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The emphasis of Construction Management and Preconstruction Services in the AEC industry


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The emphasis of Construction Management and Preconstruction Services in the AEC industry

The emphasis of Construction Management and
Preconstruction Services in the AEC industry
  • Preconstruction Services

As the construction industry continues to expand,
so does construction management or construction
project management. Construction Management
companies are crucial drivers to supervise the
complete construction process, this includes
budgets, cost estimations, work progress,
collaboration with various stakeholders, and more.
  • Furthermore, managing a construction project
    whilst hiring Construction Management Firms helps
    every individual understand activities and
    processes of construction project management.

A construction project management individual or a
BIM Engineer requires the right technique and
tools to make the project successful. Whilst
considering projects that are backed by project
management services, the focus changes from a
predictive approach to an objective based
approach and more.
  • This includes, managing the entire lifecycle of
    the project in terms of scope, time, build
    quality, and more. Depending on the type of
    construction, construction management companies
    need to deploy the right strategies for
    residential and commercial projects.

  • This is again broken down into various
    sub-projects viz. residential building,
    industrial engineering, commercial construction,
    and construction engineering. The deployment of
    construction project management is important for
    preconstruction services as well. If youre
    looking at holistic project success, then
    pre-construction planning is one of the most
    important aspects to plan, analyze, and
    anticipate problems and deliverables very early
    on in the project life-cycle.

  • Easily anticipate project scope
  • A new project can be interesting as well as
    challenging, but every stakeholder needs to stay
    focused during the pre-construction phase.
    Furthermore, a thorough review of the technical
    specifications, submittal data, and plans needs
    to be carried out to anticipate a positive
    project scope. Through feasibility analysis,
    construction management professionals can deliver
    valuable insights for the entire project in terms
    of understanding deliverables, timelines, risks,
    building specifications, and more. It helps every
    project individual to stay on the same page and
    thoroughly understand the project.

  • Budget Forecasting
  • Construction management companies are well-versed
    in budget calculations, as a thorough cost
    analysis helps owners, individuals, and
    stakeholders determine the fate of the project in
    terms of project designs, a focused timeline, and
    the materials required to complete the project.
    Budgets are usually calculated in the
    preconstruction phases, and various BIM companies
    run preconstruction services based on realistic
    expectations that can predominantly reduce cost
    and waste. Budget forecasting improves the
    overall scope of work to an extensive limit.

  • Scheduling the project
  • A tight schedule helps teams stay prepared for
    the actual construction phase. It is an important
    tool for all the stakeholders to achieve project
    success and hit vital milestones whilst
    controlling project costs. Project scheduling is
    an important aspect of the building process as
    various teams, trades, and specialists require
    significant project coordination in terms of
    precise documentation, reports, and project

  • Begin the project on the right foot
  • Hiring a project management consultant or
    pre-construction professionals can significantly
    change the direction of the project and make
    informed decisions throughout the entire building
    process. Project management companies establish
    project priorities discuss or understand project
    goals and provide the project team with the right
    perspective in terms of construction members,
    flaws, or errors, this helps the building project
    mitigate issues before the actual construction
    project begins, and also eliminates unwanted
    surprises that can delay project timelines during

  • What is the role of a construction project
  • Owners and various stakeholders can leverage
    construction management services through
    exceptional project execution from construction
    project managers. Construction project managers
    keep the project moving according to plan, and
    they make sure it finishes on time and budget
    whilst meeting the required specs and plans. A
    construction project manager sets up various
    parameters and calendars to hire personnel like
    sub-contractors or on-site workforce as well.

  • The role of construction management companies
  • Time management for various projects
  • Budget management
  • Building quality management
  • Oversee various contracts
  • Safety management
  • Team Management to assign roles and

  • A pre-construction phase consists of the
    following achievements
  • Determination of Project Scope
  • Determination of Project Budget
  • Clear identification of Project Details
  • Collaboration with other team members
  • Project Inspection and communication

Effective construction management and
preconstruction planning is essential for every
project to achieve the required deadlines and
enable smooth project delivery. A preconstruction
phase is one of the most crucial phases, and it
needs to be defined clearly to establish a
well-defined project scope, budget, and schedule
so that each team member works towards the same
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