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Plan These 10 Top Travel Destinations To Visit In 2019


Plan These 10 Best Travel Destinations To Visit In 2019: While there are many sources from where you can get inspiration for your next holiday, all sources cannot be trusted. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Plan These 10 Top Travel Destinations To Visit In 2019

Plan These 10 Best Travel Destinations To Visit
In 2019
Plan These 10 Best Travel Destinations To Visit
In 2019 While there are many sources from where
you can get inspiration for your next holiday,
all sources cannot be trusted. Experienced
travelers have made the difficult process of
shortlisting the destinations easier for you by
keeping a list of top travel destinations to
visit in 2019. 10 Best Countries To Visit in
2019 The future plan is extremely important when
it comes to traveling. Make a direct route for
these top travel destinations to visit in 2019.
These countries are economically priced, easily
accessible and shouldnt be missed
1. Sri Lanka
Via The Golden beaches,
fauna-rich forests, lush green tea plantations,
and misty-shade mountains make Sri Lanka a
captivating country. Tourists applaud the beauty
and physical diversity of this island. The peak
of Sri Lanka's fourth highest peak which is
Adam's peak is considered astonishing. You can
hike this world heritage site within 5-6 hours
based on your fitness level. You can swim in the
sea with the world's largest mammal i.e. blue
whale. If you want some rejuvenation, then grab
a shady spot at the largely serene East Coast
Beaches and enjoying basking and have some
Vitamin D.
2. Germany
Via Germany is an attractive
invitation for travelers from around the world,
thanks to its beautiful beaches, top hiking
spots, and the perfect postcard villages. It is
full of countless bizarre attractions, such as
the Onion Museum in Weimar, the Dumping
Ground/Open-Air Museum in Berlin and the Gnome
Museum in Thuringian Forest, to name a few. The
German Christmas market is an extraordinary one!
Via Nothing can beat the sizzling
sausages and amazing aroma of gingerbread
available here. In addition to its never-ending
sea beaches, Germany is also blessed with great
mountains such as the Alps and the lesser known
Harz ranges in the north of Germany. Its one of
the best travel destinations in the world.
3. Zimbabwe
Via Zimbabwe is one of the most
underestimated South African countries in which
many hidden gems are still under wraps and
waiting to be discovered yet. It is home to four
World Heritage Sites, such as Victoria Falls,
Mana Pools National Parks, The Great Zimbabwe
Ruins and The Kama Ruins.
Via The possibility of seeing
Big Five (leopard, lion, rhinoceros, elephant,
and buffalo) on a safari trip of one of the most
renowned national parks of the country is
immensely high. Adventure addicts will be
thrilled by the possibility of white water
rafting and canoeing in the Zambezi River. The
scenic landscape offers many unique photo
opportunities as well.
4. Panama
Via Also Read 15 Best Travel
Destinations In Portugal, Europes Hidden
Gem Despite hundreds of kilometers of coastline
on both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean,
Panama stands on its own ground. It is a small
country jam-packed with coffee fields,
rainforests, beaches and basically almost
everything that you wish for and looking for a
tropical adventure. Panama is at sixth place on
the list of Happy Planet Index, which means that
the country is doing an excellent job to ensure
its citizens achieve long, happy, sustainable
lives. For wildlife seekers, Panama is a
heavenly place. Tourists have a chance to see
exotic animals such as colorful quetzals,
ospreys, keel-billed toucans, white-faced
capuchins, and tamarins.
5. Kyrgyzstan
Via Dont you think its
difficult to pronounce the name of this country?
Well, for some it is! Before you ask, its
Keer-giz-stan. You have to believe this that,
its easy to see why Kyrgyzstan features in the
list of top 10 countries to visit in 2019. A
country is a place brimmed with natural beauty,
angelic mountains, crystal clear lakes, and
hugely spread pastures. In the list of natural
wonders of Earth, the countrys natural wonder is
brought to life by the widely spread whove
clinched a semi-nomadic lifestyle. Once visit
Kyrgyzstan to know more about the Kyrgyz folklore
and the extremely interesting Epic of Manas.
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In Spring 6. Jordan
via flyingthenest Swim in the Dead Sea, go to
Mt. Nebo and enjoy your trip with epic adventures
in the land of thriller and lost cities. If you
are a solo traveler, who is open to new
experiences, then we recommend that you befriend
the Bedouins. Bedouins are residents of the
semi-nomadic city, who traditionally live in
remote communities, make their homes in goat-hair
tents. Many Jordan camps offer the Bedouin taste
of lifestyle. During the day, take a tour of the
sand dunes and pyramids from camels back. By the
evening, you can walk down the desert stars or
learn some traditional dance moves.
7. Indonesia
Via Often, when people think
about Indonesia, Bali is the place that comes to
their mind! The country comprises of 17,000 plus
islands, theres so much more to the
country. Indonesia houses more than 20 percent of
the world's coral reefs. There are numerous
opportunities available for snorkeling and scuba
diving for both beginner and skilled divers.
Its one of the best travel destinations. Back in
the 9th century, Borobudur the largest Buddhist
temple in the world is found in Java. The best
time to visit the temple is early in the morning
when you can have a glimpse of sunrise from the
8. Belarus
Via Also Read Enjoy 11 Thrilling
Wildlife Safari Experiences In South
Africa Belarus has recently appeared as one of
Europe's hottest travel destinations. With
easy-to-know visa requirements, an impressive
ensemble for cafes and a rocking nightlife, it
hardly comes as a surprise. Belarus has natural
attractions and rich wildlife. You will find
historical evidence at every turn, from the
Stalinist structures of Minsk to the National
Memorial Complex at Khatyn. If you are looking
for a romantic getaway, Belarus will surely not
disappoint you. Immersed in mystery and legend,
Narach National Park was voted as one of the
romantic places to go with your beloved one.
9. São Tomé Príncipe
Via Have you heard the name of this
place, São Tomé and Príncipe before? Well, not
before this list came out! The place is comprised
of two islands, its the second smallest African
country with a population of only 1,90,000
people. Until 1975, it was a Portuguese Colony,
so the official language is still Portuguese.
Your vacations are incomplete without stepping
into Bom Bom Island. Its one of the best places
for the ones who are lovers of the deep sea
fishing or simply watching humpback whales in
all their glory.
10. Belize
Via ZWhen we think, things
couldnt get any better, Belize opened the doors
of Central American forests, water adventures,
and Mayan culture. If you are an enthusiast of
offbeat adventures, then Belize can be what you
are looking for. Nestled in between Mexico and
Guatemala, the small country boasts of tranquil
beaches, warm weather throughout the year and the
world-famous Blue Hole. Belize is known for its
complex cave systems. Allegedly, these caves were
used by the Mayans to practice their sacred
ceremonies and rituals. And undoubtedly its one
of the best travel destinations in the world.