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Sub Ohm Vape Guide for Vapers


Sub-ohm vaping is quite in demand nowadays. If good flavor and big clouds is what’s on your mind, choosing a sub-ohm vaping device is ideal. There are various mods available out there. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Sub Ohm Vape Guide for Vapers

Sub-Ohm Vape Guide
What Is Sub Ohm Vaping?
Sub ohm vaping also referred to as sub ohming is
a style of vaping that produces large clouds of
vapor. Some of the sub-ohm devices low resistance
coils less than an ohm, hence the name sub-ohm.
These also provide good airflow thats suitable
for direct lung inhalation. Usually, the sub-ohm
requires vape mods thats capable of putting a
minimum of 40 watts, but the high levels can
actually read over 200 watts. These sub-ohms have
started dominating the vape market for quite
sometime now. The term sub-ohm has actually
evolved in the last couple of years. it is also
referred to devices that are for direct lung
Sub Ohm Vaping Vs Regular Vaping
Vapers who prefer more clouds than vapors need to
use sub-ohm devices. Most vapers who consider
bigger clouds to be their thing needs to try
these devices over regular vaping. Next, in case
of more flavors too sub-ohm vaping is helpful. As
the sub-ohm vaping uses more e-juice, the vapers
are able to maximize flavor on each pull. Sub
ohming means more power, due to this reason the
vapor tends to be warmer and above the ohm
experience. The commercial devices have enough
airflow that ensures the vape is not hot, so you
get warm and smooth throat hit every time.
Advantages of Sub Ohm Vaping
There are many advantages of sub-ohm vaping.
First of all, you get intense flavor since the
coils are capable of vaporizing a lot of e-juices
at a time, so the taste buds get the right tons
of flavor with every puff. Next, you also get
warmer vape thats easy when you are using
sub-ohm vaping with low ohm coils and high
wattages. Better airflow is also among the other
things that makes for the benefit of sub ohm
vaping. You get unrestricted airflow through it.
finally, big clouds are what many vapers lookout
for, this is something you get when you use
sub-ohm vaping.
How Does Sub-Ohm Vaping Work?
All mechanical mods, regulated mods and e-cigs
are electrical devices powered by batteries. Sub
ohming utilizes the principles of Ohms and
Joules laws of electricity. This means a non
variable voltage source such as battery in a
mechanical vape mod would increase the overall
power output of the device when you decrease the
resistance. It is important that you do
sub-ohming carefully. While you decrease the
resistance, you would increase the amperage the
device uses to supply the current required. For a
good experience, you shouldnt exceed the
amperage limit of the battery or it might fail
and cause an explosion.
Aspire Puxos Starter Kit
The Aspire Puxos Starter kit is a lightweight
construction with a color multitude to choose
from as well as a complete functionality any
vaper would appreciate. The device might be
powered by 18650, 20700 or 21700 battery. It
comes with various modes to accommodate different
vaping styles. The device comes with dual output
modes and has a max fire power of 100w using
20700 or 21700 batteries. Aspire has included the
Cleito Pro Tank and comes with a low profile
design. It is a good option as a vape ohm starter
VOOPOO Drag 2 Starter Kit
The Voopoo Drag 2 Starter kit is a second
generation of kit designed with good technology
for better performance, comfort and longevity,
making it a good investment option. This is a
smaller, slimmer and lighter device available in
the market. It has increased the output by 20W
and upgraded the Drag 2 to 177W. The Voopoo has
even added FIT to the GENE chip technology, that
comes with 3 settings. The UFORCE tank comes with
a drip tip matching the color of the resin panel.
The device offers amazing flavor and vapor along
with being suitable for pro vapers.
Smok I-Priv 230W Starter Kit
The I-Prive 230W kit from SMOK delivers excellent
flavor, function and innovation with its TFV12
Prince Tank. The rounded arc reactor screen
offers an amazing experience alongwith
intelligent technology supporting voice commands
for activating or deactivating any settings that
you want to change. SMOK also includes a powerful
LED light along with nine different colors to
choose from and would turn on by the user
articulating switch on light. The device is
compatible with all types of batteries.
VGOD Pro 200 Kit
VGOD PRO 200 Kit is the second kit in line of the
box mod. VGOD is famous for its construction of
the devices and the PRO 200 is no different from
the rest. They have gone way beyond imagination
by adding the Pro SubTank to make the kit
completely value for money. Coming to the
technology, the Pro 200 has an Atom V 200B
chipset with firmware upgradeable. Also, it has
several modes for you to choose from such as
Wattage, Temperature Control, Pro or Mech Mode.
It is suitable for great flavor and superb cloud
Wismec Luxotic MF Starter Kit
The Wismec Luxotic MF Starter kit is a solid
built squonk mod device thats really versatile
and suitable for vaping in different styles. You
can power it with a single 21700 battery along
with a 7ml squonk bottle or with two 18650
batteries. The dual battery mode can be used by
removing the bottle and necessitates a silicon
sleeve battery adapter thats included within the
kit. The user-friendly design really makes you
hold the device properly while vaping. You also
get the option of changing circuit boards, one
regulated and offers customization.
Choose The Right Sub Ohm Starter Kit
There are several sub ohm starter kits available
in the market. However, it is important that you
choose the one coming from a good brand. If you
want big clouds, ensure the device comes with
high wattage capability. If you want a long
battery life, find the one with multiple
batteries, etc. It is better to know your needs
properly when looking for the sub-ohm device.
Buy a sub-ohm starter kit Keep Vaping!
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