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The article Best IVF center in India is the gathering of best IVF focuses in Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and numerous different urban areas; it is a critical treatment for a grouping of issues, for instance, endometriosis, tube-peritoneal disrupting impacts, pelvic bond, PCOD and unexplained desolateness. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Best IVF Center in India

Best IVF Center in India Best Ivf Centre in
India The infertility problem can makes couple
sad and depressed. This article about Best
IVF centre in India has listed the best IVF
centers in Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore
and also mentioned the IVF treatment cost. This
article also contains causes of
infertility. Causes of Infertility Endometriosis
Endometriosis - is a condition in which the
tissue that is supposed to line the uterus grows
outside the uterus. This can be very painful and
can potentially cause cysts to develop on the
uterus. In some worst cases, the tissue
surrounding the uterus may become inflamed and
develop scar tissue. Women can experience painful
urination, bowel movements, sex and menstrual
cycles. Poor Ovarian Reserve Poor ovarian reserve
is an important limiting factor for the success
of any treatment modality for infertility. It
indicates a reduction in the quantity and
quality of oocytes in women of childbearing age.
It may be related to age as seen in advanced
years of reproductive life or may occur in young
women because of various etiological
factors. Male Factor In recent times, a
misconception has prevailed that only women have
major problems of conception, but with the
evolution of the times and the awareness, the
problems of male infertility are constantly
manifested and the men present themselves to the
treatments. A low or no sperm count plays a major
role in male infertility, with low sperm quality.
Quality in terms of good sperm morphology has a
higher success rate in fertility. A larger amount
of sperm may not always guarantee better quality.
Infertility in male can be categorized in three
ways - The hormonal imbalances is the reason for
Pre testicular. Testicular where small or no
descending testicular problems occur.
Post-testicular where problems such as blockage
of tubes occur. Apart from the factors mentioned
above, other physical factors that affect
fertility are - Erectile and ejaculatory
problems. Testicular infections.
Stress Infertility due to alcohol or drug
abuse Genetic Factors Chromosomes are of interest
in the treatment of fertility, since chromosomal
disorders are involved in more than half of all
first trimester pregnancy loss. Many of these
abortions are due to the random appearance of a
chromosomal abnormality in the embryo. In
general, If chromosomal abnormalities are reason
for genetic diseases, then we can say that they
are not hereditary, but usually occur as random
events during the formation of embryos, sperm
and ova. Ovulatory Disorders What are the
disorders of ovulation? Usually in women of the
reproductive age group, an egg is released from
an ovary each month. In 25 of subfertile women,
this does not happen for a variety of
reasons. What Is PCOS? PCOS is one of the most
common endocrine disorders (hormone-related) in
women. It presents many different ways. Although
usually patients are obese with irregular periods
and high levels of insulin and serum androgens.
They have a classic appearance on ultrasound. In
general, they do not ovulate regularly, which is
why they often have difficulty conceiving. Which
tests help to diagnose ovulation disorders and
PCOS? Usually, ultrasounds, blood tests
(hormones) Fibroids What are fibroids? Fibroids
of the uterus are benign (non-cancerous) growths
in the lining of the uterus. A woman can have a
multiple fibroid or single fibroids and they can
be located anywhere in the uterus (inside or
outside or in the wall). They are usually
associated with pregnancy-related problems,
severe cramping, pelvic pressure, fertility and
heavy menstrual flow. How do fibroids affect
fertility? The implications of uterine fibroids
for fertility are unpredictable. The perfect
mechanism of fibroids causing infertility is less
clear, but it is thought that it can prevent the
implantation of embryos by deforming the uterine
cavity. What Are The Polyps? Uterine polyps are
growths attached to the inner lining of the
uterus and protruding into the uterine cavity.
The proliferation of cells in the lining of the
uterus (endometrium) leads to the formation of
uterine polyps. The sizes of uterine polyps vary
from a few millimeters - no bigger than a sesame
seed - to several centimeters - golf ball sized
or even bigger. They stick to the uterine wall by
a large base or a thin stalk. You can have one or
more uterine polyps. They usually stay in your
uterus, but sometimes they can slide through the
opening of the uterus into your vagina. How do
polyps affect fertility? Uterine polyps can
disrupt the lining of the uterus (the
endometrium). They can even reduce blood flow in
certain parts of the lining of the endometrium.
This disturbance
could possibly prevent a fertilized embryo from
establishing itself in the endometrial mucosa.
Polyps can also cause miscarriage after
implantation of the embryo. There is evidence to
show that elimination of uterine polyps
stimulates fertility in previously infertile
women. Tubal Disease What are the tubal factors
responsible for subfertility? Tubal factors
account for 25 of all causes of sub-fertility.
Normal tubal function is important for the
design. Tubal disorders (blockage / abnormal
function) can prevent an egg from entering or
moving in the fallopian tubes to meet sperm,
preventing fertilization. Pelvic infections and
sexually transmitted infections damage the
tube. Tubal disorders can be treated using
various tests such as laparoscopy with
chromotubation (dye test), hysterosalpingography
(HSG), saline ultrasound. What Is
Hydrosalpinx? Hydrosalpinx fluid completely fills
fallopian tube. It is caused by a wound at the
end of the tube, causing the end to close. The
glands in the tube produce an aqueous liquid
that accumulates in the tube and produces
swelling. This is one of the common tubal
factors for infertility How does it affect the
treatment of fertility? It increases the risk of
ectopic pregnancy. It can be the reason for
reduction of the success rates of IVF by
preventing the implantation of embryos. This is
due to the reflux of the harmful liquid of the
hydrosalpinx. Therefore, it must be removed or
separated from the uterus before starting an IVF
treatment. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) PID
is an infection and inflammation of the pelvic
organs of women, including the cervix, ovaries,
fallopian tubes and uterus. This disease usually
develops as a result of the spread of a sexually
transmitted disease. Most cases of PID are
caused by tuberculosis, trachomatosis, chlamydia
and gonorrhea. pelvic inflammatory disease is
left without ant treatment this may lead to
various diseases that may include explanted
appendix, enteric fever, pyosalpinx,
hydrosalpinx, tube swelling, and scar
tissue. Unexplained Infertility Unexplained
infertility (IU) accounts for about 30 of all
cases. A couple who has been diagnosed with
unexplained infertility (IU) obviously suffers
from infertility and underwent diagnostic work
that did not reveal a credible underlying cause
for their condition. In other words, the UI
diagnostic is reached by default it is a
negative diagnosis, this will suggest that a
clinical problem exists but that the probable
cause of this problem has remained elusive. The
reasons why the underlying issues may not be
identified may, of course, vary. One possibility
is that there is not an obvious cause for a
couple's infertility and that their
  • problem may be the result of multiple minor
    aberrations in the way their respective
    reproductive systems cooperate. After all, the
    establishment of pregnancy successfully is a
    very complex process, and, at least
    theoretically, one can assume circumstances
    where male and female fertility, each, are
    affected only to a degree so mild to be
    considered in the normal parameters. Yet
    together, reducing the combined fertility
    potential of the couple is important enough to
    cause infertility.
  • Best IVF Centre In Delhi
  • International Fertility Center
  • With more than 10,000 IVF cycles, International
    Fertility Center has helped couples with no
    children experience a joyous experience with
    consistent success rates in our services,
    including blastocyst, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy,
    PESA / TESA, assisted incubation, donation.
    embryos, surrogacy with egg donation, surrogacy,
    IUI, ICSI, IVF with oocyte donor, natural IVF,
    IVF and much more.
  • IVF Cost Rs. 2,00,000.00
  • Address
  • H-6, Green Park (Main), New Delhi - 16, India
  • Akanksha Ivf Center
  • Akanksha IVF center and their laboratory state
    ART is motivated to make a journey that changes
    life as simple and stress-free as possible.
    Akanksha IVF created in 2002 with the aim of
    providing the best possible result for every
    couple seeking help. The Akanksha IVF Center
    helps patients become parents, which is also very
    important for increasing
  • the chances of success, but also for support and
    future pathways for the patient.
  • IVF Cost Rs. 1,50,000.00
  • Address
  • Akanksha IVF Centre Delhi Fertility Clinic
  • Akanksha IVF Centre A-3/7, Janakpuri,
  • New Delhi, India 110058
  • Nova IVI Fertility Clinic
  • Nova IVI Fertility, Delhi began operations in
    November 2012. The center is one of the few that
    leads the prestigious Nova IVI Fellowship
    program. The Delhi center also uses a laser
    embryo that enhances the center's technological
    strength, allowing the team to provide the best
    treatment protocols. In partnership with a highly
    experienced team of experienced doctors,
    patients across the city and from outside arrive
    at the center with little or no hope and leave
    knowing they are in good hands. The Nova IVI
    Fertility Center in Delhi is one of the few
    reliable antiretroviral drug depots in the
  • Centrally located in Safdarjung-Enclave, it
    attracts a significant number of international
    patients who are looking for professional and
    best-in-class fertility programs.

