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Antique Indian Coins of Dutch, Danes, French and Portuguese


Refer this presentation to understand the different categories of antique Indian coins that were struck during the colonial period. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Antique Indian Coins of Dutch, Danes, French and Portuguese

Antique Indian Coins of Dutch, Danes, French and
  • Antique coins of India speak a lot about Indian
    history and traditions. Numismatists have been
    trying to decipher various aspects about our past
    through the study of coinage.
  • After the downfall of Mughal empire, India was
    colonised by various European powers, each of
    which issued different kinds of coins. Lets take
    a look at some of them today.

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  • When it comes to coins from the colonial era, we
    mainly talk about rare coins of British India,
    However, you must know that Dutch East India
    Company had also issued coins in India.
  • These antique coins bore various denominations
    such as Bazruk, Rasi, Duit, Rupee, Cash etc. They
    were struck in different metals such as Bronze,
    Copper, Gold, Lead, Silver and Tin.

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  • The Danish East India Company also issued various
    antique coins of India under different rulers
    from 1588 to early 1700s.
  • This very rare coin of Christian V features the
    text DAN/NIS/BORG in three lines on the obverse
    and the text AAL/BORG in two lines on the
    reverse. These round shaped coins were die-struck
    on lead.

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  • You would be surprised to know that the coins
    issued under French East India Company featured
    Persian legends, as they were issued in the name
    of local rulers.
  • For example this Antique Coin of India was issued
    by French East India Company under Shah Alam II
    in 1218 at Arcot Mint. This silver rupee featured
    the text Shah Alam and a Couplet in Persian.

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  • Did you know that the Kingdom of Portugal had
    issued antique Indian coins from 1900 to 1910?
    For example, this 1/12 Tanga bronze coin was
    issued in 1901 featuring the Head of Carlos I on
    the obverse.
  • Now that you know about these categories of
    Indian coins, try putting together a unique
    collection of colonial coins of India.