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Machine Learning - An Emerging Career!


Multisoft Virtual Academy is a reputable online training organization with extensive experience in the online training industry. They provide industry-approved machine learning online courses and machine learning certifications for professionals as well as students. They also offer training in many other sought-after domains such as Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Virtual Reality, and Cloud Computing, to name a few. You may know in detail about the online machine learning courses offered by Multisoft, by visiting – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Machine Learning - An Emerging Career!

Machine Learning An Emerging Career!
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  • 1. Introduction to Machine Learning
  • 2. Use of Machine Learning for Businesses
  • 3. About Machine Learning Online Training
  • 4. Career Opportunities after ML Certification
  • 5. About Multisoft Virtual Academy
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Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning is an application of Artificial
    Intelligence (AI) that offers machines and
    systems with the ability to automatically learn
    and improve their performance based on experience
    without any explicit programming or coding.
    Machine learning stresses upon the development of
    computer programs that can intelligently use data
    to search patterns and make better decisions in
    the future in light of the examples provided. The
    main objective is to allow the computers learn
    independently without human intervention or help
    and act wisely based on experiential knowledge.
  • Machine Learning facilitates processing huge
    volumes of data. It discovers patterns and
    correlations, and finally, draws meaningful
    conclusions. Today, ML has covered many areas of
    our life. Its universality could be determined
    from the fact that a large population of the
    world is taking help of this technology, whether
    they are aware of it or not, in their day to day
  • There are four major types of machine learning in
    use today, namely supervised, unsupervised,
    semi-supervised, and reinforcement machine
    learning. Each of these types possesses its own
    unique characteristics and finds its use in
    appropriate application areas.


Use of Machine Learning for Businesses
  • Machine learning is quite beneficial for the
    modern businesses here are some of its notable
  • Machine Learning does intensive data mining.
    Therefore, it transforms huge volumes of
    organizational data into a valuable resource for
    the business.
  • ML helps senior management in taking
    well-informed business decisions by giving them
    an insight into data in the form of reports,
    graphs, charts, diagrams, and so.
  • ML can perform a comprehensive financial analysis
    by taking in quantitative data. It is quite often
    used for loan underwriting, portfolio management,
    and fraud detection in the banking and finance
  • ML has the ability to mimic human and replace
    several repetitious tasks that would otherwise
    require some intelligence like handwriting
    recognition, diagnosis, and so on.
  • ML helps the businesses in comprehending the
    needs and preferences of the customers with
    accuracy and in delivering customer-centric


About Machine Learning Online Training
  • Machine Learning Online Training Certification
    Courses have a detailed curriculum that proves
    quite helpful for the learners in comprehending
    ML fundamentals, algorithms, and concepts. The
    syllabus lay special emphasis on the development
    of practical skills in the learners.
  • Intro to Machine Learning Machine Learning
    Specialist Training, AI Deep Learning with
    TensorFlow, and Artificial Neural Networks
    Training, are some of the highly sought-after
    machine learning online training courses today.
  • The ML online training offers unmatched benefits
    to the learners such as high flexibility and
    control, 24/7 e-learning access, virtual
    classroom, webinars, on-demand mock-tests,
    practice assignments, in-depth performance
    report, and even more.

Career Opportunities after ML Certification
  • There are many lucrative and promising career
    options after obtaining a machine learning
    certification. Have a look at some ML jobs
  • Machine Learning Architect
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Machine Learning Specialist
  • Machine Learning Researcher
  • Machine Learning Educator
  • Research Scientist and various other roles



About Multisoft Virtual Academy
  • Multisoft Virtual Academy is an established
    online training and certification organization
    that delivers core industry knowledge through its
    comprehensive training programs, globally.
  • Multisoft Virtual Academy is an online subsidiary
    of Multisoft Systems, which deals in a broad
    spectrum of learning solutions including
    Classroom Training , Corporate Training, and
    E-learning Solutions.
  • With an inception as a humble online training
    institution driven by a group of IT and
    Management professionals, Multisoft has today
    become a globally acclaimed e-learning platform,
    imparting 450 courses. New and latest courses
    are added periodically to this ever-growing list.



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