  • IVF Cost Rs. 1,50,000.00
  • Address
  • Nova IVI Fertility
  • B2/1A, Safdarjung Enclave, Africa Avenue, Land
    Mark Opposite to St. Thomas Church, RK Puram
    Sec 2, New Delhi 110029
  • Phone 1800 103 2229
  • Best IVF Centre In Hyderabad
  • Sridevi Fertility
  • Sridevi Fertility and Test Tube Baby Center is
    among the pioneers to introduce advanced
    technologies in the field of fertility like ICSI,
    IVF and IUI treatment to the city of Hyderabad.
    They offer the most effective fertility solutions
    for couples seeking fertile parenthood.
  • Established as Sridevi Hospitals in 1980 in the
    mining town of Godavari Khani, Fertility Now
    Sridevi is the brainchild of Dr. E. L. Manohar
    Rao and Dr. G. Saraswati Devi. We are far from a
    40-bed maternity clinic at one of the highest
    multi-facility fertility clinics in Hyderabad.
  • IVF Cost Rs. 2,00,000
  • Address
  • DNO 1-10-224/A, Ashoknagar X Roads, IAS study
    circle, Hyderabad - 500020,
  • Telangana - India
  • Dr. Padmaja Fertility Center
  • Dr. PADMAJA FERTILITY CENTER ranks among the best
    IVF centers in Hyderabad. They have the reowned
    doctors. Important factor is they donot have any
    other branches.
  • IVF Cost Rs. 1,50,000.00
  • Address

