JVM). Most components are
    realized in the Java. Though, this is no
    requirement for the new components. For instance,
    the camel-scala component is written in the
    Scala. The Spring framework is used in some
    parts, e.g. for transaction support. However, the
    Spring dependencies were reduced to minimum in
    release 2.9 . The core of Apache Camel is very
    small just contains commonly used components
    (i.e. connectors to several technologies APIs)
    such as the Log, File, Mock or Timer.

  • In Apache Camel Training learn how further
    components can be added easily due to the modular
    structure of the Apache Camel., The maven is
    recommended for dependency management, because
    most of the technologies require additional
    libraries. Though, libraries can also be
    downloaded manually added to the class-path, of
  • We are the best in providing tremendous solution
    to our clients and students on the job/project
    support. We not only provide support services for
    freshers only also for experience students
    also. Virtual job support provides Apache camel
    job support. We provide 24/7 services to you
    about the support services. Our trainers give
    Apache Camel project support. For USA students we
    give Apache Camel job/project support. Our
    consultants are available in all time and resolve
    your problem.

  • So , Apache Camel Training is an awesome
    framework to integrate applications with
    different technologies. The best thing is that
    you always use the same concepts. Besides,
    support for many more technologies, good error
    handling easy automatic testing make it ready
    for the integration projects.Our trainers will
    skilled you on the Apache Camel online project
    support at flexible hours.
  • Because the number of applications technologies
    in each company will increase further, Apache
    Camel has great future. Today we have application
    silos, in ten years we will probably have cloud
    silos which are deployed in the Goggle
    Application Engine, Amazon EC3, or any of the
    other cloud service. So, we can hope that Apache
    Camel will not oversleep to be ready for the
    cloud era, too (example. by offering components
    to connect to cloud frameworks easily). But
    thats future. At the moment you really should
    try out this framework, if you have to integrate
    applications in the JVM  or Java environment.
    Register with us for Apache Camel Training.

Thank you
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