  • counselor actively participates in accompanying
    the couple during their fertility treatment.
  • IVF Cost Rs. 1,50,000.00
  • Address
  • 4-1-1226, Bogulakunta, King Koti, Abids Hyderabad
  • Best IVF Centre In Chennai
  • Prashanth Fertility Research Center
  • Prashanth Fertility Research Center was
    established in 2001. Since its inception, the
    PFRC has become a leader in assisted reproductive
    technologies and reproductive medicine in India.
    Thousands of couples have benefited from their
    association with this center. It has also been
    ranked 3 in India and as Best Fertility Center in
  • Prashanth Fertility Research Center - PFRC is
    home to state-of-the-art facilities and
    state-of-the-art equipment. We thrive to provide
    the best endocrine reproductive care. A highly
    motivated and dedicated multidisciplinary team of
    physicians with extensive work experience in
    Western hospitals, working together to provide
    the best in reproductive care.
  • IVF Cost Rs. 180000.00 (Approx) Address
  • No.77, Harrington Road, Chetpet, Chennai 600
    031, Tamilnadu, India.
  • Iswarya Fertility Center and Women's Hospital
  • Iswarya Fertility Center Women's Hospital has
    full-fledged fertility hospitals located in
    Chennai (OMR, Adyar, Ambattur), Palakkad,
    Tanjore, Ramnad, Palani, Trichy, Madurai and
    Coimbatore with the best infertility specialists
    and with infrastructure for fertility
  • treatment. Apart from treatments like surrogacy,
    PGD, IVF, IUI, we also provide care after
    pregnancy. Gynecological procedures such as
    hysterectomy and laparoscopic surgeries are also
  • IVF Cost Rs. 180000.00 (Approx) Address

  • of highly regarded geneticists, embryologists,
    physicians and endocrinologists in providing
    excellent support reproductive services.
    Comprehensive fertility services ranging from
    basic assessment and testing to the latest
    Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) and
    counseling are available.
  • IVF Cost Rs. 180000.00 (Approx) Address
  • 9/129, Nelson Manickam Road,
  • Aminjikarai, Chennai 600 029. Tamil Nadu,
  • ivf centres in bangalore Best IVF Centre In
  • Dr. Rama's Baby Test Center
  • Dr. Rama's Baby Test Center is one of the
    pioneering fertility institutes in South India
    with seven branches at various strategic
    locations. Their team of in-house doctors and
    embryologists are recognized leaders in fertility
    nationally and internationally and have helped
    thousands of couples fulfill their dreams of
    becoming parents. Their pioneering programs of
    more than two decades, our personal care, our
    state laboratory of ART and our experience has
    provide an excellent chance to conceive and have
    a successful pregnancy.
  • IVF Cost 100,000 INR
  • Address
  • DC Chamber,
  • 421/M Krishna Temple Road, Indiranagar 1st
    stage, Banglore-560 038.
  • Mannat Fertility Center
  • Mannat Fertility Center offers a complete range
    of fertility services gynecological services,
    blastocyst transfer, freezing, egg and sperm
    donation, pregnancy options, ICSI,
  • IVF treatments and IUI treatments among the best
    in the region. IVF Cost - 140,000 INR
  • Address
  • Mannat Fertility Clinic Marathahalli
  • Kishan Icon 90/2, 2nd Floor, Outer Ring Road
  • Near Innovative Multiplex Bangalore- 560037.

We offer a wide range of Assisted Reproductive
Technologies, including ICSI and IVF in
Bangalore. Our IVF lab is equipped with modern
equipment to provide safe embryo culture
conditions during treatment to achieve the
highest possible clinical outcomes. Their
dedication to excellence in care during delivery,
labor and pregnancy means that we will keep you
surrounded by the best medical team available in
Bangalore. IVF Cost 100,000 INR Address 356/1,
1st Cross, 1st Block, Jayanagar, Near As
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